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Fellowship & Friends…

With all that we had done the week before it was time for us to head off to another retreat.  We took a ‘rot tua’ (bus), from Bangkok to

TMBF Conferene 2012 – Group photo

Chiang Mai, which was about  a 9 hour drive, but actually quite a comfortable experience (compared to the 14-16 hour sleeper train we took to Laos a few weeks before).  It was wonderful to have 2 days to spend with Pete & Lizz Maycock and their lovely children – BMS workers, in Chiang Mai, working with the Kar’ren Christian hill tribe before heading another 3 hours further up north by mini bus to Mai Sai, Chiang Rai.

Theme for this years TBMF conference

TBMF – Thailand Baptist Missionary Fellowship.It was really wonderful to meet with all the mission workers in Thailand linked to TBMF.  An opportunity to listen to the work they have been doing in Thailand and also gain words of encouragement from those who have served in Thailand for many years.  There was a very international mix: England, Sweden, America, Australia, Philippines, India and Thai, which made up about a total number of about 70 people  including the youth and children.

Paul & I sharing at the conference, Pete Maycock praying for us, BMS team singing together during the ‘talent night’.

We received a reminding message that, “That as we work with others, we must remember the unity in the body of Christ, building each other and growing in spiritual maturity. We all have different roles to play but we are one in Christ”.In the beautiful surroundings of Mae Sai, Chiang Rai the retreat had a slightly slower  pace which we were grateful for.  Providing us with time to spend in devotion and worship  in the mornings.  We were also given the opportunity to share a bit about ourselves in one of the morning sessions.

Paul singing his heart out during worship, Sarah with Joy – TBMF co-ordinator, fun & games during games night.

With some free time in the afternoon, there were fantastic trips organised to explore Mae Sai that was pulled together by Pete Maycock.  On one day, we visited the ‘Golden Triangle’, giving us the opportunity to look out onto Burma and Laos at the same time, while standing in Thailand.  We then took a 20 minute boat ride to Donesao Island, north Laos.  It was interesting being in Laos again, albeit a different area and for different reasons and only a short time of 1 hour to brows the array of markets stalls.  On another day we visited the monkey caves, where the cheeky monkeys roam free, added with the further adventure of trekking around in 2 caves! The evenings were filled with time to learn more about each other, pray together, a games night and also a talent night – with the BMS crew singing  a medley of Beatles songs… we think we preformed the best!!!  However no favouritism or 1st prizes at this conference, everyone gave it their best shot.

Trips in Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai, Paul & Sarah with Yuelebay who works with the Karen tribe in Chiang Mai.

When we arrived back in Bangkok, we reflected on how great it was to know, that we are supported by and are part of a wider family in Thailand.   We felt refreshed, relaxed and ready to ease back into the continued process of  learning our roles with NightLight & language lessons, which we re-started on Monday 29 October.  We are now on module 3 and continuing to push through the many barriers of learning a new language.

Beautiful sunset over the hills of Mae Sai, Chiang Rai

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