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Umbrella’s at a Bangkok department store, show the next season coming in Thailand.

What a difference a few weeks makes the heat and sweltering daily temperature of 38 Celsius in March – May is slowly ebbing away.  The dense heat has been broken with amazing thunder storms and intense rain.  The rainy season is settling in with daily temperatures of about 32 – 34 Celsius and high humidity, so we feel like we are walking around in a large sauna!  Every day we walk near a department store that always does brilliant displays based on the seasons; they have made a great one using umbrella’s.

This month ‘June’ sees us celebrating a number of things and reaching miles stones:


Our Life Group: Serious pose – Funny pose

Wednesday 12 June, we will start as fill in Life Group (Cell Group/Small Group) Leaders every Wednesday; leading worship, prayer and bible study.

Sunday 16 June, will be Sarah’s birthday and I (Paul) should know, since following close behind is our 2nd Wedding Anniversary on Monday 17 June… so there are no excuses for me forgetting either!

Friday 28 June, will be our last full-time Thai lesson; that we have been attending every day for the last 10 months for 3-4 hours per day.  This works out to about a total of 640 hours and also includes the 8 written Thai tests we also had to do.   It is surprising to look back and see how far we have come in that time.  We have had plenty of opportunities to use the Thai we have learnt and this will continue as we use it with the many Thai staff at NightLight.  We hope to have private lessons of 2-4 hours per week and start to learn more Thai Christian/Bible terminologies.   Please continue to keep this in your prayers

Saturday 29 June, will mark 1 year since we have been living in Thailand!  The time has gone so quickly, we have seen and encountered so much.  However we know this is still the beginning of our journey in Thailand, we are continuing to look to God for His guidance.

Monday 1 July, we will officially be starting at NightLight full-time.  We are involved in quite a few projects already, but this will now be a full uninterrupted work day, without us having to rush off to language classes.  There is a full work schedule laid out for us.  We will be also be starting when quite a few volunteers at NightLight will be going on Home Assignment, so we will be undertaking their roles as well.  Please pray as we adapt to our roles and the workload.  As a reminder Paul will be working on NightLight’s accounts, financial reports and continued outreach to the men.  Sarah will be doing jewellery design, buying/merchandising and outreach to the women.  Our roles may shift and change, but these are the initial roles assigned to us.


Weekend break to Kanchanaburi: Thai Cookery class, visit to bridge over the River Kwai

We were able to have a lovely weekend break during the last long bank holiday weekend in Thailand (end May).  We headed to Kanchanaburi, which is about 3 hours outside of Bangkok.  Visiting the bridge over the River Kwai and enrolling on a 1 day Thai cookery course, which was a lot of fun.

We had the opportunity at the beginning June, to work with 2 organisations working in Bangkok, bringing about transformation in the community.  Paul spent his time receiving training and hitting the streets with the MST Project an organisation reaching out to the men in the red light district in the most amazing ways and seeing miraculous results.


Reh Teh feeding homeless: Total of 240 bags & boxes of food prepared and ready to feed those living in the Sanam Luang area of Bangkok.

Sarah spent her time with Rak Teh an organisation reaching out to the homeless around the Sanam Luang area of Bangkok.  There were about 90 volunteers including Sarah; that provided food and a listening ear to about 240 homeless people in only 1 hour 30 minutes!

We are so thankful to God for bringing us this far.  We have seen many people in pain, in despair, affected by corruption and those that have been deceived.  However we have also seen God’s hope, transformation, light pushing through into the darkness and many miracles.  We are continuing to place ourselves in God’s hands as to how he wants to use us here in Bangkok.  All in God’s perfect timing.

Prayer Points.  Please join us in:

Thank God

  • For how God has used us so far in Bangkok, during our first year
  • For all the people that God has placed into our lives to make our transition in Thailand a blessing
  • For all the volunteers at NightLight and the great work they do
  • For the amazing opportunities we have had in our first year
  • As we celebrate Sarah’s birthday & our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Please pray

  • As we begin full-time with NightLight on Monday 1 July
  • As Sarah befriends and looks after the African trafficked women.  Pray that God gives Sarah wisdom and strength in the best way to support them
  • For the work of so many other organisations working in Bangkok and the wider Thailand area seeking to bring about transformation in many communities
  • For us to be confident using the Thai language
  • For our health & Sarah’s Mum

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