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What A Difference A Year Makes!

 2015 is now behind us and 2016 holds exciting possibilities.  Your support and prayers is enabling us to change and impact many lives. Through outreach, intervention, rescue and restoration.

The Freedom Bakery is coming up to it’s 1st year, since the official training programme launched in February last year.  It has been an amazing 1st year, with highs and lows, teaching and watching the first team of women grow in confidence with their new found skills and abilities.

Photo at the ENA awards 2015

Some of the women in Freedom Bakery team at the Entrepreneur Now Asia 2015 Awards

Some of you may have read our December 2015 prayer letter, bringing you all update with the progress of the Freedom Bakery (you can follow this link to our December prayer letter Paul & Sarah December 2015). Which we outlined the early successes that the business side of the bakery was having; nominated for the Entrepreneur Now Asia 2015 Awards.

Shortly after our prayer letter was published, the Freedom Bakery was contacted by The Bangkok Post.  The Bangkok Post is like the Guardian, The Daily Telegraph or The Times.  It is read by many including the large expat community in Bangkok.  A journalist & photographer from the newspaper visited the bakery and interviewed us.  We took it in our stride, thinking it was going to be a small article in a little corner of the newspaper.  We were just excited by the fact the women’s work and abilities was going to be in The Bangkok Post and receive more coverage.

Bangkok Post SmartEdition copy png file

Freedom Bakery article in The Bangkok Post.  Showing casing the bakery’s sugar craft work – December 2015

It was a very pleasant surprise, when we saw the article in The Bangkok Post a few days later.  It was a large article (nearly full page), placed in the lifestyle section of the newspaper!  We received many customer enquires following the article.

We are now in the process of praying and planning for the next stage of the freedom bakery.  We have 1 new  woman starting in the bakery training programme on Monday 8th February.  Like the other woman that started last year, she is very nervous about learning this new skill.  Your prayers for her as she takes this new step are really appreciated.

We are also hoping to introduce a development programme to work closely alongside the women, to keep up with their training requirements.  The woman from last year will be involved with training the new trainee.  

 Another year has also made a big difference and impact, in the many other ministry areas at NightLight. 

Another Year At NightLight

34 women are currently employed at NightLight.  Working in alternative employment and job training to Thai women leaving prostitution or sexual trafficking through jewellery production, silk-screening shirts, sewing shirts and scarves, coffee shop barista, baking and cake decorating, child care, outreach ministry, and administrative work.

 27 children of employees and local at risk community were in NightLight childcare.  21 children of employees received tuition scholarship.

100+ Medical screen and intervention provided for women in prostitution and those who are trafficked. 

1000 + Thai and International women, were reached through activities in the outreach centre and building relationships in the bars, brothels, and on the streets.

2000+ gifts were given out at Valentines, Women’s Day, and Christmas in 2015. Over 100 women came to the outreach centre in for beauty salons, English classes, and clinics.

32+ International women were assisted through housing, medical care and/ or repatriated in 2015 – from countries such as Africa, Asia, Central Asia and South America.  Many wait for assistance in 2016.

It has been amazing for us to look back and see how many lives were reached last year. Sometimes you can not always see what God is doing until you have all the picture in focus. As we look back, we have seen God’s provision, grace, guidance and His hands at work.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning,
great is your faithfulness. -Lamentations 3:22-2

We will be on home assignment in the UK and available to request as a BMS Speaker from 27 June to 24 July 2016.
Churches wishing to request us as BMS Speakers should click on the link for the BMS Speaker Request or contact BMS World Mission directly.
The deadline for requests is 1 February 2016, however you maybe able to try after this date, since there may still be slots available.

Please keep in your prayers:

  • The new trainee due to start in the bakery on Monday 8th February.  Against fear and nerves, and that she will learn well.  For us teaching her and the ability for the current bakery team to be involved with helping to teach & train her also.

  • All the ministry areas at NightLight – alternative employment for those exiting the sex industry, outreach, outreach centre, the coffee shop, children’s day care and the transition home for trafficked women seeking assistance from NightLight.

  • For Sarah’s Mum’s heath – Unfortunately she broke her hip and it is slowly recovering.  It has been a set back as she also has Parkinson’s.  We do worry about her a lot whilst in Thailand, but we know God is taking great care of her.

  • For out health and emotional health – We have had personal issues that we are working through, whilst working on the Freedom Bakery project.  We know God is in control, but would appreciate your prayers for spiritual and emotional strength 

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