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2019 Looking Back, Stepping into 2020 Looking Forward

We are really sorry, we have not kept our blog updated throughout the latter part of 2019.  2019 has been a year of transition and stepping into newness, which has kept us very busy. 

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The Business as Mission (BAM), has been moving along at a slower pace than we would like.  However God has shown us on many occasions throughout the year (and is continuing to show us), that He is laying the foundations for us, and we just need to hold-on, keep focussed on Him and following His leading.

Some of the highlights for us from 2019, not in any particular order have been: 

Moving to Chiang Mai, getting to know our neighbours, settling in at House of Praise Church, having the opportunity to do Paul Bradford’s Train The Trainer course in Malaga,

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building relationships with staff and residents at New Life Centre Foundation, Paul hit a mile stone as he turned 50, being invited to attend 2 Lahu Thanksgiving services in Lahu villages, Bible Camp in the mountains with NLCF’s young people and 8 of them getting baptised, falling in love with the beautiful scenery / surroundings of Chiang Mai and finally fostering a 10 week old kitten for about 6 weeks…. Yes you read correctly looking after a foster kitten for 6 weeks and finding him a good home.  He was alone on the roof of our

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bungalow and eventually came down into our back garden with no mother in sight we took him in.  He was skin, bones and fur and very helpless. Unfortunately we could not keep the kitten, since Sarah is allergic to cats, it was also making her asthma flare up.  It was sad to see him go, but we are happy that he is now in a good home.


We have spent the last 9 months trying to find out our elderly Thai neighbours name, he has hearing difficulties.  None of our other neighbours knew his name(including a couple that have lived a few doors from him for 15 years), since it is hard to have a conversation with him.  He talks to you, but does not give you the opportunity to respond, talk back and unfortunately he can not hear you when you respond.  For Christmas we gave him a Christmas present with a booklet that explained the birth of Christ and the real reason we celebrate Christmas in Thai and a card, that with we wrote in Thai with scripture. The day before New Year’s Eve, he presented us with a lovely tropical fruit hamper with a handwritten note, signed off with his name.  The translation to the note is – “Khun Paul and Khun Sarah, this New Year may you have good luck and happiness always, from Lek”. So we finally know his name is ‘Lek’.  We thank God for this first breakthrough.

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Praise – Thank God for:

  • New friendships we have formed since settling in Chiang Mai from March 2019.

  • For the Bible Camp that took place in Doi Chiang, for NLCF’s young people and the 8 young people that made the decision to follow Christ and get baptised – December 2019.

  • Getting to know our neighbours.

  • Finally getting to know our elderly Thai neighbour who is hard of hearing by name, which is a good first step.

Please Pray for: 

  • As we continue to trust God regarding our next steps with the BAM company 

  • As we nurture the friendship with our Thai elderly neighbour now we know his name.  Continued creative ways to reach out to him with his hearing difficulty.

  • The work at New Life Centre Foundation and our roles there and how God will continue to use us there.

Thank you all for the Christmas wishes in the form of emails, cards and gifts, we really appreciate your continued support, prayers that always greatly encourage us.

We pray that this New Year 2020, God will continue to fulfil His plans and purpose in your lives.  May it be a year of more evidence of His grace and hands at work in your lives and others that He places into your care to serve. God Bless.

Bringing faith in Christ and the life only He can provide


Thinking of you… Just Trust Me

Have you ever had one of those days when God makes it loud and clear everything is going to be okay?  When you gain a sense ‘He is thinking of you’, with you and sending people to stand in the gap to pray for and encourage you.

Paul & I had one such day on the 9th of May.  As we continue to push forward with setting up the Business as Mission company, we have many days when we feel like things are making sense, then either in a heartbeat or the next day, it then starts to feel like the plan is crumbling and we are back at square one.  We are truly being humbled by the process, being taught great patience and stepping into this unknown is make us trust God with every breath and step we take.  We have have had days when we feel that the task is too big for us, days when we feel overwhelmed by what God is calling us to do, days when we ask God “Why is it all moving so slowly?”

Spending time in God’s Word as individuals and as a couple, God keeps bringing us to the same lesson “Trust Me, that’s all you need to do Just Trust Me, “I have called you into this, I will equip and provide… Just Trust me!”  It is a daily reminder for us.

So… on the day in question, we were feeling discouraged thinking about the day head, praying about the financial budget for the BAM company that seems to be increasing, Paul feeling frustrated working on the budget and Sarah feeling overwhelmed working on the draft business plan.  As we prayed through the requests, it felt like a mountain and we were at the bottom of it looking up wondering how we were going to climb it or if we would we ever be able to climb it?

During our time of prayer, both our phones pinged just after 7.30am alerting us to a message that had come through.  1-2 hours after we had finished praying we decided to look at the message.  It was a message from a couple in Bangkok, that used to be in our Life Group and also given us advice on the BAM company, letting us know that they were thinking of us and praying for us.  It lifted our spirits to know that we had friends standing in the gap interceeding for us.

Our Thai friend Na from Bangkok visiting us

After 1pm Sarah heard her phone ping again, but not wanting to stop straight away as she ploughed on with the business plan, she looked at her phone about 30 minutes later.  We received a surprise message from our friend Na, whom we had taught in the bakery at NightLight.  She was visiting family in a neighbouring province to Chiang Mai and wanted to come and see us on Monday 13th of May.  With excitement, Sarah immediately called Na and said “Yes, please come.  We are really missing you”.  It again lifted our spirits to know that our Thai friend from Bangkok was also thinking of and reaching out to us.

Yet again another ping from Sarah’s phone just before 3pm.  This time Sarah opened it at once to see who and what it was.  Some more Thai friends and a foreign friend we had volunteered with at NightLight, that are now working together at another NGO.  The message via Facebook messenger yet again explained how missed we are in Bangkok, and that our Thai friends have been thinking of us and wanted to see us when they come to Chaing Mai for a training course mid-June.

As I (Sarah) shared the last message with Paul we looked at each other and said in stereo “What’s happening?”  There was now a clear pattern forming.  It just seemed to be too much of a coincidence to be contacted by so many people in one day with similar messages for us.  Paul let out an exhale and said, “Okay God, you’ve got our attention!”.

Just when we thought all the messages for the day had finished, Sarah checked her phone at about 5.30pm and saw an email in her inbox.  Again another surprise message from someone that used to be in our Bangkok Life Group, but moved back to the USA last year.  We hadn’t heard from her in a number of months, so it was very out of the blue.  Her message aptly titled Thinking of you’, once again explain that we had popped into her thoughts that morning while she was praying and she had prayed 2 scriptures for us – Psalm 90: 17 & Psalm 20:4.

May the favour of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands.- Psalm 90:17

May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. – Psalm 20:4

God definitely had our full attention by the last message.  We felt a sense of peace of how much He was ‘Thinking of us’, walking alongside us even in what we initially thought was a discouraging day.  The Lord had used our friends to remind us that He is in full control of what He is calling us to do and we just need to ‘Trust Him’.  

The events of the day also led us to think of Zephaniah 3:17.  A wonderful reminder that not only is God with us, thinking of us, but He also rejoices over us with singing.  Amazing!

The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing. – Zephaniah 3:17


BMS World Mission

From Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Packing –  Orgainised Chaos

Removal Day – Our belongings being loaded into the removal truck

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of packing, that seemed to go on forever. Anyone who has ever moved knows how stressful it can be. We were surrounded by a sea of boxes and suitcases and living out of them was not much fun either. Fortunately, we were relatively organised, even if it did look chaotic. It was a very strong reminder of when we moved to Thailand almost 7 years ago.

In the process of moving, we did not get much done on business planning. Working from home was not possible, due to the array of packing boxes building up in our apartment and working in coffee shops became quite a pinch on our pockets.

Our Bangkok Visitor

We also in the last few weeks before leaving Bangkok, had an unexpected visitor in the form of a RAT!… A problem that we had never experienced in almost 7 years of living in the same apartment.  The landlord started some building work and it must have disturbed the rat to enter our apartment on the 3rd floor!  We spent the last 2-3 weeks doing everything in our power to get rid of it (giving it rat poison that it seemed to eat like sweeties and come back for more) and also ensuring that it didn’t get into any of the boxes we had packed.  So we held it hostage in our bedroom, by keeping the door closed as much as possible and putting up with the racket it made in the early hours of each morning.  It did work since thankfully we saw no rat (dead or alive) upon unpacking the boxes in our new home.

Friends & Goodbyes

Saying Goodbye to our Bangkok Life Group

Goodbye to Bangkok Thai and expat friends

One of the hardest things we had to do was saying goodbye to friends (Thai & expat). Although we are still in Thailand, the distance from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is 9 – 12 hours by road and flight only about 70 minutes but more expensive. Therefore, we will not get to see them as often. We hope they will come to visit us or any time we are in Bangkok, we will make time to see them. Our friends have poured into us and us into them, we have grown together, encouraged each other, laughed, cried and prayed together. We thank God for those friendships. Our prayers and hopes are that we will be able to build strong friendships and be part of a Christ centred community in Chiang Mai.

A few days before leaving Bangkok, we had an encouraging conversation with Pee a Thai taxi driver that we have got to know over the years. We noticed that he had an ‘Amazing Love Festival’ key ring dangling from his keys. We asked if he attended, to which he proudly and happily replied that he attended over the 2 days. He said that he was very moved by the worship and message. It is encouraging to see the impact that the ‘Amazing Love Festival’ has left on the people of Bangkok. We hope and pray that the seed that has been planted in Pee will grow.

New Beginnings

Our move to Chiang Mai went relatively smoothly with no major problems. Our belongings were driven up on 27th February by a removal company, and we flew up on the 28th February.  We arrived at our new home about 5-10 minutes before the removal van turned up. It was amazing timing considering the driving distance! We thank God that it went well.

Safari Church – Photo of us taken after church service

Some of the animals you can go and visit after Church service.

Dancing Macaw – One of the many animals in the safari you can visit after Church service.

We have begun seeking out a Church and have been attending Safari Church, it is only a 10 -15-minute drive from our home. The Church is set in a safari/zoo! The services are held in a conference room which is part of Chiang Mai Night Safari.  It is a very unique place to have Church, walking from the car park you can see the giraffes eating their breakfast, free-roaming deer and an array of colourful birds. Attending the Church gives you free access to wander around the rest of the safari after service. We have been warmly welcomed and everyone is very friendly. So far, we have attended the International Service and Thai Service at Safari Church. Over the coming weeks, we will have the opportunity to visit other Churches. We are praying about which Church God wants us to attend.

Colourful costumes and events of North Thailand

Some information about Chiang Mai: – Chiang Mai is ranked in the top 10 (about no. 4-7) of the largest (populated) cities in Thailand.  It is a mix of rural misty mountains meets urban – a juxtapose of two contrasting environments and ecosystems.  Chiang Main is based in the northern hemisphere of Thailand and it hosts 6 indigenous Hill Tribes called the – Karen, Hmong, Akha, Lisu, Lahu & Yao, all tribes have their own distinct languages, culture, traditions and colourful costumes.  Chiang Mai is known as the ‘Rose of the North’.

Our New Home & Surroundings

We do love our new home. It is much quieter than Bangkok.  Living behind a University in Bangkok, on many occasions for 1-2 solid weeks (throughout the year), the students would be practising very loudly for events until 12am – 1am in the morning.  So one of the first things we noticed in our new home was the sound level… it is so quiet and serene, we can hear the birds chirping and wildlife chatting away more clearly.  We are not far from a flight path to Chiang Mai airport, but the noise level and frequency from that is still no match to the noise levels we had become accustomed to in Bangkok.

Paul catching another frog in our bathroom! Asian Painted Frog

Speaking of wildlife… We thought we had said a fond farewell to the rat in Bangkok, only to be greeted by frogs that happily hang out in the bathroom adjoining our bedroom.  The species are Asian Painted Frogs, they are less scary than the rat as long as they are not jumping!  Paul has become a dab hand at catching them and setting them free back into the wild.

We have a mix of Thai and foreign neighbours. Our neighbour on our right-hand side is Thai. Upon meeting him for the first time, we tried to have conversations with him, unfortunately, we thought he did not understand us but was still very friendly. We began to wonder if our Thai was really bad or if he spoke a northern dialect we didn’t understand. We have just recently discovered that he does speak central Thai, but he has hearing problems. We pray that we can find creative ways of how we can communicate and get to know him.

Prayer & Praise 

  • Thank God for our smooth move to Chiang Mai.

  • Thank God that we are settling in well and getting to know our neighbours.

  • Pray for creative ways of how we can get to know our new Thai neighbour who has hearing problems.

  • Pray we will build good relationships and friendships.

  • Pray that we find the Church God wants us to attend.

  • Pray as we work through the next stages of business planning and finances.

This definitely feels like a new season for us, with lots of new beginnings. We continue to thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland”. – Isaiah 18-19

Yours in Christ Paul & Sarah

BMS World Mission


Updates to Our Blog

For all of you that continue to follow our blog.  We wanted to let you know you, how we hope to update our blog going forward.

The BMS system for writing Prayer Letters / Newsletters changed towards the end of 2018.  Which means we now write slightly shorter but more frequent letters per year so you will receive a BMS Prayer Letter / Newsletter from us every 2 months throughout the year.

We would, therefore, like to follow the same format for our blog and aim to update our blog every 2 months in line with our BMS Prayer Letter / Newsletter.

Our blog will be an extended version of our BMS Prayer Letter / Newsletter (since with the Newsletter we can only write a limited number of words and add a limited number of photos to it).  Therefore our blog will be added extras and some behind the scene photos.

Thank you for being our faithful followers.

Sarah & Paul

Amazing Love!

We hope the year has started off well for you. For us it has started off well and it feels like we have done so much already. We have made some major decisions, travelled to north Thailand to begin acting on the decisions, travelled to Malaysia to arrange another visa and honoured to witness the beautiful miracle of nearly 2,000 people (mostly Thais), walk in freedom and accept Christ for the first time!

After accepting God’s call to set up a Business as Mission, we began to pray about the location.  We had 3 locations in mind; to remain in Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Phuket.  We had the opportunity to research all locations and meet with other organisations that we could partner with in the future.  After lots of prayer and careful consideration, we have now made the decision to leave Bangkok and move to Chiang Mai (North Thailand).

The first week of January we went to Chiang Mai, to begin the process of looking for a new home.  Thank God, within a few days of being there, we found a home that we fell in love with.  We also had meetings with some lawyers and looked at commercial properties for the business, which at this stage was purely for research, as we look into the task of financing the business.

Beginning the task of packing our belongings

We have started to pack and just realising how much we have accumulated in almost 7 years of living in Bangkok.  We will be move to Chiang Mai on the 28th February.  It will be a 9-hour drive from Bangkok to Chiang Mai for the removal service we will be using.

Moving is very daunting, especially to a new location (Bangkok is very different from Chiang Mai), added with the many unknowns as we plan and move through the process of setting up a BAM.  We are trusting God and know we cannot do it in our own strength.

Amazing Love Festival – Paul was a prayer counsellor at the event

Paul attended evangelism and discipleship training in November 2018 to be a counsellor, for the ‘Amazing Love Festival’ a gospel and evangelism event led by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  The event has been years in the making.  Over the past several decades, 3 church denominations in Bangkok struggled to partner together for the sake of the gospel.  These churches eventually saw the impact that other festivals held in Chiang Mai and Phuket had, and they realised they could trust the Lord.

The unity from International and Thai churches across Bangkok, over the last year has been so strong.  Seeing them come together in prayer, training and preparation in the run up to this event – an amazing miracle.   The Amazing Love Festival took place over two days on the 19th – 20th January at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), it was a completely free event for everyone.

Our hearts were overjoyed as we worshipped with the Thais and others.  Many Thais hearing the gospel for the first time.  Over the two days, 40,000+ people attended the festival.  It was streamed live, 79,000+ viewers watched from 60+ countries.  Most viewers were from SE Asia.  1,000+ online viewers replied that they accepted Christ.  God used Franklin Graham (Billy Graham’s son) to give a message of God’s truth, hope and peace in Christ.  Paul being a counsellor, prayed with those that came to Christ.  His heart was touched, as he listened and prayed with a 10-year-old boy that accepted Christ.


Live Stream: Amazing Love Festival – Saturday 19th January 2019

Live Stream: Amazing Love Festival – Sunday 20th January 2019

Crowds going up to accept Christ

It was amazing to witness the huge crowds go up to accept Christ.  It was like a peaceful flowing river, wave after wave of people. It brought tears of joy to my (Sarah) eyes.  Nearly 2,000 accepted Christ for the first time and 600+ recommitments over the two days!  Thailand has never seen anything like this before. God has opened the doors, we pray we will see many more Thais (and others) come to freedom in the saving grace of Christ. Keep praying for the follow up and discipleship of our dear new believers.

Prayer & Praise

  • Thank God for us finding a new home in Chiang Mai.

  • Thank God for the many lives that accepted Christ at the Amazing Love Festival.

  • Pray that all new believers are discipled well and continue to grow.

  • Pray that our move to Chiang Mai will go smoothly.

  • Pray we will find a good lawyer in Chiang Mai.

  • Pray for finances to get the business registered and set up.


BMS World Mission Bringing Faith in Christ and life only He can provide

We Have Nothing To Fear

On Monday 8 October we went to Phuket, in the south of Thailand for 5 days.  We were there to have meetings and see if this is where God wants us to be.  We will soon write more on what is happening behind the scenes as we following God’s leading on our next steps.

Even though we have been in Thailand for over 6 years, there is still so much we continue to learn along the way.  We know that part of the month of October Thailand celebrates an event called the ‘Vegetarian Festival’… Sounds harmless doesn’t it!  For all these years living in Bangkok, it seemed to have a harmless vibe to it.

The festival has it roots in Chinese Taoism and is a celebration to the nine emperor gods and happens during the ninth Chinese lunar month every year.  There are many Chinese and Chinese Thai, in Thailand, so the festival has become a fixed event in the Thai calendar.  It is now a mix of Taoism and Buddhism.  In Bangkok’s China Town and many stalls around the city, they switch to only selling vegetable/vegan based dishes (ahaan jay – อาหารเจ); those that are participating in the Vegetarian Festival will abstain from eating meat, following a very strict vegan diet for 9 days as a way to cleanse their bodies.  Many wear white from head to toe.  The  air is filled with the sound of loud fire crackers, beating drums, clashing symbols, the temples are dressed with lanterns, candles and filled with people making merit.  The smell of incense fills the air, Chinese dancers and dancing dragon costumes parade past in a flurry of bright colours.

In Phuket we saw a different side to this festival.  Phuket is the where the Vegetarian Festival is thought to have originated

Sharp objects pierced through jaws

from, since over 30 percent of the population have Chinese ancestry.  The festival starts with the lantern pole raising ceremony, which happens across many temples around the island.  The lantern pole is supposed to attract the 36,000 gods of the Chinese pantheon.

Then there are rituals held to invoke the gods along with fire walking, bladed ladder climbing and the nail bridge crossing.  The ceremonies also take on a more gruesome twist with parades around Phuket.  Spirit mediums walk with knives, saws, fish hooks or any other items capable of piercing the bodies and faces of those that are possessed.  Those that are possessed believe they are acting as mediums of the gods and will puncture their faces and bodies believing that the Chinese gods will protect them for harm and little blood scarring from the self mutilation.

Beating themselves with knives

As we walked around Phuket one afternoon, we could hear the pounding of the drums, symbols, raised voices and loud fire crackers popping in the distance.  It was heading towards us, we caught sight of row upon row and group upon group, of people dressed in white and spirit mediums dressed in brightly coloured and highly embroidered and patterned aprons, holding swords and knives.  The police appeared from no-where to stop the traffic at the intersection to allow the parade to pass though, we stood on the corner, not wanting to cross the path of the parade.   The cacophony of sounds became louder, more confusing, as each group stopped in the centre of the intersection and began yelling and beating themselves with the swords and knives they were holding.  We could see where some of them had already used large sharp objects to pierce their faces, as deep marks and fresh scars marred their skin.  Many of them looked possessed, their eyes bulged, entranced and bewitched, with each strike some of them drew blood from their bodies.

I could hear Paul quoting the verse “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind…”  The verse that came to my mind was “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth…”  I could feel the tears stinging my eyes not from fear, but as I looked on as each group did the same act, my heart broke.  I began to think if this is breaking my heart, how much more much is it breaking God’s heart to see His Children so far from Him, yielding to gods and spirit that they believe are calling them to self mutilate and appease them in this way.

From a western prospective it would be easy to think that in the UK, an event like the ‘vegetarian festival’ would never happen.  However, how different is this from halloween?  As Christians in the west, we are quite sheltered, and because we do not see the rituals or ceremonies that happen alongside halloween, we see it as harmless… It is just about costumes and trick or treating right?.  Wrong!  Halloween is effectively no different from the vegetarian festival – It is a time of evil, darkness, witchcraft, fear, death, honours the devil and darkness and more than likely has many rituals that go alongside, but we just don’t see.

Wherever you are in the world or whatever your understanding is of spiritual warfare.  As Christian, when confronted with evil or the enemy in any shape or form, we don’t need to hide away, or shake with fear.  We do as Christians need to be aware of the battle that is happening and know that it is very real.  Sometimes it hard for us to understand, because as humans we think if we can’t see it or feel it then it is not real or true.  God clearly reminds us of the spiritual warfare happening – Ephesians 6:10-19   The powers of darkness does not have the final say ever.  When we place our faith in Jesus, we are in a position of VICTORY always!

I like the way that Priscilla Shirer explains it from her Bible study series The Armour of God: “The enemy’s approach is not just aimed at individuals.  He has a collective cultural and global methods designed to derail entire nations and people groups from God’s intended plan.  He carefully crafts and proliferates philosophies, doctrines and moral perspectives across entire demographics in order to steer whole societies away from God.”


  • For God to open our spiritual eyes to the spiritual warfare we can not see in the natural.

  • For us not fear or be afraid of the enemy, because God has already overcome the devil, darkness and death.  We are victorious ALWAYS!

  • To be able to discern what is from the enemy and not just think it is just ‘harmless’.  

  • Pray against the enemies deception, lies and the ways he tries to deceive us.

  • To be in a position to share God’s truth, light and love, with those who have not yet encountered Christ.


BMS World Mission Bringing faith in Christ and the life only he can provide

Moving On…

It has been a long time since we wrote an entry to our blog.  We do have good reasons and we will be sharing them with you over the coming months.  Since there has been a time lapse, we feel we need to go back before coming forward.

“And there was much weeping on the part of all; they embraced Paul and kissed him being sorrowful most of all because of the word he had spoken, that they would not see his face again. And they accompanied him to the ship.” Acts 20: 37 – 38

Family bond

When God says it time to move… You’ve got to move!  We shared with the churches we visited during our Home Assignment in the UK between June – July, that we have now left NightLight.  It was a decision that was very hard for us to make, we prayed, we shared with our Life Group (Small Group), we listened for God and His perfect timing.  When God’s clear answer came, it was a bitter pill for us to swallow…

The ladies at NightLight have become our family, and God was telling us it was time to leave them.  Over the 5-6 years we were there, we witnessed God’s transformation in many of the women lives, seeing them step into freedom, accepting Jesus, getting baptised, moving forward with confidence, self worth and stepping into leadership roles.

Just like a family we had many joyous occasions, where we would laugh together to the point of happy tears, barely able to catch our breath.  When the times of sorrow came, we cried together baring each others pain.

Our last weep together – Gathering in prayer for us

Whilst we were there, God taught us so much about ourselves.  We had the great honour of pouring into the women, however without realising it, many of the ladies also poured into us.  God has an amazing way of surrounding you with people, when you need it most.  We counselled and prayed for each other, sharing deep and personal areas of our lives that could only be shared when an amazing family bond had been formed.

A few days before our last day at NightLight, they prepared a leaving gathering for us.  It was the day we had been dreading, the day when the reality that we were actually leaving kicked in.  Nothing could have prepared us for wave of emotions that we felt.  Many of the ladies shared how we had impacted their lives, what we meant to them and how much they were going to miss us.

There was not a dry eye to be seen; another but final moment when we would all weep together.  I (Sarah) was a blubbering mess with tears and snot everywhere (sorry, it was not a pretty sight!).  I don’t think I have ever cried so much when leaving a place of work…even Paul shed a tear!  The women have left a huge stamp on our hearts, which we will never forget.  We will miss them dearly.

Since leaving we have been able to keep in contact with some of the ladies and those we know really well, have invited us to their homes.

So, God says it time for us to move on… So in obedience to Him, move on we will do.  We do not know all the plans for our next stage, but God is revealing the puzzle to us a little at a time.  We sense that God is calling us to start up a Business as Mission company, of which we are completely looking to God for guidance.  We will still be with BMS, and they are supporting us through this next stage.  We are not sure if we will remain in Bangkok or if it will be another location in Thailand.  As we step into this unknown and a new journey, we do know that it is all in God’s hands and by His grace, he will reveal all to us in His perfect timing.

We will be sharing with you how God’s plans have been unfolding over the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime can you please pray for us, as we seek His will with all the preparation, business planning, the location in Thailand, finances, our visas, our Thai business partner and finding a retail space.

Thank you for all of the cards and emails we receive from so many of you.  They always arrive, when we need a boost of encouragement.




BMS World Mission Bringing faith in Christ and the life only he can provide


Precious Moments

In many of our blogs over the last year, we have mentioned about the many baptisms we have seen and the many lives we have seen transformed.  God has been at work in the lives of those that were at the brink of despair, those that felt helpless, bound, not able to walk in freedom, where the enemies lies had blurred the truth, those that felt all hope was gone, those that didn’t feel they had any ability or worth.  

NightLight is known as NightLight ‘International’.  This years retreat, definitely lived up to the ‘International’ status .  A total of about 90 – 100 staff, volunteers, employees, survivours of trafficking from all corners of the world – USA, Australia, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Brazil, Thailand and the United Kingdom came together, to fellowship, worship, rejoice together at the baptisms and unite.

We have now lost count of the number of baptisms we have seen, whilst in Thailand.  They have been a true testimony to God’s power and all that He is doing. Every baptism we have seen has been as beautiful and as precious as the first. 

Awaiting To Be Baptised

The most recent baptism at the retreat were made even more special, with 11 women from different countries in Africa attending from NightLight’s International Anti-trafficking programme.

Baptised – Hallelujah!


Over the months the Thai women of NightLight have welcomed and embraced these African women with such great unconditional love, compassion, acceptance and understanding.  We have watched as the Thai women took  care of the babies of the African women, allowing them to enjoy and have time for themselves during the retreat.  There was definitely no shortage of babysitters!  As the babies were passed around and lovingly cared for.

Number of women baptised 6 African women & 1 Thai woman.  We rejoiced with the angels as each life was set free in Christ.

All the nations you made will come and bow before you, Lord; they will praise your holy name. Psalm 86:9 (NLT)

‘Precious Moments’.

It is an amazing moment when you watch those you have been teaching and working with over the years, rise like phoenix’s from the ashes.  When God uses people and situations that were broken and brings them to restoration, fullness, hope that brings Glory to His name.

We have shared in several of our last blogs, about some of the bakery women who had become confident enough to enter into business training.  It was a breakthrough, because they requested they were ready for this type of training.  I (Sarah), didn’t feel I had the Thai business language skills to train the bakery women to the standard they deserved.  So after months of praying (over 1 year to be exact!),  and searching for a professional Thai company that could run the business skills course, I almost gave up since we didn’t have a large budget to pay for the training either.  Thank God, He never gives up on us, just when I thought all was lost,  Paul & I were introduced to a Thai Christian Business Coach, that completely ticked all our boxes.

The Thai business teacher was fantastic and was able to teach the women with such grace, patience and understanding.  The women had nothing but praise for the teacher and the information they were learning.  

2 of the women after completing the first 2 modules of the business training, decided to take it to the next level and wanted to be enrolled on the individual business mentoring programme.

Successfully Completed – Individual Business Mentoring Programme

 I was over joyed, especially since 1 of the women in 2016 was adamant, she never wanted to do any form of business skills training EVER!  I am not sure what changed her mind, but I watched her flourish with each session as she come up with the most original ideas… I could see that she was even shocked at some of the ideas she was coming out with.  They learnt all aspects that will enable them, to start up their own business in the future, should they wish to do so – business planning, financial planning, designing their own logo/brand, marketing and presenting their businesses on video.  

The bakery has been a foundation for these women to step out, grow and realise their own potential, to let them know that God has a plan and purpose for their lives and that they have great ability to put their minds to anything not just baking/sugar crafting but anything.

Paul & I was proud to witness these women, who once didn’t think they could achieve much.  Successfully complete the Individual Business Mentoring Programme . 

In his kindness God called you to share in his eternal glory by means of Christ Jesus. So after you have suffered a little while, he will restore, support, and strengthen you, and he will place you on a firm foundation. 1 Peter 5:10 (NLT)

‘Precious Moments’.

We truly thank God for these many precious moments.

BMS World Mission partnered with NightLight International 





Lost & Found

Here is an account from the Founder & CEO of NightLight – Annie Dieselberg

“Recently, my laptop was stolen at the airport.

I had left it accidentally at the security gate, and someone decided to help themselves to it. Thankfully, airport security personnel immediately checked the cameras and were able to locate the man who stole it. Within a half hour—and with only two minutes to spare—I got my laptop back and caught my plane.

I recently shared this story on Facebook and was struck by how many people “liked” the post. I realized that the fear of having something stolen or lost is a feeling most people can easily relate to. Hearing that my laptop was returned so efficiently gave people just a little bit of hope.

Maybe that’s why Jesus told the parables of the lost coin, the lost sheep, and the prodigal son. The theme of losing something valuable and searching to find it resonates with people around the world, in every era. When what was lost is not just a coin but something of our very own, the intensity and emotional connection with this experience grows. It’s a fear every parent understands.

It’s not as easy to relate to victims of human trafficking and exploitation. Yet every night in Bangkok (and around the world), lost daughters walk the streets in hopes of being found. Their parents do not know where they are and sometimes have not yet even realized that they are lost. These daughters cannot find their way home from this foreign land. They stumble around in the dark; their vulnerability being exploited night after night. The immediate terror and panic of being truly lost eventually gets pushed down beneath layers of coping strategies, but it doesn’t take much to trigger the fear, the trauma, and the alienation. Their dignity, their freedom, their lives have been stolen from them.

**Anna was hired to work as a maid for a family in the Middle East. Once there, however, she was enslaved and forced to work for no pay under a cruel boss. Her employer brought her to Bangkok, where she was beaten and thrown out on the streets with no documents and no means of taking care of herself. Suddenly on the streets, alone in a foreign land, Anna realized she was hungry, desperate, and very lost. Anna had to turn to prostitution for survival. Soon after, she was picked up by the police and thrown in the immigration detention center, where she stayed for 4 months and had no way to access help or family. She did not know if she would ever find her way home.

One day, however, our help line number was given to Anna. Calling us from the pay phone inside the detention center, she begged us for help. Recently, Anna was finally delivered from the jail with a ticket to go home. The immigration truck brought her to the airport the night of her departure, and we were waiting there to celebrate with her. Anna could not stop thanking us, though she said she had no words to adequately express what she was feeling. She had been lost and was found. She was now on her way home.

“We have been called to heal wounds, to unite what has fallen apart, and to bring home those who have lost their way,” wrote St. Francis of Assisi. When a child, mother, sister, or daughter is found and returned, even the angels celebrate. Jesus came to seek and to save the lost. We celebrate this love which compels us to join in the search, to set the captives free, and to help those who have lost their way to find their way back home. For these women, this is a demonstration of love they will never forget”.

**Anna’s name has been changed to protect her identity.

Praise God for:

  • The number of women that NightLight has assisted and repatriated back to their home countries, through the anti-trafficking programme.

  • The amazing restoration, transformation, confidence building and counselling, to help women walk in freedom, that come into the NightLight International Programme Centre.

Pray for:

  • The many women that are still lost hoping to be found.  Pray that NightLight’s help line number makes it’s way safely to the women who need us to help them.

  • Pray for NightLight to be in the right places at the right time, to reach out and help those that have been trafficked.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you, when we are in the UK during May – July 2018.

BMS World Mission partnered with NightLight International

God Came Near… The Greatest Gift

“So the Word became human and made his home among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. And we have seen his glory, the glory of the Father’s one and only Son”.  John 1:14 (NLT)

Christmas is a special time of year, not because of the sights, smells, and sounds, but because it is at this time that we recognise and celebrate the day that ‘God came near’.

What is it that you place the highest value on at Christmas?

Bangkok Christmas Decorations 2017 – Hot air balloons & Winter Wonderland

Bangkok Christmas Decorations 2017 – Mr Men Christmas & a Christmas theme we are still trying to work out!

There is no official celebration of Christmas in Thailand, with many places open for business as usual on the 25th December.  However, the shopping malls of Thailand are all in full swing, selling gifts and adorned with spectacular Christmas decorations, and the twinkle of Christmas lights; with many of the malls trying to out do each other!  Large illuminated hot air balls at one mall representing the journey of Christmas, another mall bringing the fantasy of a Winter Wonderland… in the middle of one of the hottest cities in the world – Bangkok!  The bizarre, but funny shopping mall with Mr. Men Christmas!  Lastly, one mall, we are still trying to work out what their decorations represent!!!

Looking around Paul & I have wondered through each mall – the smiles, laughter, happiness, hundreds of photos /selfies being taken, a medley of Christmas music and gift buying fills the air.  It is so easy to get drawn in!…but a strong realisation kicks in, that all of this is nothing compared to the greatest and most amazing gift that came into the world! 

“The noise and the bustle began earlier than usual in the village.  As night gave way to dawn, people were already on the streets.  Vendors were positioning themselves on the corners of the most heavily traveled avenues.  Store owners were unlocking the doors to their shops.  Children were awakened by the excited barking of the street dogs and the complaints of donkeys pulling carts…

…Meanwhile, the city hums.  The merchants are unaware that God has visited their planet.  The innkeeper would never believe that he had just sent God into the cold.   And the people would scoff at anyone who told them the Messiah lay in the arms of a teenager on the outskirts of their village.  They were all too busy to consider the possibility. 

Those who missed His Majesty’s arrival that night missed it not because of evil acts or malice; no, they missed it because they simply weren’t looking. 

Little has changed in the last two thousand years, has it?  – Max Lucado (click here to read the full sample of God Came Near)

This gift is the largest and most expensive, it has no monetary value, it is a gift that brings much hope, love, peace, grace, mercy, atonement, forgiveness and ever lasting life (to name but a few).   We are sure that if many people knew the great significance of this gift, they would reach out to receive it with all their hearts.  Pass this wonderful gift on.

 “After seeing him, the shepherds told everyone what had happened and what the angel had said to them about this child”.  Luke 2:17 (NLT)

NightLight has been sharing God’s gift and presence in the red light district and local community.  December has been a hive of activity reaching out to Thai women / men and international women.  

  • NightLight successfully run a number of medical clinics throughout this year and ran the last one before Christmas at the beginning of December.  The medical clinic, provides much needed medical assistance to Thais and international women from the sex industry or those that have been trafficked.  It also provides continued opportunity to pamper the women with nail painting, a listen ear and prayer.

  • Thank God that 1,900 Christmas gift bags were hand out to women and mamasan’s (mamasan = A women who manages women in bars and brothels).  With each woman being told they were remembered, loved and how precious they are. 

  • Christmas caroling in the brothel of International women.  Some listened with tears in their eyes.  Many are Russian Orthodox and far from home in a foreign country at Christmas.  For them to be seen and thought of at Christmas (or at any time) is no small thing for women in prostitution.

  • On the Anti-trafficking side of things – To date NightLight has sent home 45 International women this year!  The anti-trafficking team has worked hard with many women that are now walking in freedom, and have been repatriated back home to be reunited with children and families. 


NightLight ladies performing traditional Thai dancing to Christmas Thai music

As part of one of NightLight’s Christmas party morning activity, we were split into about 5 groups, to visit various hospitals around Bangkok.  We visited the Veteran’s Hospital, to visit the patients, hand out gifts and pray with them. 

The afternoon activities continued with games, Christmas carols in Thai, dance performances and of cause an array of amazing Thai food prepared by each group.  

Freedom Bakery Update

Many of you have asked about the ladies from the Freedom Bakery.  They did an amazing job during the month of October, confidently leading and teaching baking & decorating workshops at 2 external organisations. They taught and brought hope to vulnerable women making the decision to leave the sex industry and those that have been internationally trafficked to Thailand.  They taught a total of 6 workshops.

* Freedom Bakery ladies teaching at the International Programme Centre

It was incredible to see the bakery ladies that over 2 years ago had no bakery skills, were fearful of the oven, frightened of the mixers and insisted the microwave was going to blow up, move so enthusiastically and with purpose. They are all teachers in their own right!

November saw, the same women from the Freedom Bakery begin learning soft business skills.  The ladies have expressed a desire to hopefully in the future open their own business.  Therefore, Paul and I, felt it was very important to ensure they received the right business training to guide them.  They have completed 2 modules in product development, marketing, packaging, how to start a business, finance and funding.

The training has been well received by them.  In the new year they will decide, whether they wish to continue with further training to be mentored in exploring setting up their own business in the future.  It has been excellent see the ladies’ progress and development reach new levels.

We would like to say a big thank you for all your continued support, prayers, emails, cards and letters and gifts we have received for special occasions.  We really appreciate them all.

We will be taking a break for the Christmas period, to recharge our batteries, before heading into the New Year 2018. 

We hope you all have a blessed & joyful Christmas and a peaceful New Year 2018.

Please note: We will be in the UK on home assignment from May 2018.  If you would like us to come and speak, please contact BMS, who will be organising the dates on our behalf.

*Faces have been blurred to protect the identity of the ladies from the International Programme Centre

BMS World Mission partnered with NightLight International

Pass It On…

I watched as the bakery ladies buzzed around the bakery, with *P Mon giving gentle directions “…*Noon have you checked that the following items are packed in the case, from the check list – weighing scales, mixing bowl, recipes, cupcake tin, cupcake cases, buttercream, palette knife, piping nozzles, piping bags… We don’t want to forget anything for the workshop!…”

I (Sarah) could hear the excitement in their voices, and sense the tension and nervousness in their body language as 3 ladies of the bakery team, prepared all the equipment needed to take with them to teach their first ever external bakery workshop!

I took a moment to remember how far they have all come from, not just learning in the Freedom Bakery, but the total transformation that has and is continuing to happen in their lives – they are definitely not being defined by their past.  God is an amazing miracle worker!

The Freedom Bakery ladies wearing the white hats; teaching others from difficult situations, bringing hope & joy.

I was further reminded about the gifts & talents that God has given to all of us.  When God blesses us with gifts and talents they are never just for our own benefit.  He doesn’t bless us with talents and skills so we can look brilliant or  be selfish with it!  God wants us to steward those gifts for Him!  To bless others and build His kingdom.

When we unwrap what God has given us, use it well and remember that even though the gift has our name on it, it doesn’t mean it is all for us.  God uses our obedience and stewardship in wonderful and spectacular ways to bless others, with hope and joy in a way that we just can not do in our own strength.

As I watched the beautiful bakery ladies that 2 years ago had no bakery skills (many Thai homes still do not have an oven), that were fearful of the oven, frightened of the mixers and insisted the microwave was going to blow up…  move so confidently around the kitchen.  I thanked God for providing me with the privilege of using me to be part of their lives; yes teaching them baking and cake decorating has been part of it, but most of all God has given me the opportunity to pray into their lives, for trust to be built so they are able to share some of their most deepest life experiences, to pray with them when they feel all hope is lost, to laugh and cry with them and tell they can, when their confidence takes a knock.

On many occasions I questioned God, what am I doing this for?  I can’t do this, my brain is exploding from trying to teach in Thai, can I give up now Lord?  How am I supposed to win souls with baking & cake decorating?  When my own confidence took a blow, life and spiritual struggles caused me to be discouraged or forgetting that I don’t need to do this all in my own strength.

To hold onto God, and remain obedient with the gifts and talents He has given me has been well worth it!  On Friday 6th October, I witness 3 ladies of the bakery team confidently lead and teach their first external workshop (outside of NightLight at another organisation), teaching ladies making the decision to leave the sex industry.

Bakery team wearing white hats. Giving a guiding hand, practicing how to pipe buttercream. *Face has been blurred to project her identity.

When we got to the workshop, I had a brief wobbly moment, that they couldn’t do it and would need my help, so I proceeded to put on my hat and apron ready to help!  I immediately heard *Noon say to me in a firm voice… “What are you doing?  Take it off! We can do this!”  That’s when the tears of joy began to sting my eyes, when I gained further understanding of how God is using me and the gifts His has given me to fulfil His purpose in their lives.

I am soooooooo proud of the bakery ladies, on their first workshop I cried with joy and smiled so hard (my cheeks hurt!), I even jumped up and down praising God! I watched them teach with such professionalism, giving advice and answering all the questions.  They taught all of it by themselves with very, very, very very… did I say ‘very’ minimal assistance!  I just stood in the background and took pictures, feeling like a spare part… Which was fantastic!!!  They are all teachers in their own right!

God receives the praise and the glory since none of this has been done in my own strength… Trust me, I would have given up ages ago if it was left down to me!

Jesus gives us two commandments: to love the Lord and to love others as we love ourselves. – Matthew 22:37–40.  So when we steward our talents to honour Him and to bless others, we are doing just that.

Pass it on…  God wants to use your unique role in the body of Christ.  So, if like me it is baking, then bake, singing, then sing. If your talent is a little less conventional—maybe you’re good with numbers, computers or play the bass like Paul (who teaches bass lessons, advises on computers and computer skills) — then find a way to translate that into a job to glorify God.  Use your God-given abilities to reach those who don’t know Him—and give God the praise for all He has given.  Pass it on…

* Names have been changed to protect their identities

Thank God for:

  • The bakery ladies confidence and courage to lead independently a bakery workshop to reach out to others.

  • The bakery team taking ownership of the Freedom Bakery. 

  • There are 5 extra external workshops lined up for the month of October, that the team will be running. 

Pray for:

  • For conditioned confidence, growth and development of the bakery ladies.

  • For the extra 5 external workshops being held in October at 2 different organisations.

  • Pray for the women that will attend these workshops, that they will be impacted by them and good conversations and relationships can be made. 

BMS World Mission partnered with NightLight International 

5 years!!!

Time has flown past so quickly, that we can’t even believe it!  It has crept up on us, without us even realising!  On the 29th June we noted that we have been living and serving in Bangkok, Thailand for 5 years!

We have been looking back and recapping the last 5 years.  It has been a time that has been filled with crazy moments, challenges, confusion, spirit filled, hot, humid, rainy, flooding, stormy, emotionally driven – fun, happy, sad, tearful and fearful journey that God has led us on!….but we wouldn’t change it for the world!  We  have had the honour of working with many amazing people of God, who are serving, loving, learning and teaching others outside of their comfort zone.

In 5 years we have walked alongside and worked with woman coming out of sexual exploitation and human trafficking, it has been super hard, but in this time we have been so blessed and privileged to have met, some of the most strongest and courageous women in the world!  Women that have stood tall and taken brave steps into freedom and transformation.

In the areas of the sex industry and trafficking that are dark and spiritually heavy.  In 5 years, we have had the joy of seeing God’s light and hope break through the darkness and seen God’s hand at work –  as women have gained their self-worth, value, dignity, a new life, and their God given purposes unfold, breakthrough’s of women delivered from evil spirits, brothel owners asking for prayer, listened to men confess that were about to use the sex industry for the night – but felt compelled to come into the coffee shop and share their heart, watched some of these same men give their lives to Christ, witnessed some of the most amazing baptism’s ever, watched God’s power of love and grace help trafficked & exploited women overcome extreme trauma and God’s justice break down walls of corruption!…. Phew!!!… this is the short list!  There is so much more we could add!

In 5 years, we have embraced Thailand – the people, rich culture, food, heritage, language and seen God’s face in every single Thai person or other nationalities we have met.  We have built strong relationships with many Thais that speak little to no English, a true testimony to how God has enabled us to embrace and learn the Thai language. We have been welcomed by Thai families that shows a bond of trust including Buddhist families allowing us to pray for them.

Most importantly, even before arriving to Thailand, during our time in Thailand and now, God has been with us ALWAYS, providing us with the strength, encouragement, giving us nudges to take steps into the unknown, providing us with the words to support others, providing us with the wisdom to make the right decisions.  God’s hand has been unchanging, we have relied on His guidance throughout this whole journey and this will not stop.  We are reassured that He will be with us always.

 The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. – Deuteronomy 31:8

We want to say a ‘big thank you’ for all your support, prayers and encouragement you have given us over the last 5 years.  A ‘huge thank you’ for all your letters, cards and presents that have surprised us for New Year’s, Easter’s, Birthday’s & Christmas’.  Thank you to our Church Partners for the great relationships and friendships that we have formed with you, your warm welcomes, kind hospitality, food and cakes whenever we come to visit your Churches.  Some of you have been with us, before we left the UK 5 years ago and that support from you has been greatly appreciated.

We don’t always get the time to answer every single email or letter, but please know that each one has been up lifting.  Many have come right on time, when we have needed a boost of encouragement.

Thank God for:

  • The number of transformed lives that have happened during this time – those that have made the decision to leave the sex industry, trafficked woman that have been reunited with families in their home countries and men that have had their hearts transformed and touched by God.

  • For our 5 years in Thailand, the people we have encountered, the lives that God has allowed us to make an impact on.

  •  The growth in our journey and walk with God.

Pray for:

  • Please continue to pray for the all those, that recently got baptised.  As new believers, the enemy uses many situations to pull them back.  Pray that they will stay strong and remain close to God.

  •  Us, as we continue to live and serve in Thailand – God’s guidance, direction and wisdom for serving others and our personal lives.

  • *Noon & *Ma – 2 Ladies that were working at NightLight but left recently.   Ma has sadly gone back to work in the sex industry and Noon has got caught up in a bad situation and has been contemplating suicide. Please pray that God’s truth will break through the lies they are been fed.  That with God’s help they will have enough courage to come back to NightLight.  That they will understand that they are beautiful, precious daughter’s and princess’.

To help you understand how much God loves and cares for us, here is a poem that some of you may know or have read already.  Please click on the poem title to take you to the poem link – 

‘My Precious Daughter (A love letter from God to His Daughters)’

*Names have been changed to protect their identity

Lots of love

Paul & Sarah


BMS World Mission partnered with NightLight International


God’s Tapestry of Grace

We always feel like we are saying Happy New Year, but when you live in a country that actively celebrates 3 new years per year it is hard not to get involved.  So again… Happy New Year 2560!  You can visit our blog from April 2016 for an explanation about why it is New Year in April & the year is 2560! – click here  

NightLight Retreat 2017 & Baptisms

NightLight Retreat Team Photo

The NightLight Annual retreat took place in Rachaburi, Thailand on 30th March – 1st April.  There was a total of 95 people, with 14 nationalities represented across women, children, staff and volunteers.  It was a great time for everyone to be together in worship, being encouraged and renewed in God’s word, there was a  guest speaker sharing on our continued theme of ‘Breakthrough’.  Everyone wore t-shirts with the Thai words ‘Step Into Victory’ printed across the front

In our December 2016 blog & March 2017 prayer letter we shared about an amazing baptism that took place at NightLight.  

Baptism Candidates after their baptism

God is continually at work and the ‘Breakthrough’s & ‘Steps Into Victory’, keep coming.  At the retreat we witnessed another 7 women get baptised!  The candidates consisted of Thais, and one woman from our International anti-trafficking program from the Ukraine!  

We all rose early for the 7am baptismal service, to beat the heat of the blazing sun.

7 beautiful women, stood in the early morning sunlight looking nervous, but joyful wearing satin burgundy robes.  We all congregated around the resort swimming pool, to rejoice with the angels.  Each candidate stepped forward to give their testimony, then stepped into the pool; each baptismal was just as amazing!  Each receiving a crown of flowers after they stepped out of the pool.

 One of the candidates called Grace*, stood in the pool her palms clasped together; after she confessed her belief in Christ, her commitment to follow Christ and that she had made the decision on her own.

     Grace upon Grace

She then let out a loud cry of joy, that came from deep within, that echo’d around the resort.  Even one of the hotel Thai staff could no longer hold back the tears!  

Her loud cry of joy held so much –  it was her release from time held bound by idols and idol worship,  the release from time held in bondage working in the sex industry just to make enough money to make ends meet, the release from the feelings of worthless with no purpose and the release from feeling ashamed.   

Her loud cry of joy – was her entering  into God’s freedom and truth, it was God’s grace, mercy and transformation in her life,  it was God restoring her worth, purpose, her identity, her dignity taking away her shame and most of all her allowing God to be master and ruler over her life.  

Like God has done many times over, He has handed these 7 beautiful women, the gift of ‘Grace’ that is undeserved and unmerited, it is the gift of salvation that is available for all people through faith.  God has taken all their good and bad – the sad and glad and woven it into a ‘Tapestry of Grace & Praise’.  Giving them Grace upon grace

Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given. – John 1: 16

*Grace’s name has been changed

* One of the women’s faces has been blurred to protect her identity

Pray for:

  • The 7 women that have been recently been baptised. That we will be able to support them as they grow in their faith.  

  • For strength and wisdom whenever they go home to visit their families.  Sometimes when visiting families they are asked to participate in Buddhist ceremonies and rituals.

  • That more women will experience God’s love, grace, mercy and choose to except and walk in His freedom and truth.

Thank God for:

  • The NightLight retreat, the fellowship time and renewal in God’s word. 

  • The lives of the 7 women that have made the decision to walk in freedom and truth.

 BMS World Mission partnered with NightLight International

His Birth = Our New Birth


Baptism in a large black bucket – Just before being baptised

2016 for us, has been filled with witnessing lots of great and wonderful things! The one we witnessed recently was no exception, it was an absolute privilege, it was the most humbling baptism we have ever seen!

There were no huge crowds of people, no church building, no projector for worship or songs, no drums, no piano, no microphones.  There was no baptism pool, swimming pool or the sea.   It was held in a small back room next to a small kitchen and cooking area with a largish black plastic bucket, the kind you use for carting rubble, holding ice for drinks or in our case washing lots of dishes at a time!

A small crowd of us gathered to witness with 1 person playing an acoustic guitar.


Baptism in a large black bucket – During the baptism

The young lady getting baptised *Humble, is a lady we are assisting through our anti-trafficking program along with her children.

Whilst in our care, she had been asking lots of questions about Christ, He became real to her and made Himself known to her in her dreams.  We were in the process of assisting to help get her repatriated back to her home country, and she wanted to get baptised before going home (which was due to happen a few days later).  With such a short space of time, there was not enough time to arrange a formal baptismal service.  The quick preparation and thinking – “What can we use to baptise her in?”turned it into the most humbling baptism ever.

She shared her testimony, made her declaration of faith and expressed her great love for Christ.


Feeling happy and joyful – After the baptism

 As *Humble stepped in to the black bucket, and knelt down.  The water was poured over her head…in name of the Father…. in the name of the Son… in the name of the Holy Spirit.  Tears of joy rolled down everyones cheeks as we rejoiced with her!

As her children looked on – In the small back room next to a small kitchen and cooking area; in that largish black bucket for carting rumble, holding ice for drinks or in our case washing lots of dishes at a time, an amazing ‘New Life’ was born.  Her humble baptism, symbolised her ‘Re-birth’.

And she brought forth her firstborn Son, and wrapped Him in swaddling cloths, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn. – Luke 2:7

The way this baptism took place, is a great reminder of how Jesus came into this world.  There was no big fanfare, no luxury, no mansion and to parents with very little.  We can only but image what the stable was like, there was probably the smell and noise of the animals, the uncomfortableness of the hay and the trough for feeding animals used as His bed.  With witnesses that were one of the lowest classes in society –  the shepherds.  In all the simplicity and humbleness came our wonderful Saviour, Joy & Hope to us and the world.  His birth, was the humble beginnings of our new life and re-birth.

Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God. – John 1:12

Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit.  Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again.’ – John 3:5-7   

*Humble and her children’s faces have been blurred and her name has been changed to protect their identity. 

Please pray:

  • For *Humble as we continue to help her get back home. Challenges with corruption, injustice, lack of understanding and sympathy within the system, has made the process very difficult and caused many obstacles that have delayed the process of getting her back home.  Please pray for officials hearts to be softened and for understanding. Please pray urgently for a breakthrough.

  • Hopefully if all goes well *Humble and her children are due to go home shortly after Christmas.

Thank God  & Thank you:

Christmas is not celebrated in the same way in Thailand and this year is even more different since the passing of the King, with a very sombre mood.  The Christmas decorations went up very late this year.  People will still give each other presents, however with no real understanding of what they are celebrating.  

  • Thank God – This a great time for us to share with the Thais. We have had the opportunity to witness to some of the local Thais we know well near our house and have been able to give them a book about the Nativity of Jesus in Thai. 
  • Thank God – For a trafficked woman from Uganda that NightLight assisted, was able to return home last week after many years absence and many health challenges. It was such a victory and joy to send her off at the airport and know that she was reunited with her child finally. 
  • Thank you – For all your support and encouragement throughout the year.  We have received Christmas cards, gifts and messages from many of you.

We hope you all have a blessed Christmas and a peaceful New year!  May you know Christ’s Joy, Hope, love always.

BMS World Mission partnered with NightLight International

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A Great Royal Legacy

We really regard Thailand as home now.  Our love for the Thai people and the country runs very deep.


Painting of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, showing all the many achievements and royal legacy he has left behind in Thailand.

So on the evening of 13th October 2016 as we prepared to leave to go to our Thursday Life Group.  The news at 7pm came with the announcement that every Thai had feared; King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, Rama IX of the Chakri dynasty, had passed away at the age of 88, in the 70th year of his reign.  He was the world’s longest serving monarch.

The news hit our ears and we both looked at each other in disbelief.   We knew this news would hit Thailand hard; even in that moment in our apartment the stillness from outside was evidence.  As we entered onto the streets of Bangkok, the silence, shock, grief, sobbing was written on every face.

We have 2 Thais in our Life Group and the sense of loss for them was painful.  King Bhumibol Adulyadej was highly revered, he was the King of Thailand but was also the Father of Thailand who has done many great things for the country.   The next day as we comforted, listened and spoke with many of the Thai women at NightLight, the personal loss of losing a Father cut deep.  We are standing with, supporting and mourning with our Thai friends and family and feel their sorrow through this difficult time.

On Friday 14th October,  Thailand a country often associated with bright colours, saw Thais, expats and tourists predominantly dressed in black, white and somber tones as the official national mourning period began.  The initial mourning period will last for 30 days, but the funeral rites will last for one year.  This will then be followed by the royal cremation.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej, took his role with great seriousness, travelling through many parts of Thailand to


Mourners gather in larger numbers at the Grand Palace to show their respect to the late King of Thailand

improve the quality of life for the people of Thailand.  During his 7o year reign he set up many Royal Projects and installed infrastructures to enable Thailand and the people of Thailand – some of these include improving agriculture, farming and the general landscape of Thailand.  He has left a great legacy.

Over 500,000 (according to Thai Public Health Ministry) people lined the route to see the King take his final journey from Siriraj Hospital (where he passed away) to the Grand Palace.  The location surrounding the Grand Palace and Sanam Luang Park has seen huge crowds daily paying their respects to the King and signing the condolence books.  

On Saturday 22nd October a massive crowd of an estimated 170,000+ mourners from all over the country flooded to Sanam Luang Park and nearby side streets as far as the eye could see to sing the royal anthem in a historic assembly in memory of the beloved King.  With an accompaniment of a 200-piece orchestra and a 150-strong choir under the baton of renowned music director Somtow Sucharitkul   A momentous occasion that was also filmed by 1,300-strong production crew, 50 cameras, including two drones and cameras positioned on two cranes, as well as 25 microphones set up in six locations to capture the event.  The film will include added footage of the Kings royal activities, will be shown on TV and cinemas across the country.

As the Thais gather together, they are beginning to look ahead to a hopeful future, following in the footsteps left by – A Great Royal Legacy – King Bhumibol Adulyadej.  This is more than just the unity of Thais loyal to the late, revered King, but a demonstration that the King left an example to follow; they are strong together – serving with love, kindness, friendship and willingness to help each other.

Psalm 34:18, “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

Please pray for Thailand, the people of Thailand that they will be comforted by the Lord.  Pray also as they step into this new period of transition.

BMS World Mission partnered with NightLight International

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Return Home

welcome-homeIt has been a while since we have written a blog, so we will be spoiling you all with 2 blogs in a very short time frame.  Please keep posted!

It has been nearly 3 months since we returned back from the UK on our 3rd Home Assignment!  We also marked and celebrated several dates in June – Sarah’s Birthday, our 5th wedding anniversary and at the end of June, noted that it has now been over 4 years since we have been serving and living in Thailand! Where has the time gone!

For us coming back to the UK for Home Assignment is always bittersweet, since we really miss the ladies we work with, friends and family we have formed in Thailand and now regard Thailand as home.   However it is always a joy to see family, friends and visit the Churches in the UK.

For Sarah, it was good to see her Mum, since whilst in Thailand she has been very concerned about her health. Unfortunately last year November her Mum fell and broke her hip and coupled with late stage Parkinson’s her mobility has suffered.  Thank God, she looked much healthier than when we saw her last year.  Her mobility is still not great, but she still has all her faculties, she loves to sing even though her voice is sometimes affected by the Parkinson’s and is still a strong prayer warrior.

We would like to say thank you to all of the Churches for your amazing hospitality, support, encouragement and prayers.  It always overwhelms us to know how much support and generosity we receive.

We were warmly welcomed back to NightLight with gifts and hand written notes on our desks.  It was wonderful to see all the women.  While we were away 4 more women joined NightLight.  However 1 of the women unfortunately left and went back to work in the sex industry, we are hoping she will return.  The rise in the number of women coming forward so far this year, is amazing, since this means more women are feeling encouraged to leave the sex industry and walk in freedom.  Please keep these women in your prayers, we will explain more about these women in a future blog.  In the meantime please keep them in your prayers. 

Bakery Miracle


Bakery women working on a customer order – Minion Cake

A wonderful miracle has happened in the bakery!  Sarah and Julie (who assists in the bakery) had been praying since the end of the last year for extra help.  It was very specific as to who the person needed to be, with Sarah being the only Thai speaking person in the bakery, so she had to do all of the translation.  We didn’t even get round to advertising for the post, we just kept praying!

Here is what we were praying for – Job Spec:- Someone who is a Christian, a Thai national that speaks English well, someone that comes with all the skills and elements of baking and sugar crafting (since there is no time to teach a new teacher, with time taken up teaching the women and completing customer orders), someone who would be able to help Sarah with the admin and marketing, with management abilities and someone willing to accept a very low salary!

At the time our prayer request seemed like a tall order, since there are not many Thai Christians in Bangkok, many of the Thais that speak English well, generally choose to work with bigger companies that pay generous salaries.  Baking and sugar crafting is still fairly new to Thailand, so to find someone with these skills was going to be hard and if they did have these skills they would probably either go to work for a top hotel or open their own business!


Finished cake by the bakery women – Minion Cake

Well… Our God is the God of impossibilities!  During July whilst we were still in the UK.  A young Thai lady in her early 30’s, walked into the bakery to say that she had been living in the US for the last 15 years; she explained in excellent English that someone at her Church had told her about the work we were doing in the Freedom Bakery at NightLight.  She explained that she is the only Christian in her family and has been a Christian for 6 years.  She then went onto explain, she has just in the last 1-2 years made the transition from being an Accountant to training in bakery (patisserie) and sugar crafting skills and only just arrived back from the US in June to relocate to Thailand.  Would we be able to use her in the bakery?…

Sarah received the information about her whilst in the the UK.  Paul & Sarah begun praying about it and felt a sense of peace about it.  We arranged to meet her when we got back to Thailand.  After 2 lengthy interviews and happy to accept the very low salary that we could offer!  The Freedom Bakery is please to introduce a new member of the team called Panita.  She started on the 1st September and is already becoming a great asset in the bakery and administration.  Having another Thai speaker especially a Thai national is a huge weight off Sarah’s shoulders and a great help.  The women are also warming to her well.  

In September the bakery successfully showcased their cakes at an an expat event.  It was wonderful to see the women at the

One of the bakery women, proudly exhibiting their cakes at the expat event

One of the bakery women, proudly exhibiting their cakes at the expat event

event, interacting with the Thai visitors that were taking an interest in their spectacular cakes; with the women confidently answering their questions.  This year has seen the women skills and abilities climb to a new level and as teachers we are having to assist much less.  They are even now telling us how to do many of the techniques!  Which is a great testimony to how God is working in the bakery.   

On the 21st November, the bakery will welcome a new trainee, she will join the bakery as an apprentice.  She has just recently left the sex industry and is determined to move forward with a new start.  Please keep this in your prayers as we prepare to teach her, walk alongside and help her step into a transformed life

The Freedom Bakery has again this year, been nominated by Entrepreneur Now Asia in the Social Enterprise category.  We have been invited to attend the award night which is due to take place on the 23rd November.  Even if we don’t win an award, we know that the ladies have achieved so much and beyond.

NightLight Ladies Growing in Confidence

Niim playing for the first time in the International Church to a congregation of over 800 people

Niim playing for the first time in the International Church to a congregation of more than 1000 people

We had the wonderful privilege to witness recently one of the NightLight women *Niim play with the band at in the International Church we attend.  The International Church has a congregation of more than 1000 people with about 50+ different nationalities (over 2 morning services).  *Niim plays and leads worship at NightLight’s Church plant, which normally has a congregation of about 30!  So a much lower numbers than she is used to.   This was a first time experience for her playing in front of such a large number of people, but she approached it with such confidence and grace.  God really used her.  It made our hearts smile!


Give Thanks For:

  • Our time spent in the UK.  It was a blessing to be with family, visit Churches we already knew and make links with new Churches.

  • The bakery women that coped so well on their own, whilst myself and Julie were away over the summer period.

  • The women that have made the decision to leave the sex industry and come to work at NightLight.
  • The new Thai member of staff that God has provided for the bakery.

  • The Freedom Bakery successfully exhibited their work/cakes at a expat event.

  • The Freedom Bakery being nominated again this year, for the Entrepreneur Now Asia in the Social Enterprise category.

  • God giving *Niim the confidence to play in the International Church.

  • God’s continued guidance in the bakery.  None of what has been achieved has been in our own strength.  The honour and glory goes to God alone for what has been achieved so far.

Please Pray For:

  • The new women that have started at NightLight in the last few months.  Pray that God will provide them with the strength and encouragement to move forward to step into freedom and transformation.  For God to give us the abilities to walk alongside them and support them.  For God to help us love them unconditionally especially when things get challenging or difficult.

  • The new trainee due to start in the bakery on the 21st November, pray against fear or doubt that may creep in for her and that we will be able to support and teach her to the best of our abilities.

  • Sarah, who has been having problems with her left foot and needs to have surgery.  If all goes according to plan the surgery is due to happen on the 19th October.  She will be away from work/bakery for 1 month to rest her foot.  Pray for speedy healing and recovery.

  • Sarah’s Mum – please continue to keep her health in your prayers.

Then he said to me, “This is what the LORD says to Zerubbabel: It is not by force nor by strength, but by my Spirit, says the LORD of Heaven’s Armies. – Zechariah 4:6

*Niim’s name has been changed to protect her identity.

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BMS World Mission Partnered with NightLight International

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breakthroughThe year is 2559!  The Temperature is 40+ degrees Celsius and on the 13th – 15th April, was the start of Thai New Year!  So Happy New Year 2559!

13th – 15th April is when Thai New Year is celebrated, it is called Songkran, also known as the Water Festival. When the temperature hits 40 degrees Celsius and above, it is the perfect time for Thailand’s Songkran Water Festival, to cool down!  The festival starts off on a serious note, importantly by honouring the elders, pouring fragrant water & flowers in their hands…and then… It’s time for the largest water fight across the whole of Thailand for 3 days! 

There are are 543 years difference between the Buddhist calendar and the Gregorian calendar.  With Songkran being the start of the New Year.  So 2016 in Thailand the year is 2559!  

There have been many highs and some lows along the way, but through it all, we are still Thanking God for His continued guidance.

Slide1At the beginning of February, the Freedom Bakery, welcomed on board a new trainee.  The new trainee wanted to have a trial period in the bakery to find out if, it was an area that she would like to work in.  It was great for the ladies that graduated last year, to have the opportunity of helping to teach the new trainee.  


Freedom Bakery – Finished Work

It made the graduates realise how much they had learned  since joining the bakery last year and how much they were capable of doing and teaching.  At the beginning of April, the trainee took the decision to not continue in the bakery.  This is sad, however it was wonderful to see the graduates from last year step up and see how much they have grown in confidence, ability and skills.  Orders for this year are gradually coming in.  Since the start of the year the bakery team have completed, over 400 cupcakes, a 2 tier character birthday cake, royal iced fruit cakes, a gravity defying noodle cake, cookies, cakes done as presents, amazing realistic sugar flowers, several wedding cakes and a  jewellery box cake with edible jewellery to name a few!

Slide1In March, NightLight had its annual retreat.  62 adults and 17 children travelled to a beach location about 3 hours outside of Bangkok.  It was a time for the women to escape from the busy bustle of Bangkok, spending quality time with their children, work colleagues, to worship, team build and have fun!  The women use much of their finances to support their families, therefore many of them don’t get  the opportunity to travel out of Bangkok apart from returning home over the holiday periods, such as Songkran.  So the NightLight retreat is really important to them.

The theme for this years retreat was ‘Breakthrough’; this is the same subject that we have been following in NightLight’s morning devotions for the last 5 months.  The guest speaker was from Scotland, she was not initially in Thailand for our retreat but God orchestrated for her plans to be changed, an answer to prayer since up until about 1-2 weeks before the retreat we had no speaker!

The speaker had no planned message, but God impressed it on her heart to speak to the women about

Group - NL Retreat 2016

NightLight Retreat 2016 – Group Photo

‘Breakthrough in Forgiveness’.  The message touched many of the women and on the last day of the retreat many of them share the impact the message had on them.  *Yim shared about her years of unresolved forgiveness with her Dad, she thought she had forgiven him, but on hearing the message realised she hadn’t.  She felt encouraged to make the move to contact him.  

A lesson for us all to remember: When you reach forgiveness, you break through.  The order is forgive, then break through, because the forgiveness itself is the breakthrough.  

Another wonderful breakthrough that happened during the retreat – 2 women gave their lives to Christ on the second day of the retreat!  We rejoiced so much!

There has also been breakthrough in other areas at NighLight:

  • 2 more women (sisters) accepted Christ in mid-April.  One of the women shared that a man dressed in white came to her twice in her dreams!

  • NightLight has assisted with repatriating trafficked women back home.  One woman, who was from Liberia was repatriated after a long journey of loss including losing family to Ebola. Returning home for her was bittersweet, but the reunion with her children brought her much joy.

  • The outreach centre with the weekly beauty shop, has had a real impact and breakthrough, with women making the decision to leave the sex industry.  Some of the women have come to work at NightLight – since January this year, 6 new women have joined NightLight.  The outreach centre has also helped other women to get job roles with dignity outside of NightLight.

  • The Freedom bakery team, have been given the opportunity to attend 2 day training programme at the beginning of May.  The training programme is geared towards reaching emerging entrepreneurs from vulnerable backgrounds.  Enabling them to become trainers and leaders of others.  When I (Sarah) shared the information with them, they jumped at the opportunity and were really excited!  This for me (Sarah) is an amazing breakthrough as they are beginning to take initiative and steps towards self development.  Please keep this in your prayers.


    NightLight Retreat 2016 – The women doing a skit about ‘Breakthrough’.

* Yim (not her real name) Name has been changed to protect identity.

Please continue to keep the many ministry areas of NightLight in your prayers – Jewellery, t-shirts, sewing, bakery, coffee shop, outreach centre and the transition home assisting trafficked women. 

We will be in the UK from mid-June – end July 2016.  We will be visiting Churches from the end of June – end July 2016, our schedule is as follows:

27th June – Our Home Church – Aylesbury

29th June – Chipping Sodbury BC

3rd July – Epsom BC & West Watford BC

10th July – Kensal Rise BC

17th July – Cheltenham, Gas Green & Swindon, Gorse Hill

24th July – Hainault, Franklyn Gardens & Bromley Park Road

For the Churches we will be visiting we will be aiming to contact you all, nearer to our time of visit to the UK.

 Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

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BMS World Mission partnered with NightLight International

What A Difference A Year Makes!

 2015 is now behind us and 2016 holds exciting possibilities.  Your support and prayers is enabling us to change and impact many lives. Through outreach, intervention, rescue and restoration.

The Freedom Bakery is coming up to it’s 1st year, since the official training programme launched in February last year.  It has been an amazing 1st year, with highs and lows, teaching and watching the first team of women grow in confidence with their new found skills and abilities.

Photo at the ENA awards 2015

Some of the women in Freedom Bakery team at the Entrepreneur Now Asia 2015 Awards

Some of you may have read our December 2015 prayer letter, bringing you all update with the progress of the Freedom Bakery (you can follow this link to our December prayer letter Paul & Sarah December 2015). Which we outlined the early successes that the business side of the bakery was having; nominated for the Entrepreneur Now Asia 2015 Awards.

Shortly after our prayer letter was published, the Freedom Bakery was contacted by The Bangkok Post.  The Bangkok Post is like the Guardian, The Daily Telegraph or The Times.  It is read by many including the large expat community in Bangkok.  A journalist & photographer from the newspaper visited the bakery and interviewed us.  We took it in our stride, thinking it was going to be a small article in a little corner of the newspaper.  We were just excited by the fact the women’s work and abilities was going to be in The Bangkok Post and receive more coverage.

Bangkok Post SmartEdition copy png file

Freedom Bakery article in The Bangkok Post.  Showing casing the bakery’s sugar craft work – December 2015

It was a very pleasant surprise, when we saw the article in The Bangkok Post a few days later.  It was a large article (nearly full page), placed in the lifestyle section of the newspaper!  We received many customer enquires following the article.

We are now in the process of praying and planning for the next stage of the freedom bakery.  We have 1 new  woman starting in the bakery training programme on Monday 8th February.  Like the other woman that started last year, she is very nervous about learning this new skill.  Your prayers for her as she takes this new step are really appreciated.

We are also hoping to introduce a development programme to work closely alongside the women, to keep up with their training requirements.  The woman from last year will be involved with training the new trainee.  

 Another year has also made a big difference and impact, in the many other ministry areas at NightLight. 

Another Year At NightLight

34 women are currently employed at NightLight.  Working in alternative employment and job training to Thai women leaving prostitution or sexual trafficking through jewellery production, silk-screening shirts, sewing shirts and scarves, coffee shop barista, baking and cake decorating, child care, outreach ministry, and administrative work.

 27 children of employees and local at risk community were in NightLight childcare.  21 children of employees received tuition scholarship.

100+ Medical screen and intervention provided for women in prostitution and those who are trafficked. 

1000 + Thai and International women, were reached through activities in the outreach centre and building relationships in the bars, brothels, and on the streets.

2000+ gifts were given out at Valentines, Women’s Day, and Christmas in 2015. Over 100 women came to the outreach centre in for beauty salons, English classes, and clinics.

32+ International women were assisted through housing, medical care and/ or repatriated in 2015 – from countries such as Africa, Asia, Central Asia and South America.  Many wait for assistance in 2016.

It has been amazing for us to look back and see how many lives were reached last year. Sometimes you can not always see what God is doing until you have all the picture in focus. As we look back, we have seen God’s provision, grace, guidance and His hands at work.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning,
great is your faithfulness. -Lamentations 3:22-2

We will be on home assignment in the UK and available to request as a BMS Speaker from 27 June to 24 July 2016.
Churches wishing to request us as BMS Speakers should click on the link for the BMS Speaker Request or contact BMS World Mission directly.
The deadline for requests is 1 February 2016, however you maybe able to try after this date, since there may still be slots available.

Please keep in your prayers:

  • The new trainee due to start in the bakery on Monday 8th February.  Against fear and nerves, and that she will learn well.  For us teaching her and the ability for the current bakery team to be involved with helping to teach & train her also.

  • All the ministry areas at NightLight – alternative employment for those exiting the sex industry, outreach, outreach centre, the coffee shop, children’s day care and the transition home for trafficked women seeking assistance from NightLight.

  • For Sarah’s Mum’s heath – Unfortunately she broke her hip and it is slowly recovering.  It has been a set back as she also has Parkinson’s.  We do worry about her a lot whilst in Thailand, but we know God is taking great care of her.

  • For out health and emotional health – We have had personal issues that we are working through, whilst working on the Freedom Bakery project.  We know God is in control, but would appreciate your prayers for spiritual and emotional strength 

BMS World Mission partnered with NightLight International

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Waiting on God Purposefully

It has been a while since we published a blog, however our busy work load and schedules mean that writing for a blog has taken a back seat.

Slide1The last few months have been difficult, since we have been working through issues in our personal and working lives.  Things that have made us totally depend on God and require us to wait on Him.  Waiting is an inescapable fact of life.  It is not about if we will have to wait for something, it’s about when we will have to wait, and crucially how we wait.

The thing about waiting is that, no matter how tough it can be, it helps us to understand that God is sovereign.  Isaiah 55:8-9 says, “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.”

When the trials come, we often want to step or jump right over them, shut our eyes or pretend they are not there.  However through these trials God has been preparing our hearts and giving us the ability to grow in faith.  God’s picture for our lives is way bigger than what we can imagine.  Obviously when we are in the period of waiting we often forget this, when we are rocked to the core, we know that God can and will come through, but you are left with the wondering of when.

There are two ways you can wait. You can wait actively or passively – active waiting is best.  It does not really matter what you’re waiting for; Joyce Meyer says it well, “Enjoy where you are, on the way to where you’re going”. In other words – wait well.

Whenever we are going on a particularly long trip somewhere, we always have something to read or some music to make the journey more enjoyable.  It may sound simplistic, but that’s exactly what we need to do while we are waiting on God.  Having a parallel project doesn’t make the waiting always enjoyable all the time, but does make it easier.  We are trying to have thankful hearts, drawing closer to God while waiting, resisting being passive.  It has been wonderful to find ways to add value to someone else’s life, by serving and helping them to reach their goals.

We understand that waiting is a godly act.  The enemy would rather we forfeit the wait in favour of a counterfeit lesser option; he doesn’t want us to access the power and strength that are developed within us when we wait.  We both love the scripture, They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint’’ – Isaiah 40:31

In the waiting, it puts us right into God’s hands and at the centre of His will for our lives.

“God grace is sufficient for us, for His power is made perfect in our weakness.” – 2 Corinthians 12:9 (NIV)

We would appreciate if you would keep us in your prayers.  We have received emails from some of you, and they are greatly appreciated.  We don’t always get the opportunity to reply to them all, but please know they are valued.

Thank you for your continued support & prayers.

We would appreciate prayers for:

  • Sarah’s Mum health
  • Both of us to continue to grow in faith for God’s provision
  • God guidance on work & life matters
  • Sarah’s health


BMS World Mission partnered with NightLight International

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Celebrating Freedom

freedom image 1The time of our visit to the UK came and went so quickly!  We arrived safely back home in Thailand on Wednesday 29 July and now settling back into a routine.  We are taking some time off before going back to work at NightLight.

It was good to visit Churches we knew already and see some familiar faces, however it was also wonderful to link with some new churches and build new friendships; and spend time in worship with you all.

We hope that what we shared was encouraging, it is always a blessing for us to share how God is working in people lives, the transformation taking place, the hope and Good News being spread.

We are grateful for your role in bringing freedom to these women as well as the prayers and support which enable them to stay and thrive in freedom.

This is an update of some of the work that was continuing whilst we were in the UK.  It is amazing how much happens in your absence.

  • NightLight’s work with trafficked women continues to bring us face to face with amazing women with horrific stories who are overcoming and walking into freedom. Since April we have assisted 2 Ugandan, 1 Liberian, 1 Uzbek, and 2 Columbians in returning home. These women and their families have been greatly impacted by your prayers and support. We are presently assisting three others from Uganda and Colombia as well.

  • A young trafficked woman from Morocco is presently in our care. Please pray for her as she suffers from post traumatic stress and tries to walk through a difficult process to return to her country. 

    A Central Asian woman, in our care who was seriously ill. We were able to get her home safely where she could reunite with her family and receive medical treatment.

  • One of our women who has struggled to get off the streets and free of addictions for over 10 years agreed to enter a rehab centre in July.  NightLight will be visiting with her family in the northeast and then taking her to the centre up north. Please pray for her to have courage for this difficult journey.

  • The bakery completed their 12 week training course and in June had a graduation ceremony and celebration. They often doubted themselves and their abilities, but persevered and made some incredibly beautiful cakes. In the Autumn they will open for sales locally.

  • The outreach centre has been very busy with beauty salons twice a week, English class once a week, outreach parties, and a medical clinic. Women from the red light area come for care, conversations, and hope. As the women share their stories with our staff, they ask about Jesus. Four women have come to Christ through these visits.

  • On the June, 25 women and their children were treated to an outing at Safari World by the Evangelical Church free-birdsof Bangkok. For their missions service weekend they also partnered with us by playing live music in our coffee shop at night, and joining us on outreach. It was wonderful to have their support and presence.

    There is a lot of discouraging news around the world and we face challenges, which often seem impossible. We are so grateful for your prayers and support and we celebrate the goodness of God in bringing freedom and hope to so many.

The Spirt of the Sovereign Lord is upon me, for the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor.  He has sent me to comfort the brokenhearted and to proclaim that captives will be released and prisoners will be freed.

Isaiah 61:1 (NLT)

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BMS World Mission partnered with NightLight International

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Graduation Celebration

Unfortunately we haven’t managed to update our blog as often as we would have liked.  However both of us have been extremely busy setting up the Freedom Bakery, the budget, business plan & business strategy.  Setting up and overseeing a new project takes up a lot of time, coupled with setting it up in another language and cultural differences that adds to the many challenges.  Sarah also had to come to terms with seeing 2 women leave about half way through the training, however it is hoped they will take the opportunity to come back.

Designing their finale cake for their graduation ceremony.Designing their finale cake for their graduation ceremony.

Paul has been busy beavering away on the budget for the bakery and over seeing the financial aspects of the project on a daily basis. He is also still budget monitoring for the jewellery & t-shirt area and doing statistical monthly reports for outreach, childcare, transition home/trafficking in persons, song sawing church, the coffee shop, playing in morning worship and still teaching some of the women how to play bass guitar every week.

Sarah has also been wearing many hats; Handling marketing, material & ingredients sourcing, teaching the 12-week intensive bakery course that she also had to prepare as well, including a Food & Hygiene and Health & Safety course that all had to be delivered in Thai. She has been teaching the course every day (Mon -Fri) from 10.30 – 17.00. It would be tiring teaching it in English, so teaching it Thai has been very tiring indeed. At the end of the working day, her brain is frazzled! Quite amazingly during the training we were also taking in customer orders as well; for the month of May we had 2 orders every week!  The word about the bakery is starting to spread.  The last day of the bakery training course was on the 29 May.

Graduated bakery team and finished cake.Graduated bakery team and finished cake.

Sarah organised their final training project and all of the elements for their graduation ceremony and celebration.  On 5 June we saw the ladies graduate in a full graduation ceremony in gowns & hats with their final training project cake the centrepiece of the ceremony.  All of them accomplished so much whilst training.  When they first started in February this year, they were so scared.  They were unsure of the techniques, not confident, even the oven produced fear and fear sometimes pushed them to complain about the new techniques they were going to learn for the week or the crazy cake design/flavour order we had undertaken for a customer.  However they always managed to learn what was being taught and far exceeded their own expectations.  They are all so proud of their work and overjoyed with their new skills and abilities, which has opened new opportunities for them.

 It was a wonderful, precious and proud moment seeing them graduate.  There were tears of joy all round!

They worked hard during the 12-weeks and achieved standards of excellence which we are confident will continue.  Sarah has been privileged to watch their confidence, courage and skills grow.  She has enjoyed every moment of teaching and working with them.  

The bakery team and the ladies at NightLight have so much potential to achieve so much.  The graduation gowns and sashes were made by the NightLight sewing department and the flowers arrangements and bouquets by a very talented lady that works in the jewellery department.  Amazing abilities from the ladies at NightLight!  

During our time in the UK the bakery team will be taking the time to improve on all the skills & techniques they have learnt on their own and then go onto work into the feeder/partner bakery linked with the project in August/September.    

Thank you so much to everyone that has sent us emails of support and has supported this project financially through BMS & NightLight.  Your support is  making a tremendous difference of transformation in in the lives of these women.  

We are really excited how God will use and move this project forward.


Graduated bakery team cutting their final project cake. Graduated bakery team cutting their final project cake. 

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 BMS World Mission partnered with NightLight International Nightlight logo

NightLight Shines Bright

NightLight is a busy place and with new activities and projects launching, we have a lot of updates to share. We hope you will enjoy catching up on the news and will also be aware of how much your prayers and support contribute to all that is happening.

NightLight’s Outreach Centre Activities

Nail painting at the outreach centre

We have been hosting medical clinics every couple months out of our outreach center in the red light area. The last few clinics have averaged around 40 women and ladyboys (transgenders) coming in for HIV testing and medical attention. The clinics are a great way to build trust in the neighborhood. On March 24th it rained a lot, but we still were able to receive 15 clients. It was a good opportunity to hear their stories and offer assistance. We are grateful to Dr. Katherine Welch of Relentless and a great team of international volunteers.

In February the outreach team made over 724 contacts with women from Thailand, Africa, Central Asia, and South America in the red light area. We gave gifts on both Valentines and International Women’s Day to bless the women and let them know that they are seen and loved. nail salon Three of our Thai women have now joined the outreach team as well.

English classes take place every week in the outreach center for women still in prostitution. We also open the center for hairdressing and nails once a week. As a result of these consistent events, the staff is able to build relationships and gain trust among the women in the community.

Celebration cookies by The Baking Project

CityLight Coffee Shop
We were excited to celebrate the 1st year anniversary of CityLight Coffee in March.  The Baking Project made personalised cookies.  The coffee shop is a safe and welcoming space in the red light area. We are exploring ways to increase revenue so it can become profitable as well. If you are in Bangkok, come by for a great cup of coffee or non-coffees drink and a Panini sandwich!

Employment and Job Training

Jewellery and Shirts
Sales were better in February and March, in part due to high number of visitors and teams. Due to the low sales last year and the financial stress we moved many of the women out of the business and into the foundation. We now have 8 employed in NightLight Design Company and 36 employed in NightLight Foundation. We need more sales, jewellery parties, and retail connections to increase revenue and allow us to hire more women.

Training in The Baking Project

The Baking Project  We are excited to have recently been granted additional funding we needed to make this project successful. The women are in the middle of a 12-week training program learning food & hygiene, health & safety, sugar crafting, and baking skills.  So far what they are doing is beautiful and excellent in quality.

Child Care Center
We are averaging 17 children during the school year and closer to 25 during school breaks (happening now, which is their summer holiday’s). This month the children are going on a special outing to the Aquarium with a school group from an international school in Korea. The following week they will have an English camp. This is a really good opportunity for the children who live in the rural areas.  School will start up again in May and funding will be need to provide tuition assistance for around 35 children ages 3-19.

Thai New Year
NightLight closes over Songkran (Thai New Year) so the women can go home to their villages and participate in the family blessings. After a day of blessing gently with water it turns into a 3-day water festival (the worlds largest water fight!).  It is a lot of fun, but there are also a lot of accidents. Please pray for the women’s safety and for the time they spend with their families.

Anti-Trafficking Program

Transition House
We have had three women from Uganda enter the Transition House since the New Year. A mother and baby went home in January and a second woman went home in March. The stories are both horrific and amazing and the women continue to impact us as we assist them in transition and repatriation. The process is complicated with a lot of roadblocks and the team needs continuous prayer covering.

We are in immediate need of house mothers and volunteers to cover shifts at the house and help. The burden is heavy on the residential staff, which works overtime. Please hold them in prayer for endurance and strength, but also pray for the right people to come forward to help. There are many more women who need assistance, but at the moment our limitation is due to not enough people to help.

Repatriation and Assistance
The anti-trafficking team is visiting several trafficked women in the immigration detention center. We hope to advocate for them and accelerate the process for them to return home. Our Spanish-speaking team member has been working with a woman from Colombia and we hope she will return home next month. A big concern we have, is for a woman from Central Asia who is in a pretty serious medical condition and at high risk of dying here if she doesn’t cooperate with the necessary treatments. Please pray for wisdom and for her to understand the necessity of accepting assistance.

NightLight’s NeedsRetreat PictureNightLight has expanded its work into new areas and we appreciate so much your prayers, supports, donations and pledges, which makes it possible.

In celebrating Easter Sunday,  we also celebrate the new life we see in the women and children and the hope they have for their future. Thank you for being part of this transformation!

Thank you

Annie Dieselberg CEO / Founder of NightLight & Volunteers of NightLight

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Beauty in the Brokenness

When I first started training in baking & sugar crafting, I thought what is this?  I’m not


Food colouring used to paint autumn cookies. Royal icing piping

going to enjoy it, because I can’t do it.  I know I can’t do it.  I don’t have the ability to do this!  I  had never done any kind of baking before, so how am I ever going to be good at doing this?  

I was scared to try something new and really scared I might fail.  But as the weeks and months went on and I learned, I realized that I had abilities beyond what I thought I could achieve.  Each week as I learned something new, I improved; I remembered skills and techniques that I was being taught.  I began to feel more confident in myself. 

My hands are now producing delicious cakes & beautiful delicate and elegant sugar decorations, when I look at them, sometimes I can’t believe I have produce them! 

I am so proud of the work that I am producing and the fear of trying new things is fading.  I am enjoying learning it so much!  You don’t have to be afraid of trying new things, believe that you can do it.  God gives you the ability to do it.”

This is the testimony that *Tia was able to share with the new women that are joining the training program in the ‘freedom bakery’.

I meet with the new women for the first time on Friday 9 January.  I had already decided that I was going to open the meeting with –  2 Timothy 1: 7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of sound mind.

Over the last year of teaching them, I had discovered that the women I was teaching were gripped by fear, fear of failure, lack of confidence and self worth.  I wanted to instill in them that fear is not of God. 

 I had the team read the verse together.  Afterwards all the women except *Tia gave me a blank stare.  I looked back at *Tia and asked “What did you think when you first started the bakery training?”  She smiled because she understood why I had chosen that particular verse.  Then she shared her testimony.  She encouraged the team!


*Tia – In charge of getting the Christmas Red Velvet Cupcake orders in & out of the oven.

*Tia was once so afraid of doing things; achieving things that may seem simple to you and me, but was a big deal for her – measuring the ingredients, switching on the oven, putting baked goods in the oven, taking the baked goods out of the oven, shaky hands when piping, shaky hands when sugar modeling – she was gripped by fear, fear of failure and no confidence in her own abilities.  But she is overcoming them.  For the Christmas orders she was in charge of getting the cupcakes & cookies in and out of the industrial oven!

Many of the women that have come from being exploited generally think that they don’t have the ability to do much, they have low expectations of themselves, they lack confidence, courage, self-worth.  Many have been told they won’t amount to anything or that they are only good for one thing.

However what I am continually learning and seeing – When you teach with love, give reassure, build up confidence, and nurture a woman’s abilities, amazing and wonderful things happen!   

*Tia is not yet a believer in Christ, so it is encouraging to hear her share with others that God has given her the ability to achieve so much.

I didn’t realise the impact the ‘freedom bakery was having on the women until then!

 The new 3-month bakery-training program will begin on Tuesday 27 January, with 7 women.  In the training program the women will be learning food & hygiene, health & safety, speacialised baking skills, sugar artistry and business skills.  Upon completion of the training they will graduate and receive certification that will enable them to be employed in the bakery.

You could be a part of sowing into the lives of women, leaving a life of exploitation and taking a step into freedom and transformation.  The freedom bakery is still in the early stages and our biggest obstacle to setting up the training successfully is finances to purchase the essential training materials and equipment for the bakery.

The past that these women have come from does not have to be the shape of their future.  


Using food colouring. Finished hand painted & piped leaf, plaque & button cookies.

I am hoping that with the freedom bakery, people will see beyond their past and see God’s transformation, radiance, confidence, beautiful gifted, talented women with amazing creative abilities.

To all who mourn in Israel, He will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair.  In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the Lord has planted for his own glory. – Isaiah 61:3 

Out of brokenness, beauty is being created.

*Name has been changed to protect her identity.

If you would like to support NightLight Baking project, you can do so through BMS’ ‘Thailand Freedom Bakery Appeal’.  Please call BMS on 01235 517 700 or click on the image below to take you to the BMS website for more details about the appeal and how you can donate.


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BMS World Mission partnered with NightLight      International.



Baking, Cake Decorating, Freedom & The Gospel… What?

“Lord why have you opened my eyes and heart up to such pain & suffering? Thanks for the gift of cake decorating, but how am I supposed to help & win souls with cake decorating?”

I had been earnestly seeking for about 2 years, for God’s guidance on how He wanted to use me and the creative skills He had blessed me with.  Little did I know how the Lord would un-package an amazing new skill; plus the journey & adventure He would take me on.  As they say, when you ask God for something, be prepared for how He will answer it!

I am not formally or professionally trained as a cake decorator, my education & career background was firmly in fashion design, business & production.  

In 2006, whilst working as a Fashion Production Manger, I was randomly asked to make & decorate a baby shower cake. I knew how to bake, but decorating was completely alien to me.  At the baby shower, some people thought the cake I had done came from a specialist cake shop in London! What! I couldn’t see what they could see.

It was not long after that orders began streaming in! About 6 months later, I sensed God’s timing to step out to start my own cake decorating business! Was I crazy? Possibly! Leaving the security of a well-paid job to start a business in something I knew little about or never received training in.


Bakery team sugar crafting for the gravity defying cupcake tea set.

Reading the bible one morning I stumbled upon Exodus 31:1-5 – “See, I have chosen Bezalel son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah, and I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge and with all kinds of skills— to make artistic designs for work in gold, silver and bronze, to cut and set stones, to work in wood, and to engage in all kinds of crafts”.

It confirmed that God cared about the creative gift He had given me. I discerned that God wanted me to do more than just build up a business empire; it was about something much bigger.

I began to do wedding cakes, sculptured cakes and model full size shoes and handbags out of cakes all with no training. I began to use it as act of worship and prayer time as I found myself reflecting on God and The Word as I created these cakes. Each time I finished a cake, I would stand back in amazement and wonder how I had produced it!

I then spent about 1 year, turning down opportunities to teach individuals and small groups (about 5-10 people at a time) the art of baking, cake decorating & sugar artistry. “Me teach?” Was my instant answer “How can I teach something I haven’t been taught?” I was petrified at the thought of teaching others.

I believe that God got tired of me saying no, and set up a divine appointment, that left me stunned.  I some how managed to agree without realising, to teach cake decorating to 120 people over a 2 day period! Aaaggghh! The first day I was shaking like a leaf, as I tightly gripped the piping bag, microphone strapped over my ears. I began to pray “ Lord, This is not what I do? I’m in the fashion business. How did I get to this point? How Can I teach these people, when I haven’t been taught?   God wasted no time in replying, I heard a small voice respond  “Who say’s you haven’t been taught? I’m your teacher”.   A sense of peace swept over me and I relaxed into teaching cake decorating skills.

Bakery team, modelling flowers for Autumn cakes

Bakery team, sugar crafting flowers for Autumn themed cupcakes

God opened the doors of teaching opportunities; within a month I took on board a 16 year old student with learning difficulties as a 6 month work placement.   The women’s group at Crisis SkyLight homeless organisation heard about the work and asked me to run classes, a women’s hostel housing over 100 women heard about the work I was doing with Crisis invited me to teach.  Each time the 6-8 week courses finished, the women requested for me to come back.  I began working & walking alongside women that were broken – some were prostitutes, suffered physical abuse, were battered, had mental health problems and drug addictions.

“Lord why have you opened my eyes and heart up to such pain & suffering?  Thanks for the gift of cake decorating, but how am I supposed to help & win souls with cake decorating?” This became my hearts prayer.  I now understand that this was my training ground, God setting the foundation, for the work to come.

As time went on the women began to ask about why I came to teach them, and mentioned that they there was something different about me.   This was my ‘Oh’ moment, as I saw God open the doors for me to share my faith story, God’s love, grace & Jesus. Doing this in a creative workshop setting made it less threatening, as they shared their life stories, poured out pain, they were  seeking freedom.

Teaching a skill that I have had no formal training in still seems strange.  Recently I reflected and had to laugh, I was so scared of teaching in English, but fast forward about 7 years and now I am teaching baking & cake decorating in Thai!

Working & walking alongside Thai women that have endured horrific treatment, bound by the sex industry.  I am now watching them walk in freedom as they are given an alternative job opportunity out of the sex industry.

NightLight Bakery team, making & decorating Autumn cookies

Bakery team, making & decorating Autumn themed cookies, using edible food colours.

This is what the newest venture at NightLight will do – ‘Thailand Freedom Bakery’ – the aim is that NightLight, will be able to offer more jobs to women leaving the sex industry, providing them with employment with dignity & a skill.  I began teaching some of NightLight’s women in September 2013, over 1 year later, the women are thriving, their confidence is continually growing and their cake baking & sugar artistry skills are improving.

In mid-September renovations to the kitchen at NightLight began, to provide the bakery team with a professional space.  From February 2015, 5 more women will join and I will begin teaching a full-time training program, covering – hygiene, essential business skills, along with baking, decorating & sugar artistry.  This will enable them to produce beautiful, celebration cakes, wedding cakes, delicious baked goods and run a bakery with dignity.   The name for the bakery will be unveiled soon.

God may not be asking you to leave your job, sell all your possessions or go overseas,  but at some point He may ask you to follow Him into the unknown.  What He will ask of you may stretch you beyond your resources. When He asks, say yes. Your “yes” will prepare you for a later time when you will need greater faith to say yes.  Then, you will find fulfillment in doing His will, laying down your life, and knowing that you are pleasing your Father.

If you would like to support NightLight’s Baking Project, you can do so through BMS’Thailand Freedom Bakery Appeal’. Please call BMS directly on 01235 517700 or click on the image below to take you to the BMS’ website for more details about the appeal, the work of NightLight and how you can donate.


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When You Don’t Feel Qualified

Exodus 4:10-13

God called Moses to rescue His people from slavery in Egypt. But Moses felt his lack of speaking skills disqualified him from pursuing God’s plan.

God saw it another way.

Called to Rescue

There have been many times, during our time serving in Thailand when we have questioned God, about if we are qualified to do what He is calling us to do? We often see many of the NightLight ladies who often feel that they are incapable of completing or doing tasks for the same reason.

God has been faithful in His reminders, that He has shown us. He generally choses people who have nothing to bring to the table. He doesn’t need perfect vessels to carry out His will, He uses broken ones!

God does not hire based on qualifications, He doesn’t care what credentials you hold, how many times you have failed, how little you have to offer or how much you make.  What He cares about is your willingness to do what He asks.  He chooses people based on their inabilities. If we could do everything He asked on our own, where would faith come in?  If we were confident enough to say what He tells us to say, we would think we were doing it in our own strength.  If we had the credentials and expertise, pride would swell up in us. Instead, He finds broken and chipped vessels to put together to do His will so He can get the glory.

Let us tell you about one of the beautiful ladies at NightLight, who was once broken; but she allowed God to work in and through her life –

*Yim – Is still very young in age (24), however she has been through a battlefield, suffering what many may not experience in a lifetime. Armed with little education, a child to support at 16 years old, a mother to look after and no money. Yim’s prospects seemed bleak. Leaving her son with her Mother, she arrived in Bangkok, with the hope of earning enough money to support her family, she took a job in a massage parlour in Bangkok. It was a massage parlour with a difference and unfortunately she found herself working in the sex industry. Very quickly it stripped away at her dignity, self worth and confidence. Leaving her with shame, anguish and pain, she began to self-harm to cope with her situation. Feeling there was no way out, she accepted what she though was her portion.  One day she met a lady, that told her about God. She had heard about Him, but coming from a Buddhist background, what could God do for her?  

On a particularly low day Yim decided to call out to God and asked Him to take her out of that massage parlour.  She wasn’t even sure if God had heard her desperate cries for help.  A few day later invited by the same lady, she found herself in Church, a new experience that made her feel loved and over whelming joy.  It was made even better by the fact that, someone asked her if she wanted a way out of the massage parlour; an opportunity to do an alternative job that she could do with dignity. Yim accepted the job at NightLight and has never looked back!

*Yim having a bass guitar lesson with Paul.  Her son is in the background  (faces have been blurred to protect their identity).

*Yim having a bass guitar lesson with Paul. Her son is in the background (faces have been blurred to protect their identity).

Almost 4 years on and even though she was diagnosed with HIV, Yim is walking in hope, confidence, growing in Christ, has her son living with her, leading Praise & Worship, has learned to play the guitar, is currently learning to play the bass guitar, has a heart for serving in Africa!  She now regularly goes on outreach nights to the bars; building friendships, offering hope, a hug and a smile of love to women who are still on the path she once trod.

What the enemy meant for bad, God has turned around for good.  Yim once believed that she had nothing to offer was unqualified, poor, weak, lacked courage, and was afraid.  With God’s help Yim is now pouring love, forgiveness, grace and mercy into other’s just as Christ has shown her.  Joining Him in rescuing those, who are unable to speak up for themselves.

Just as God equip Moses; even today God provides us with exactly what we need to accomplish great things.

If you don’t feel qualified, remember: When God calls, you can because it’s not about you. It’s about what He can do through you. All you need to do is make yourself available.

God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.

* Yim’s name has been changed to protect her identity.  The word ‘Yim’ is Thai for ‘smile’.

Please click on the ‘dignity’ image below to find out more information from the BMS website about the new Dignity initiative.

BMS World Mission partnered with NightLight International

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Keep Praying

Another UK Summer has come and gone, the kids are going back to school and the UK Autumn is fast approaching.  Time does not stand still and neither does the work at NightLight.  There was a lot that happened during the Summer and in the period when we were in the UK on home assignment.

We invite you to read and discover the many different aspects of the work going on here in Bangkok and to join us in prayer.

Anti-Trafficking Program

Assistance to trafficked women

Assistance to trafficked women

There were four Ugandan women who were in the NightLight transition house during May, they have now all received assistance home.

In June NightLight were able to assist an Uzbek woman and invite her into the transition house.  Please pray for her as she will hopefully return home shortly.

There was an African trafficked woman who contacted NightLight for help from India; she was assisted by an NGO in India.  After waiting 8 months for her baby to be born, she finally returned home.  She called at the end of August to say thank you for all that NightLight were able to do for her.

Sadly, over the summer, one of the African women NightLight was assisting died before we could get her home.  It was very sad for all of the staff that were involved with helping her, it was good that she was able to spend her final days in a community of love and support rather than die alone on the street.

NightLight’s anti-trafficking team currently has 11 cases in various situations who are receiving assistance.  Pray for those in the immigration detention centre and for those who need to be in shelter, but are too afraid.

Pray for the laws concerning the women and the immigration process.  The red tape and ignorance we encounter, concerning the trafficked women we help, it is a real obstacle and challenge to provide safe and just repatriation.

Outreach Centre

English classes for Thai women; these are Thai women that do not currently work at NightLight, but are still in the bars.  Classes are beginning to grow as women learn of the opportunity to study.

The class for trafficked women has been a little more challenging since those who really want to study have been denied by their controller.  Pray for wisdom and breakthrough.

Two more successful health clinics in partnership with an organization called “Relentless”, were held during August.  A total of 44 people came over two nights.  One night was held in NightLight’s outreach centre and the second night was inside a brothel.


Outeach - Nana Plaza, Bangkok

Outreach – Nana Plaza, Bangkok

The NightLight outreach teams continue to reach out twice a week in the red light area. We build relationships with many, but please pray for breakthrough in finding the ones who are desperate for an alternative.

We are excited to have three of our Thai NightLight women (who work at NightLight) join the outreach teams once a week.  Their passion is contagious.  Pray for them as they return to the red light area but with a new purpose.

 CityLight Coffee Shop

CityLight is a real beacon of light in the neighborhood of the red light area.  The addition of a food menu brings in more customers so the revenue is growing along with our opportunity to build relationships.  Pray for the team that serves in the coffee shop and for the relationships they are building.

 ChildCare Centre

NightLight now has more children from the community in the 2-5 year program than children of NightLight employees.  It is continuing to be a great opportunity to build healthy foundations for children and families.  NightLight is currently seeking funding and a new location so that the children have space to play outside and thrive.

NightLight Design


NightLight T-shirts Screen Printing

NightLight T-shirts Screen Printing

Jewellery sales increased slightly over the summer as staff travelled (including us) and shared about the work.  However, sales are still short of what is needed to sustain the employment of the women and staff. Please pray for an increase in sales so that NightLight can flourish and grow.


The silk-screened t-shirts have been selling well as we have added new designs and introduced them here and abroad.  We are excited at the potential of markets for the shirts.

Please pray regarding acquiring documents from the landowner on the building we currently using to screen print.  If these documents are not handed over, the silk-screening equipment will have to be moved.   This will have to be set up in a new location and will require funding to set up with correct electricity and building codes.

Bakery Project

2014-09-04 12.39.05

NightLight Bakery Project

Sarah is continuing to teach the women how to bake and decorate in preparation for our newest venture.  We are grateful for the funding we have received to date, which covers half of what we need to really set it up and launch well.  

Pray for funding, set up, planning, location, and contacts for marketing.

Saa Paper Flower Project

NightLight is trying to discern whether to continue this project or not.  The cost for export is high and we lack the right staff to really market it well in Thailand.  Please pray for discernment.  There are 5 women employed under this project.

Music Lessons

In the middle of September, Paul will begin teaching some of the ladies at NightLight how to play the bass guitar.  With the aim of them being able to play in worship during weekly morning devotions & at NightLight’s link church Song Sawng.

Spiritual Development

NightLight - Spiritual Development

NightLight – Spiritual Development

Jeff Dieselberg (Annie Dieselberg – CEO founder of NightLight husband) and his team continue to teach the women and guide them in their spiritual development.  Pray for the leaders as well as the women who are learning more about who they are in Christ and how to live life in freedom and dignity. 

Song Sawang Church (Church affliated with NightLight)

The church is maturing as the women have grown into positions of leadership.  It is such a joy to see them lead worship every Sunday afternoon.

The men continue to come and once a month have a men’s night out for discipleship and fellowship. Recently someone from outside commented on the big change she noticed in one of the men since he had come to Christ.  He plays drums in the church now and is reaching out into his community as well.

Please pray for staff needed for a number of full-time volunteer positions

Transition House Case Managers, Transition House Mothers, Coffee Shop Manager Assistants, Media and Communications, and Marketing as well as Thai staff in the area of Business manager, Silk-Screening Project Manager, and Administration.

NightLight is also in the process of moving forward to do a website re-vamp.  Please pray for wisdom as we research to find someone to do the work and for the strategic planning required for the layout.

It is easy to get discouraged when our hearts are big, and many areas are overwhelming.  God has been providing, growing and strengthening NightLight and we are grateful.  Your prayers are a big comfort and encouragement to us; it is a great reassurance to know that we do not stand alone in doing this work.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support.  We value you partnering with us in bringing freedom to women, men, and children in the red light areas of Bangkok and providing them with opportunities for holistic transformation. 

Always be joyful.  Never stop praying.  Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NLT)

Please click here or on the ‘dignity’ image below to find out more information from the BMS website about the new Dignity initiative.  

BMS World Mission partnered with NightLight InternationalDignity image - BMS

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Home Sweet Home

The time has gone so quickly since we wrote our last blog, thank you for your patience.  Our first Home Assignment in the UK, has also gone by in such a flash.

Church Visit

Church Visit

It was great to see our family and friends and also visit so many churches. We did about 19 speaking engagements, clocked up over 3,ooo miles visiting churches mostly in the South of England from Bristol – Norfolk and stayed in numerous houses.  

We were blessed & greatly overwhelmed by the wonderful hospitality we received. It was great to see and meet up again with some churches we got to visit before we first came to Thailand, but also extra special connecting with some new churches and building some lovely friendships. We would like to say a big thank you to you all, you made us feel so loved & welcome.

It was strange coming back to the UK after being away for almost 2 years, it did take us a number of weeks to re-adjust to the British temperature, which was much cooler when we arrived in the early part of May and we had a few alien moments adjusting to the British culture again!  Somehow, we both struggled to eat with a knife & fork, preferring the Thai way of using a spoon & fork!  Some of you noticed this and was very accommodating to our needs.   

Celebrating Sarah's Mum's 70th Birthday

Celebrating Sarah’s Mum’s 70th Birthday


Visiting beautiful British grounds & manor houses

We got to celebrate Sarah’s Mum’s 70th Birthday a few days after we arrived.   We were kindly given national heritage member cards, so we managed to take the timeout on a few days, to visit the beautiful and breath taking surrounding of quite a few British national heritage manor houses.  Including for our wedding anniversary visiting the Thai restaurant in Windsor where we had our first date! Topped off with seeing War Horse at the New London Theatre for Sarah’s birthday.  England has some spectacular locations, scenery, theatre, manor houses and it was all made even better with the lovely weather that kicked in while we there.  We really did enjoy our time in the UK.

We left the sunny isles of the UK (leaving you all basking in glorious sunshine) on Tuesday 15 July.  Even though we enjoyed our time in the UK, coming back to Thailand, felt so much like home. As we stepped into our apartment the feeling of home just engulfed us, it was quite emotional.

We have come back to Thailand’s humid torrential rainy season, the large group of frogs that bellow joyfully after a heavy rainfall, Bangkok’s gridlock traffic, the howling serenade from the stray dogs at night, loud Thai voices and the consistent all day into the wee hours of the night, banging of drums from the students over at the university behind us – it is a large cacophony of sounds… but we would not have it any other way!

Our small accommodation in Hong Kong!

Our small accommodation in Hong Kong!

We have been spending the last few weeks getting back into a routine and took a much needed break before going back to work at NightLight. We had the wonderful opportunity to visit Hong Kong for 1 week; a great lively city with lots to do.  With accommodation being expensive in HK, according to our budget we stayed in what can only be described as the smallest room for 2 people ever!  It didn’t spoil our time though.  We managed to pack lots in, even with time out at 2 beaches.

Hong Kong harbour at night & Kowloon Walled City/Park

Hong Kong harbour at night & Kowloon Walled City/Park

The highlight was visiting ‘Kowloon Walled City Park’ – ‘Kowloon Walled City’, where some of you might know that British born Jackie Pullinger (author of Chasing the Dragon) began her ministry, ministering to the many drug addicts, Triad gangs, homeless & prostitutes via her charity the St Stephen’s Society for many years. Many of these people & Triad gang members are now believers or Pastor’s. It was a great reminder of the work we do with NightLight and continued insight into God’s great grace and redemption for all.

On our return to work, we were warmly greeted and welcomed back with open arms.  We missed the women at NightLight so much and we spent much of our first day back, catching up with many of them.  Sarah also went straight back into teaching baking on her first day and was super proud to hear about the continued achievements that the baking team have been doing in her absence.  It is great to be home and we are ready for the next chapter in our journey.

Next week Tuesday 12 August is Mother’s Day in Thailand, it is a day that is highly revered as it also falls on the same day as the Queen of Thailand’s Birthday.  It is celebrated with a 2 day public holiday on Monday 11 August & Tuesday 12 August, giving many Thais the opportunity to go home to visit their Mother’s for an extended weekend.  On Friday 8 August NightLight will be giving out gifts to the many Mother’s that work in Nana’s red light district.  Please pray that the gifts will be well received and for the conversations that take place.

Please join us in:

Thanking God for – 

– Our time in the UK on Home Assignment.  The precious time we spent with our family & friends and the many churches we visited. 

– Our safe arrival back in Thailand.

– The holiday that we had before going back to work

Please pray for –

– This next stage of our journey, as we undertake various projects & continued outreach.  Paul will be starting to teach Bass lessons to the ladies in Thai, pray that he will be confident to use the language and for the women that will attend the lessons.  Pray as Paul continues to do the financial reports for NightLight.  Sarah will be continuing to teach baking, write grant proposals for the project and begin the process of looking for possible locations for the baking project to operate from, please pray for the baking team that their motivation to move forward with the project continues.

–  For an increase in jewellery, t-shirt & flower sales, so the process of paying the women’s salaries and benefits continue.

– For Sarah’s Mum’s health – Her Mum has Parkinson’s, pray for her mobility and for the care she receives.  She has recently been in hospital for physio rehabilitation and other health issues.  

– For our health, strength & emotional well being.

Forget the former things;
 do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!
 Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
 I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland. – Isaiah 43:18-19 (NIV)

Please click here and on the ‘dignity’ image below to find out more information from the BMS website about the new Dignity initiative.  

BMS World Mission partnered with NightLight InternationalDignity image - BMS

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courageous quoteThe last few weeks and months have been an amazing journey for us.  We began the process of preparing for our first Home Assignment to the UK, pulling together everything we had done over the last 2 years; photos, memories and stories.

As we reflected back and remembered what it was first like when we first entered Bangkok, the strange sights, sounds, adapting to the culture, the people, and the countless hours of language learning!

There was one thing that we kept seeing and remembering over and over and it gave us great encouragement and hope in Christ.  It was… the courageous women that we have had the opportunity and honour to work alongside at NightLight and the trafficked women we have had the privilege to meet.

I (Sarah) have listened as these women, who have been sexually exploited, have shared & poured out their hearts.  Held their hands or held them close as another women in the bar, whispers in my ear “I really don’t want to do this anymore”, “what else can I do?”, “How do I survive to support my family?”  Giving the reply there is an alternative, this does not have to be how your life is.  There is a way out!  I have in my presence a courageous woman!

I have seen when a trafficked woman takes her first steps of courage to seek assistance from NightLight.  As she enters the room, her body language & face shows the pain, emptiness, brokenness, low self-esteem, lack of self-worth, every ounce of dignity stripped away.  As she first shares her story and for a moment, it seems like she is talking about someone else, until the realisation hits her that she played the lead part; it was her that suffered the trauma NOT someone else.  The tears streaming down her face as weeks, months, years of pain and abuse release from her body.  I have before me a courageous woman!

The gradual progress as a Thai woman (who works at NightLight) moves forward, through her pain, memories of the past, each step a huge stride towards a new future and transformation.  This in turn does not just have an effect on her life but the lives of her child/children or even wider family.  As she steps into a job with dignity, she then becomes a strong role model for her own child/children, peers and even community; she gains strength, is able to stand tall.  She becomes confident and steps into a role, even leadership, that she did not think she would be capable of doing or leading praise & worship.  Armed with a new lease of freedom she begins reaching out with love to others who have fallen prey to a similar fate.  Before my eyes I see a woman sharing her courage and transformed life with others!

Each woman has her own story of:- tragedy, pain, struggles, hardship & disappointments.  However they have 2 things in common: – 1) Courage and 2) Freedom.

They have all found ‘the courage to step into freedom’.  Moving through their pain, growing in self-worth, dignity, confidence, hope and walking tall as courageous & free women.

The Definition of Courage:

Courage is the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery. It is also having “heart,” which remains a common metaphor for inner strength.

The most profound thing about women, is that we display courage without even knowing we’ve had it in us all along.  If you can rise and face another day in the midst of all your struggles and difficulties, and have not given up… then that’s the most COURAGEOUS thing you can do.

 “She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future” – Proverbs 31:25

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BMS World Mission partnered with NightLight International.



Beacon of Light

Darkness is only driven out with light - quote pictureA ‘Beacon of Light’ has now appeared in the heart of the red light district of Nana, Bangkok.  As you walk along the road this ‘Beacon of Light shines bright, since it is so different from all the other establishments on that road and is sandwiched between 2 beer bars!  The long awaited NightLight coffee shop, is completed. It has been a long time coming; the once white walled plain room has been transformed into a relaxing oasis, set over 2 floors, filled with the aroma of fair trade coffee and the sounds of swishing sophisticated coffee machines.  The volunteers that will work there have received barista coffee training to learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee!  A Thai manager who will oversee the day-to-day running of the shop has now also been hired.  Even before the official opening, there were men looking in and stepping through the doors to see what was happening.  With open arms they were invited in for free tester coffee and a chat. We have a real sense of hope that the men who frequent the red light area, will come for a coffee, relax with a possibility of opening up for deeper conversations. We are praying that God’s hope & love will plant a seed, that they may reflect on their actions or visiting the red light district.  Slide1For them to be able to come into a coffee shop, where they will not be condemned or judged. There is also a small section at the front of the coffee shop to host a live band, doing worship music for event nights.  The soft opening of the coffee shop started on Wednesday 12 March 2014, with opening times from 10am -4pm and over the next few weeks the times will be extended up to 12am.

The NightLight outreach centre will become a hive of activity: The ground floor & 1st floor – hosts the NightLight Coffee Shop, 3rd floor – the counselling/Prayer room, 4th floor – the conference/meeting room, 5th floor – 2 rooms if someone needs somewhere to stay & finally the 6th floor – the 24/7 Prayer Room.  In the outreach centre we will also be teaching English, having worship nights & medical clinics etc.

Slide1During the most recent medical clinics set over 2 nights (using the 3rd & 4th floor), the Coffee Shop was a buzz with people, from all walks of life.  The volunteers were getting their practice in making coffee and mastering the coffee machines and handing out free coffee.  While women, street walkers, children and on this occasion also men –  a mix of Thai & Foreign, were receiving free medical checks, from our volunteer medical team.  It was a wonderful insight to how God will use the outreach centre and a reminder that it is for His Honour & Glory.

We would like to thank you all for your prayers and emails of encouragement.  We have mentioned before we do not always get the opportunity to reply to every single one.  However we really appreciated your thoughts and prayers.  February was a very difficult month for Sarah & I, emotionally & physically this also included some hospital visits for Sarah.  As hard as it has been over the last few weeks, it has given us a new sense of perspective & growth.  It has also allowed us to see that we have a good support network of friends & Thai family around us in Bangkok.  We are leaning on God and supporting each other to take us through.  Please keep us in your prayers.

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BMS World Mission partnered with NightLight International.


We have had various events that have happened over the last month.  In mid- January, we had the wonderful privilege of welcoming 2 new BMS mission workers to Bangkok from the UK.  They are living in the same apartment building as us and will be staying in Bangkok until about mid-May to study Thai.  They will then move onto to Mae Sot to work with an organisation called Compasio.  It has been great having them around and has enabled us to see Bangkok again through fresh eyes.

NightLight staff wedding - February 2014

NightLight staff wedding – February 2014

On Sunday 2nd February Peter Dunn BMS Director for Missions visited and stayed with us for a few days; we greeted him at the airport and with no time to spare whisked him straight off to a wedding!  The wedding was for one of our NightLight ladies who got married at NightLight’s church plant ‘Song Sawng’.  It was a lovely wedding and we were very happy to have been invited to be part of her special day.  As a gift Sarah made and decorated the wedding cake, the day before, it was a full weekend!  Sarah is very hopeful that by the next NightLight wedding coming up on 3 May 2014, the wedding cake will be completed by the baking team.  Teaching the ladies cake baking/decorating is going well, please continue to watch this space.

On that same Sunday the long awaited General Election in Thailand took place.  The run up to the Thai election has been surround by lots of activity; on the 13 January, Bangkok was shutdown!  7 major intersections in Bangkok were closed off and are still to date closed.  At this stage both sides seem to be at stalemate and unfortunately since the election took place there is still no resolution.  We are near one of the closed down intersections, however we are safe, we do have to do detours on a daily basis to get around.  This is an area where your prayers are still greatly appreciated.  

At NightLight we have had much to thank God for.  We welcome you to join us in praising God and ask for your continued prayers for the work, women and staff at NightLight:


  • Praise God that we have been able to hire back 2 women to work at NightLight.
  • Praise God that one of our Thai staff got married at Song Sawang Church on 2 February.  Both of them are believers, please pray the Lord keeps them committed to Him and one another in their future together.
  • Praise God that the coffee shop is nearing completion. There have been many challenges in getting this project operational, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  •  Praise God for on going partnerships with other organisations here in Bangkok. We are grateful that MST (Men and the Sex Trade) has begun their outreaches again to the men, based out of our outreach centre in the red light area.
  • Praise God for skill-specific volunteers who have come to regularly offer and be part of  the cake baking/decorating classes, sessions to equip NightLight women to be good mothers, prayer ministry, and English classes.
  • Praise God for a great team of volunteers ready to serve at NightLight’s transition house for trafficked women.
  • Praise God that we are currently assisting 2 trafficked women from Eastern Europe and 2 from Africa back to their home countries.
  • Praise God for how He has been taking care of  a total of 87 employees, staff & volunteers lives at NightLight.


  • One of our full-time volunteers at NightLight has recently had major surgery.  Please pray for a speedy recovery and healing to her body.
  • Please continue to pray for the political situation in Thailand.  Since November, there has been lots of political division, which has led to city-wide protests in Bangkok and some violence. Pray for resolution to this tense situation, the protection of lives, and for God’s Kingdom purposes to be fulfilled in Thailand.
  • Many of the single mothers at NightLight have been tired and discouraged lately.  In Thailand, it is not uncommon for mothers to leave their children with relatives in the village while they work in the city, but this trend has led to family breakdown over generations in Thailand. Pray that these women at NightLight will be encouraged as they care for their children. Pray that they understand the importance of their role in their children’s lives, and that God will give them perseverance to mother their children.
  • Pray for the ministry of CityLight Coffee – construction is just about complete, and we are praying to be able to have our grand opening at the beginning of March.  Please pray for the construction to be fully finalised soon and for responsible Thai staff to come alongside this shop and ministry.
  •  Pray for orders for the various business projects at NightLight (jewellery, screen printing t-shirts, and paper flowers).  Since the New Year, 7 women have requested to return to work at NightLight, but we could only afford to take 2 back. Pray for orders to come in so we can provide work for these women.
  • Sarah along with another volunteer has begun the process of writing grants and doing general fund raising for the baking project.  Pray that God will provide them with the wisdom to know which grants to apply for and what to write.
  • Pray for Paul as he takes on a new financial project at NightLight.  Pray that God will provide him with knowledge and guidance.
  • From 19 February – 21 February all NightLight’s employees & volunteers will go on a spiritual retreat.  Pray for God to do a lasting work in each of our hearts.

We thank you greatly for your continued support, encouragement and prayers.  We appreciate all your emails and love hearing from you. 

BMS World Mission partnered with NightLight International

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Sawatdii Phi Mai (Happy New Year)

Happy New Year!

We hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas.  Thank you to everyone that sent us cards and Christmas messages.  It is always very encouraging hearing from you, we really do appreciate it.

December & Christmas has come and gone so quickly.  With our day-to-day roles, a 2 day staff retreat and the addition of Christmas activities, we were very busy indeed; however it was a good busy providing us with a continued reminder of what the season is all about, what it means to imitate Christ.  Reaching out to others and the amazing gift we have every day, not just at Christmas time ~#Jesus – life, light, love, freedom, peace, joy, hope & grace.

With NightLight Thai church plant ‘Song Sawang’ (Thai word for send the light).  We had the privilege to spend some time with CFBT (The Christian Foundation for the blind in Thailand) a school for orphaned blind children with multiple disabilities. Slide2 It is always incredible to see the women of NightLight whom God has transformed & blessed, now reaching out to all these precious children, as they gave gifts to them, held them, sung to them and prayed over them.  A beautiful reminder of our God’s abundant amount of grace, our God of forgiveness and God who waits patiently for us and gives the gift of second chances.   This school reaches out to each child with love and care, knowing that even with their disabilities each child is teachable, each child still has hope.  As we looked around the room at so many children abandoned and remembered that God knows each one of these children by name, they are not forgotten.

On the night of Tuesday 17 December, NightLight International did a Christmas outreach. To women who are sexually exploited & have been trafficked in the Nana area – we sang Christmas carols in a brothel! We watched the faces of women lit up with joy and sing along with us. To women in the bars, and street walkers – 725 earrings + Christian tracks were given out. About 59 gift bags were given to women in the brothel & African women on the streets. To see God’s light & love pierce through and change a dark atmosphere is incredible. To witness women who generally have blank faces, when working in the in the bars and on the streets; receive a simple free gift and a smile break through and conversation with them that develops – it is not just a smile that bursts through but something has also touched their hearts.

Friday 20 December, all staff at NightLight reached out into the local Bangkok community visiting 2 hospitals, the homeless & the slum areas of Bangkok. Split into 6 teams, we again joined with women who were once victims and are now transformed; give back love, joy, hope & pray for the elderly at Bangkok Police Hospital; holding frail hands, smiling, speaking words of encouragement to the patients, carers & staff.  We watched them see weak eyes fill with tears from being touched by receiving their gift – with tears filling up in their own eyes. The team that we were in gave 62 gift bags, which touched 62 hearts. The reason for the season – #Jesus.

On the same Friday 20 December in the afternoon, we had our first time of celebrating Christmas Issan style (Issan is in the North East of Thailand and is where most of the women who work at NightLight come from).

NightLight Issan  Christmas Celebration

NightLight Issan Christmas Celebration

The Thai staff at NightLight organised everything.  We were all instructed to wear traditional Thai or Issan costume.  With ‘Luk thung’ (traditional Thai music) & a ‘Mor Lam’ (traditional Thai singer) singing vibrant & lively Issan Christian songs, the women of NightLight taught us how to ‘Ram thai’ (Traditional Thai dancing) we were ready to party.   It was a truly amazing experience and definitely lots of fun.

After this busy period we were very grateful to be able take a much needed

Relaxing by the Christmas  tree in Hua Hin

Relaxing by the Christmas tree in Hua Hin

break to Hua Hin (about 3 hours south of Bangkok); to relax by the sea and reflect on our year with NightLight and another year in Thailand.

To top off the end of our year, Sarah’s brother, sis-in-law & nephew came to Thailand.  It was lovely seeing them and spending some quality time with them; it was made even better by the fact that we will get to see them all again in 5 months’ time!

Yeah! In 5 months’ time, we hope to be back in England from the 8 May 2014, on our first Home Assignment.  We will spend the first few days settling in and time with our home church, we will then be available on request as BMS Speakers from Sunday 18 May to Sunday 6 July 2014, including weekdays (we will be unavailable during the weekend of 14-15 June 2014).  Churches wishing to request us as BMS Speakers should use the Speaker Request form online at Please note your request will need to be submitted by Monday 17 February 2014.

We thank God for all of our experiences in 2013 and really thankful for those of you who have prayed, emailed, written, brought us mince pies & Christmas pudding or supported us in any other way.  We look ahead excitedly to all that God has in store for us for 2014.  We hope that 2014 is a year of fruitfulness, peace and blessings for you all.

Please continue to pray for peace in Thailand in the midst of all the political protests; elections are due to take place on 2 February 2014.

CMYK logo (2)Nightlight logoBMS World Mission partnered with NightLight International

Peace for Thailand

Picture of protests - ThailandThank you to everyone that has contacted us, to find out how we are in light of the current protests that have being taking place in Bangkok.

We are well and NightLight have briefed us on what to expect since they experienced similar protests and political unrest in 2010 for the same reasons (this political issue has now been in the fore front for about 7 years).

We are not worried or afraid, actually the opposite, we feel a sense of peace!  We have been praying in our regular staff meetings for God’s will, direction, wisdom and peace to prevail.  We understand that the news can sometimes over sensationalise the way the events are.   We think you have probably had more information from the BBC & Sky News than we have had in country.

If some of you are unsure what the Thai protesting is about.  Here is our guide that will fill you in.

What is it all about?  

The anti-government group (also royalist) want the current Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, to step down, so they began holding demonstrations at the end of November.  The protests up to 30 November had been peaceful with no trouble.  The opposing group for the government the ‘red shirts’ (anti royalist) want Yingluck to stay in power.

The reason why the anti-government are against Yingluck Shinawatra, is due to her brother former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who has been a controversial figure.  He is a billionaire who was accused of corruption and fled from Thailand after a coup in 2006. Some Thai residents think she has just been a puppet for him.  He has been living in exile in Dubai; those against Yingluck have accused her of being his proxy.  There are even stories of him running government meetings by phone.

Earlier this year, current Prime Minister Shinawatra’s party introduced an amnesty bill to the legislature which her opponents feared would allow Thaksin Shinawatra to come back to the country and resume power.  So this was the reason they began protesting in November.

In spite of this Shinawatra’s party does have supporters, they are rural Thai folks and in the past their demonstrations have been even larger.  The city residents in Bangkok mainly support the opposition Democratic Party.

About 100,000 people protested in Bangkok at the beginning of the rallies, on 24 November. The number has dwindled since then. The protests had been peaceful but by the end of November, there were clashes and as a result of this, four people died and many more were injured.  Around 33 countries issued travel warnings against visiting Thailand.  It has however become less dangerous in recent days, so many countries have chosen to lift their warnings.

A complete halt to the protest was requested for Thursday 5 December.  This is the official date for the King of Thailand’s birthday (also Father’s Day).   King Bhumibol Adulyadej, is the longest serving monarch in Thailand.  Every year the King delivers a traditional speech.   In his 86th birthday speech he urged for unity, peace and for Thai’s to support each other for stability and security for the sake of the country.                           

Please pray for Thailand

  • For peace and unity to prevail.
  • For the leadership from both sides to act wisely.
  • For the cessation of violent conflict and loss of life.
  • That this will not have a drastic effect on Thailand’s economy.
  • That Thailand may come to know hope in Christ, rather than hope in man.

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. – Isaiah 9:6

CMYK logo (2)Nightlight logoBMS World Mission partnered with NightLight International

Prayer & Praise

We are so blessed by the amazing ways that we are seeing God at work here in Bangkok & Thailand in NightLight and other projects around the city; Lives being transformed, open doors of opportunities – new projects, outreach and God’s justice prevailing.

We are so grateful for all your prayers for us and the work of  NightLight.  Knowing we are being lifted up by brothers and sisters in others parts of the world sustains and lifts our spirits.  Please know we are truly thankful. 

Prayer for:

  • A piece of land in the northeast of Thailand (Issan) has been offered.  We hope we will be able to set a prevention program there. Many of the Thai women that work in the bars in Bangkok come from this area.  Please pray for favour from the government. 
  • For funding for several trafficked women that NightLight is assisting to return home.
  • For NightLight shelter staff as they begin to care for the women who have recently moved in.
  • Three women recently left NightLight for family reasons or work elsewhere.  Please pray for protection over them in their new communities.
  • For funding for the Baking Project, for equipment i.e ovens etc. & all the training involved in teaching the women.
  • The continued construction of the CityLight Coffee shop, that all plans will run smoothly.  For the right staff & volunteers to come forward to work in the coffee shop.
  • A Business Manager to assist with the operations at NightLight.
  • God has opened up a door for deepening relationships with women trafficked from Central Asia.  Please pray for continued favour with them and their manager. 
  • For the Jewellery sales to increase, this provides more opportunity for more women to be employed by NightLight.  Giving the women a chance of a new life and transformation.  All sales from NightLight jewellery contributes to the women’s salaries.   

Praise God for:

  • Three African women have recently moved into NightLight’s aftercare shelter. 
  • NIghtLight assisted with the repatriation of some of the trafficked women in our care – 1 Central Asian women, two African women and one baby back home.
  • NightLight’s newest empolyee recently accepted Christ. 
  • The Baking Project – Some to the women are learning to make bread, cakes & sugarcrafting skills.  We have been the opportunity to sell our baked goods at an International School in Bangkok.  
  • 16 staff and volunteers were recently able to attend a training course on trauma. 
  • Construction of CityLight Coffee shop is continuing smoothly.  NightLight is hoping it will be ready to open in late January 2014.
  • NightLight has been given the opportunity to partner with World Vision and sell NightLight products at several of the local Bangkok shopping malls every month.
  • We hosted a party for the trafficked African woman we are assisting.  It was a joy to see them laughing and dancing to songs from their home countries.

 We greatly appreciate your prayers, support, encouragement and emails.  Unfortunately we don’t always have the chance to reply to all the emails we receive, but we do love hearing from you.  Thank you.

 Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. – Philippians 4:6 (NLT)

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All systems go…

It has been all systems go since we started working full-time with NightLight on Monday 1 July.  We have hit the ground running and been involved with so much, no 2 days have been the same.  

We attended the annuel TBMF (Thailand Baptist Missionary Fellowship) retreat at the beginning of August.  It was a wonderful time of spiritual & physical refreshment and also great to catch up with so many other mission workers from around Thailand.  This also provided some much needed rest for Sarah as she managed to slip in the shower 2 days before the retreat; causing a minor fracture to the third toe on her right foot!  We are please to report 6 weeks later, it has healed well and she is walking around with no problems.

work in progressThe NightLight coffee shop that we have being requesting prayer for; finally on Monday 9 September, during our regular Monday volunteer staff meeting, we began to hear the sound of banging hammers.  Waiting for

De-construction & re-construction of CityLight Cafe

De-construction & re-construction of CityLight Cafe

the building work to start has been a long time coming, so the sound of crashing bricks, clanging tools  were the best sounds in the world!  We all started to cheer and clap!  The coffee shop which will be called ‘CityLight Cafe’; is situated in the heart of the red light district in Nana.  It will once finished be used to reach out to the many men that frequent the red light area, we are hopeful that men will use it as a safe place to think twice before going to the many bars in the red light area.  In the run up to this happening, we reported on the monthly outreach parties that we held and the surprising number of men that came to these parties; this was even when, the space was just an empty room void of furniture etc. just white walls!.  Thank God that building work has now commenced, we continue to pray for wisdom on how the space will be used and for the many lives that will be transformed there.  Besides the coffee shop on the other 4 floors, the outreach centre also houses the prayer room, conference room and a 24:7 prayer room.  Once the coffee shop is finished Sarah will be involved in running regular workshops to teach the women to make cakes, bread, sugarcraft etc. to supply the coffee shop and expat community.  Paul will be involved with reaching out to the men that come to the coffee shop.

God’s timing is perfect, with no idea when the coffee shop building work would start.  On Monday 2 September, we decided to take a leap of faith and start teaching the women how to make bread.  

Breading making workshop at NightLight

Breading making workshop at NightLight

Sarah is working with another volunteer on this and the “Baking” project is evolving.  The women are having  a great time & lots of fun.  Many of them making bread for the first time; the types of bread we are teaching, the Thai’s class them as bread for foreigners, so this is all new to them.  They are so proud of the bread they are producing, they have a right to be, they look fantastic, taste delicious and are excellent enough to be sold!  From October we hope to start supplying an International School in Bangkok and the Expat community.  We already have orders lining up.  It is amazing that God uses all gifts & talents for His honour & glory. Yes! Even ‘Baking!’   

Please pray that it will be a smooth process for the building of the coffee shop.  On Saturday 14 September.  One of our neighbours (a beer bar) to the construction project filed a complaint because the noise was disrupting her sleep at 1:30pm in the afternoon!  An inspector came and now he wants a bribe to let us continue.  The enemy trying to put a spanner in the works!  We will not be paying the bribe, please pray for no further trouble.  We hope that through our actions and words, we will be an example of Christ to our neighbours and the builders.

With praise and thanksgiving they sang to the Lord – “He is good; his love toward Israel endures forever.” And all the people gave a great shout of praise to the Lord, because the foundation of the house of the Lord was laid. – Ezra 3:11 (NIV)

Join us in thanking God:

  • For the spiritual & physical refreshment we had at the TBMF retreat.
  • That Sarah’s fractured toe has healed well.
  • For the building work that has now started on the coffee shop.
  • For the new bread & cake making project that has recently started.

Join us in praying:

  • For Paul to finish off the annual financial report accurately (he is translating a lot of it from Thai to English!).
  • For the new NightLight jewellery collection being launched at the end of end of September.  For production to finish on time.
  • For the jewellery sales to increase.  The sales from the jewellery provides the monthly salary for the women who have been helped by NightLight from sexual exploition.
  • Wisdom to know which  projects to undertake.
  • For the smooth process of constructing the coffee shop.  For understanding from our neighbours (which are both beer bars).  That we as Christians will act wisely so that our actions will be a witness to them.

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It is amazing the difference a few weeks makes.  Many of you may have read Sarah’s previous blog titled ‘Far Away From Home’ or on the BMS website titled ‘Trapped in Thailand’s Sex Trade’ about *Blessing  a young lady stranded in Thailand that Sarah had been befriending.  Not long after writing about her situation, NightLight International received enough funding to be able to send Blessing home.  It was made even more amazing by the fact that we received enough funding not only to send Blessing home but with the help of IOM (International Office of Migration), we were able to send 4 other ladies back to Uganda at the same time. 

Journey Home Prayer[1]Week commencing 22 July 2013 was filled with lots of final preparation for their journey home, packing, arranging for them to have some belongings sent via cargo, contacting their love ones and of cause final goodbyes from us.  The goodbyes were filled with many emotions- sadness, but also a great overwhelming power of hope and joy.   It was amazing at the airport to see these ladies who had experienced so much pain, trauma and some who had been away for so long; were finally going home.  The smiles on their faces were priceless!  In a huddle we prayed with them before waving goodbye, to strong and courageous young ladies, with amazing futures filled with hope for themselves, their children and their families.  They were heading back home to Uganda with powerful voices, to help others who may fall prey to a similar fate. 

Blessings final words to me “I will never forget you or what NIghtLight has done for me,  I will call you when I get home”.  True to her words Blessing called to let me know she had arrived safely.  I spoke with her sister, aunty, daughter, uncle and of course Blessing!  They were so overjoyed to have her back home, the telephone line was filled with the sound of laughter and so many expressions of thank you.

We are currently assisting other women from Uganda and a lady from Uzbekistan, hopefully next week (w/c 19 August 2013) there will be another 3 going back home.   Amazing! 

Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things he does – Psalm 96:3 (NLT)            

 Join us in thanking God:

  • For the 5 ladies that NightLight was able to send back home to Uganda in July.  For their safe return home and being reunited with their families.
  • That NightLight have 3 further ladies that we are hoping to send home w/c 19 August 2013

 Join us in praying:

  • For the women who have gained the courage to step forward to receive help from NightLight. 
  • For the women waiting for interviews with IOM (International Office of Migration). 
  • For wisdom for NightLight in the best way to support and care for each of the ladies we help; that have either been trafficked or exploited by the sex industry. 
  • That all the ladies that NightLight has sent (sending) home, receives the best appropriate aftercare with the various organisations we have made contact with in their home countries. 
  • For the relationships and transitions back with their families and communities to be smooth.
  • That Blessing will gain the courage to tell her family that she has HIV.  Pray that her family will support her.

*Blessing’s name has been changed to protect her identity.

BMS World Mission partnered with NightLight International

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Far Away From Home

Trafficked teenagerI (Sarah) looked at *Blessing a beautiful and courageous young African women sat in front of me, as she told us her story, fighting back tears of how she came to be in Thailand.  “She was my manager and ‘my friend’; I had been working in her shop for 4 years selling clothing.  So when she offered me the opportunity to go with her to China to buy new stock, I said yes.  I had no money, so she was paying for my airfare and all other expenses; this was my first business trip a chance in a lifetime.  I had never been on airplane and never been outside of Africa.  I saw nothing bad in her inviting me to come on this trip with her.”

 After hearing the first part of her story, I sensed that Jennie, Annie & I were a bit confused as we reviewed what she had said.  At this point it all seemed quite harmless.  Blessing continued “My manager then informed me that she had to return back to Uganda, but I should stay in China and continue to buy stock to send back to Uganda.  At no point did I think there would be any problems.  She told me she would send me money for my return airfare”.   Jennie, spoke up “She hadn’t brought you a ticket to return to Uganda?”  or “Left you with money to buy a return ticket to Uganda?”  Blessing answered with a low “No.”

 “My manager had never treated me badly in 4 years, I ‘trusted her’, she was ‘my friend’”, Blessing paused. “She never sent the money!  Each time she phoned I asked when it would be sent.  When can I come home?  Only to be given excuse after excuse.  With my visa coming to an end, my manager told me my best option would be to go to Thailand to extend it.  Then she would send me the money for my airfare back to Uganda”, Blessing paused again. “She only sent enough to get me to Thailand.  However I continued to ‘trust her’ she was my manager and ‘my friend’.

 From Uganda to China to Thailand, the calls from her manager occurred less and the money she sent her began to run out.  Blessing began to realise that she was stranded in Thailand, with no money, no job, nowhere to stay, no phone number to call her manager (since she withheld her phone number each time she called).  Through tears, Blessing said “Do you know what my manger, ‘my friend’, said when she called?  She said told me that I am a grown woman and I should know what to do, to make some money.  She was referring to me selling myself on the streets.  Me – selling myself on the streets – I have degree in teaching you know!”  Annie, Jennie & I looked at each other in amazement; Annie asked “Was it not possible to get a teaching job in Uganda?”  Blessing replied, “There are no jobs in Uganda, you have to take what you can get and that’s why I was selling clothes in a shop.”

 I couldn’t stop my mind from wondering, reeling, hearing my own thoughts: This is not how a friend acts or treats you! Blessing, please, please stop calling her your friend!  How could this women do this to her?  Deceiving her in this way?  Taking her from the known to the unknown?  Leaving her stranded in a strange country?  Her life pulled apart in a matter of weeks due to deception?

 Blessing exclaimed, “I didn’t want to sell myself.  I have a degree in teaching; I have skills and so much ability.  So I headed to North East Thailand and managed to get a teaching job with an agency.  I tried to earn my keep.  I enjoyed my job and most of all I enjoyed working with the children.”deceived-again-bingo-little.jpg[1]

 I wish I could say this was then end of Blessing’s ordeal, however unfortunately due to the expiry of her visa, the agency took advantage of this and deceived Blessing paying her for only 1 month after having worked 3 months.  Again she was at a loss, unable to fight her case because of her expired visa.

 “I tried,” Blessing said, “I tried to do what was right, but it all seemed to go against me.  With my money running low I headed back to Bangkok.  I didn’t have enough money to rent somewhere on my own, so I was introduce to some ladies who rented a room together.  They were streetwalkers who went out every night.  Some of them knew I didn’t have much money and were encouraging me to work the streets.  I just couldn’t do it at first, but my manager started calling again and demanded I pay her back for the ticket to China and to Thailand!  My family also did not know of my circumstances, so they were expecting me to send money as well.  Especially for my daughter; yes I have a 4 year old daughter, who I love dearly!  I saw the ladies come back on many occasions counting all the money they had made for the night, as I watched my money disappearing away.  I was encouraged by them to work the streets again.  By this stage I felt I had no choice – with no money for rent, food or to send to my daughter and no-one to turn to for help.  I was completely torn and broken.   One of the girls told me the area I should go to, what to say and do.”  As she wiped away the tears rolling down her face, Blessing sobbed, “I will never forget that first time going with men.  I didn’t want to do it.  I expected none of this to happen to me.   My desperation had brought me to this moment.  I need help; I want to go home, I want to be with my daughter!”

 Blessing’s situation is not uncommon, but it still is so hard to hear and comprehend.  Over the 2 months I have gotten to know Blessing very well.  Our friendship has bloomed; I have seen her face light up when she speaks excitedly about her daughter and what she hopes for her.  I heard about the things she hopes and dreams of for her own future.   In the midst of all of this is a deep pain of how being on the end of deception and mistrust has worn her down, lowered her self-esteem and trust of people.  For example when we paid her rent for the first time, she was convinced that we were not coming and that we were not going to be true to our words.  She thought we were fake!  She needs continual reassurance, and I keep encouraging her that her past experiences do not have to dictate her future.

I share in her pain, I cry when she cries; I share in her joy, I laugh when she laughs; I hug her when she needs to be held.  I know my prayers for her have not gone unheard; she can put all her hope and trust in God.  He is faithful to his words.

 Psalm 25:3 – No one who trusts in you will ever be disgraced, but disgrace comes to those who try to deceive others.

 Blessing recently sent me a sweet text message recently that read. ”I am so blessed and proud to know you, thank you for all your help”.  I feel so blessed to know her to, that’s why I called her “Blessing” in this story.

*Name has been changed to protect identity

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Umbrella’s at a Bangkok department store, show the next season coming in Thailand.

What a difference a few weeks makes the heat and sweltering daily temperature of 38 Celsius in March – May is slowly ebbing away.  The dense heat has been broken with amazing thunder storms and intense rain.  The rainy season is settling in with daily temperatures of about 32 – 34 Celsius and high humidity, so we feel like we are walking around in a large sauna!  Every day we walk near a department store that always does brilliant displays based on the seasons; they have made a great one using umbrella’s.

This month ‘June’ sees us celebrating a number of things and reaching miles stones:


Our Life Group: Serious pose – Funny pose

Wednesday 12 June, we will start as fill in Life Group (Cell Group/Small Group) Leaders every Wednesday; leading worship, prayer and bible study.

Sunday 16 June, will be Sarah’s birthday and I (Paul) should know, since following close behind is our 2nd Wedding Anniversary on Monday 17 June… so there are no excuses for me forgetting either!

Friday 28 June, will be our last full-time Thai lesson; that we have been attending every day for the last 10 months for 3-4 hours per day.  This works out to about a total of 640 hours and also includes the 8 written Thai tests we also had to do.   It is surprising to look back and see how far we have come in that time.  We have had plenty of opportunities to use the Thai we have learnt and this will continue as we use it with the many Thai staff at NightLight.  We hope to have private lessons of 2-4 hours per week and start to learn more Thai Christian/Bible terminologies.   Please continue to keep this in your prayers

Saturday 29 June, will mark 1 year since we have been living in Thailand!  The time has gone so quickly, we have seen and encountered so much.  However we know this is still the beginning of our journey in Thailand, we are continuing to look to God for His guidance.

Monday 1 July, we will officially be starting at NightLight full-time.  We are involved in quite a few projects already, but this will now be a full uninterrupted work day, without us having to rush off to language classes.  There is a full work schedule laid out for us.  We will be also be starting when quite a few volunteers at NightLight will be going on Home Assignment, so we will be undertaking their roles as well.  Please pray as we adapt to our roles and the workload.  As a reminder Paul will be working on NightLight’s accounts, financial reports and continued outreach to the men.  Sarah will be doing jewellery design, buying/merchandising and outreach to the women.  Our roles may shift and change, but these are the initial roles assigned to us.


Weekend break to Kanchanaburi: Thai Cookery class, visit to bridge over the River Kwai

We were able to have a lovely weekend break during the last long bank holiday weekend in Thailand (end May).  We headed to Kanchanaburi, which is about 3 hours outside of Bangkok.  Visiting the bridge over the River Kwai and enrolling on a 1 day Thai cookery course, which was a lot of fun.

We had the opportunity at the beginning June, to work with 2 organisations working in Bangkok, bringing about transformation in the community.  Paul spent his time receiving training and hitting the streets with the MST Project an organisation reaching out to the men in the red light district in the most amazing ways and seeing miraculous results.


Reh Teh feeding homeless: Total of 240 bags & boxes of food prepared and ready to feed those living in the Sanam Luang area of Bangkok.

Sarah spent her time with Rak Teh an organisation reaching out to the homeless around the Sanam Luang area of Bangkok.  There were about 90 volunteers including Sarah; that provided food and a listening ear to about 240 homeless people in only 1 hour 30 minutes!

We are so thankful to God for bringing us this far.  We have seen many people in pain, in despair, affected by corruption and those that have been deceived.  However we have also seen God’s hope, transformation, light pushing through into the darkness and many miracles.  We are continuing to place ourselves in God’s hands as to how he wants to use us here in Bangkok.  All in God’s perfect timing.

Prayer Points.  Please join us in:

Thank God

  • For how God has used us so far in Bangkok, during our first year
  • For all the people that God has placed into our lives to make our transition in Thailand a blessing
  • For all the volunteers at NightLight and the great work they do
  • For the amazing opportunities we have had in our first year
  • As we celebrate Sarah’s birthday & our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Please pray

  • As we begin full-time with NightLight on Monday 1 July
  • As Sarah befriends and looks after the African trafficked women.  Pray that God gives Sarah wisdom and strength in the best way to support them
  • For the work of so many other organisations working in Bangkok and the wider Thailand area seeking to bring about transformation in many communities
  • For us to be confident using the Thai language
  • For our health & Sarah’s Mum

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Harsh Realities – Is there any hope?

It is hard to know what to do in a seemly helpless or hopeless situation.  We have been reminded of this recently due to a tragic situation that NightLight faced.  An African trafficked women called *Harriet died 2 weeks on the streets of Bangkok, the reasons why are unknown.  Other women who have been trafficked and forced to work the streets; are frightened by the news and unnerved.  The unknown is as frightening as the known because it can leave the door open for it to happen again.  It has created desperation; however when they find out there are options it gives them hope.  NightLight is currently helping 13 women all from Africa and this number is increasing weekly.

It has been a challenge as I learn more of the facts and meet the women who are victimised by the plight of human trafficking.  They are no longer numbers or statistics, but women whom we meet on outreach and they become our friends.  I have cried out to God “Where are you Lord?  Can you see all the pain they endure?  In the midst of all this suffering and injustice, is there any hope?”

As we get to know these women and find out what they enjoy doing, what their dreams are, about their families and their children.  They are brave, beautiful, strong and courageous women.  As the friendships form, we begin to see the hope.  It’s there.  Not in the waySlide1 we would like it to be; it’s hard, chaotic and complex, but there is hope!

It not about denying the horrible truths of suffering in the abyss of human trafficking; the injustice is painful and death hard to comprehend.  But there is hope in sight and it is not the end.  Restoration, healing and transformation is happening.  I guess the hope comes in the guise of those we can still help.

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.” -Proverbs 31:8-9

“If to be feelingly alive to the sufferings of my fellow-creatures is to be a fanatic, I am one of the most incurable fanatics ever permitted to be at large.”― William Wilberforce

*Harriet’s name has been changed to protect her identity.


We thank you for your continued support, prayers and encouragement.

  • Please pray as we both become more involved with the outreach.
  • Pray for the men and women we reach out to.  For restoration, healing, transformation and a sense of hope. 
  • Paul has been part of the men’s ministry organising the men’s retreat.  He will be on a men’s retreat from 17 May – 19 May.   Pray that it will be a time of infilling, sharing, bonding, learning and rest.

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A Few Good Men

 This is taken from a series of stories titled “A Few Good Men” on the NightLight Blog

At NightLight we believe that men are part of the solution in regard to the issue of sexual exploitation.  We are committed to reaching out to the men who come to Bangkok to participate in the sex industry.  These following stories will highlight “a few good men” that we work with or encounter in the Nana red-light district in Bangkok.
 This week we are featuring a journal from Paul Brown.  He and his wife, Sarah are from England and recently joined the volunteer staff at NightLight.

It was not too long after we arrived in Bangkok that I went on my first outreach night in the red light area of Nana.  Nana’s appearance during the day is a far cry from its much darker and seedier face during the night. I joined the ladies for prayer prior to them going on outreach. On this occasion, I was able to accompany them around the area but not into the bars.

My attention was particularly caught by the men I saw. I remember seeing one woman chatting to a man, and as I passed, I overheard their conversation. He proceeded to tell her that he felt he was not an attractive man, even though she was trying to make him feel like he was. Some of the men who were old enough to be many of the ladies’ fathers were trying to impress them with their life achievements. These men came across as lonely and probably hurting individuals more in need of ‘love’ than ‘condemnation’. As I looked on many of these men with compassion not condemnation, it made me think of the scripture – For God did not send the Son into the world in order to judge (to reject, to condemn, to pass sentence on) the world, but that the world might find salvation and be made safe and sound through Him. John 3:17 (AMP)

There seemed to be no doubt they were looking for love or companionship, but under these circumstances, it would not be of the lasting kind. I began to think about what these guys had left at home? Loved ones who were completely unaware as to what their husband,friend, father, brother or sons were getting caught up in the city of Bangkok? What were they jeopardising at home for something so fleeting?

What really struck me about the atmosphere around the bars and clubs is how comfortable the men seemed to be with everything that was going on around them. It was if this was just another form of amusement, like being at a fair ground, choosing which rides would provide them with the most pleasure. It was quite frightening how this was taken to be the norm.

Just before Christmas, NightLight hosted an outreach party in the outreach building in the red light area; hoping to reach out to the many men who frequent the bars, the women including those that work in the bars and the children. It was good to see the women but great to see some men come in for the free food, a chat, a listening ear and listen to us belt out some carols! Many of the men that came stayed right until the end, enjoying the company, and I am sure it provided them with an alternative to spending their time in the bars. We don’t know what effect we had, but I believe that we have shown love as Jesus did, not expecting anything in return. Some asked us, and no doubt themselves, why were we doing this? I believe a seed has been planted, which God will faithfully water.

It is encouraging that in some ways the outreach centre is already functioning as an alternative safe place, especially for the men. My hope is that the coffee shop which is planned to be opened later this year will have a real impact in that area, particularly on the men. That they will see it as a welcoming place, a safe place to come and chat, and we will let God do the rest.

Pray for the success of the coffee shop and the work of NightLight and perhaps similar work in your area to help NighLight with this fight.

Paul Brown
Volunteer Staff – NightLight Bangkok

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For those of you that receive the BMS prayer guide this week 3 – 9 March is taking the time to pray for those, who remain vulnerable to abuse, sexual violence and exploitation.   

If you don’t receive the prayer guide please click on the below link to take you to the BMS website:

Praying against sexual violence – 3 – 9 March 2013 – BMS Prayer Guide

Please know that your prayers do make a difference.  Please read this account witnessed from one of the women currently working at NightLight:

How do we cope with the sad stories we hear so often?  This is question that is repeatedly asked.  We do encounter tragic stories, but we are also receiving the privilege of hearing and seeing lives transformed by God’s persistent love.  This is what compels us to reach out into the darkness over and over.

On Valentines Day we had a party in the NightLight outreach centre in the heart of the red light area (similar to the party held at Christmas time).  Eleven Nightlight women joined to help with the party.  Some painted nails, some taught women how to make jewellery, some did artwork with children, others played the guitar and sang, one gave facials, and others served food and greeted people as they entered.

We was sitting near to where *Minni  (a NightLight worker) was doing the nails of a young streetwalker.  We noticed the woman wiping tears so leaned closer to hear what Minnie was telling her. “Most people don’t care about women like us.  How many do you know who love streetwalkers?”  *Minni began to share – “But God loves us.  God doesn’t care about what we have done.  My life has totally been changed by God’s love.”  *Minnie was sharing her story of transformation from the streets into God’s family. She paused her nail painting to give the woman a hug and told her, “I didn’t used to care about other people. I was selfish, but now I find I really care about other people and when I see them hurting, I just want to hug them.”

*Minnie told the woman that if she needed prayer for anything we would be happy to pray for her. The woman said she had never felt this kind of love and when *Minnie spoke about Jesus she felt something warm that spoke to her heart.  We prayed for her and she cried. She said she felt lighter and more at peace.

*Minnie’s testimony comes from her life experience.  She was orphaned at a young age. She ended up on the streets when she had no Slide1way to provide for her child and grandmother.  As a streetwalker, *Minnie sought pleasure and significance through the men and the pleasures that their money can buy.  As she became addicted to a lifestyle of drugs, alcohol, and sex, *Minnie began to feel desperate.   Someone told her about Jesus. She prayed to Jesus asking him to get her out of this lifestyle and soon after she was directed to ‘NightLight’.   Now *Minnie is passionate about Jesus and longs to share Him with the women who are still on the street.  Watching *Minnie’s face light up as she shared about Jesus brought joy to our hearts.  Hearing her passion and vulnerability in sharing her life transformation spoke deeply to our hearts.

It’s women like *Minnie that make it all worth it. *Minnie was once one of these young girls at risk on the street but now she is a powerful witness for Christ.  Eleven women whose lives have been transformed came to the outreach party to serve and be a light to the very darkness that once exploited them.  The love they now know compels them.  The same love compels us and not only helps us cope but fills us with joy in the journey.

*Minnie – Her name has been changed to protect her identity.

Please remember that your prayers into these situations makes a difference.

“By faith these people overthrew kingdoms, ruled with justice and received what God has promised them” – Hebrews 11:33 (NLT)

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Language Tests…

We hope that the cold weather in England does not last to much longer and warmer spring weather is just around the corner.  Here in Bangkok it is still supposed to be winter, but with the average daily temperature between 32 – 36 degrees (last week it topped 37 degrees!) it is far from feeling like winter.  The temperature during the night drops to 24 – 27 degrees and sometimes we do actually feel cold!  Pulling on an extra blanket while we sleep!

Thank God we have now finally received our work permit and also have a 1 year visa stamped in our passports.  It has been a complex process, but NightLight has been great with helping us getting this all arranged.  This now means we no longer have to leave Thailand to a neighbouring country every 90 days to extend our visa.  We just need to present our passports at the Thai Embassy in Bangkok every 90 days.

We have come a long way with the language study, but each stage gets harder and harder.

We have just completed our 6th written language test on Thursday 28 February.

Language study - Our teacher and other students.  Page from part of our written Thai test.

Language study – Our teacher and other students. Page from part of our written Thai test.

At the moment we have 2 tests per month, including written dictation every day in the lesson and homework every day, we are studying like crazy.  It is definitely testing our patience.    We would love to say that writing Thai is getting easier…  but with 44 letters, 12 short vowels, 12 long vowels, 8 special letters and no spaces between the words when you read or write and a whole range of rules on how to read it!  It is really stretching and challenging us.  We are thanking God, in each test I (Paul) am getting on average 60% – 70% and Sarah is doing slightly better with 80% – 90%, which we guess is not bad!  The plus side is that learning to read and write the language is improving our speaking skills.

We still have at least another 3 months of language learning to go and once we start work full-time may have 1 lesson for a couple of hours per week including learning Christian Thai terminologies.  We have been encouraged that putting the time put into learning the language/culture, sets the foundation for us as we prepare to go into full-time work, live in Thailand long term and operate on a daily basis.

J (worker at NightLigh) & Sarah in the sample room.  Having fun trying the samples they have made.

Jay (worker at NightLigh) & Sarah in the sample room. Having fun trying the samples they have made.

Although we have not started at NightLight full-time, we are continuing to get involved with the outreach and gradually getting involved in projects; such as leading bible study as a couple in Life Group.  Sarah has been working on 2 jewellery projects for NightLight, together we are working on understanding the spiritual aspects of Thailand and creating an inventory for NightLight on this and I (Paul) am currently on the men’s ministry team organising a men’s retreat for May.

We are thank God for bringing us this far and look forward for all that is to come.  Please keep us in your prayers as we continue with language study, begin to take on work and create a work/life balance.

Human Trafficking Awareness: Speak up & Save a life

Since our last blog Christmas has come and gone so quickly.  We hope you all had a very peaceful time and we hope this New Year holds many blessings for you all.

This month is ‘Human Trafficking Awareness/Prevention Month’.  In this blog we wanted to remind you of the horrible reality that this modern day form of slavery brings.  It is not just a problem that is encountered in certain countries; it is a ‘worldwide issue’ affecting millions of women, children & men everyday.  It has become the second largest profitable crime in the world.  In the last 10 years, the UK has seen a marked increase in internal/international sex & labour trafficking within the UK.  Take a moment to learn what human trafficking looks like and be prepared with information for people at risk.  The UK report line is – ‘Crimestoppers: Read The Signs – 0800 555 111’

Please take some time to read about some of the recent cases in the UK and watch the You Tube video on the Metro article and watch the news report on the BBC article.  Please click on each heading to take you to the articles:

Metro News – 21 January 2013

BBC News – 13 January 2013

This is what awareness & prevention can do:  This is an account of a conversation on a recent outreach night in Bangkok:

On a recent outreach night we visited a bar in the red light district.  The music was loud, blaring as always.  The women on the stage were swaying just enough to vie for men’s attention but not enough to wear themselves out.  We have many friends in this bar, and it was not long after we arrive several girls come over to us for hugs and a drink. “P” was one of the women who came to sit with us.  She was very affectionate and so happy to be with friends who actually care about her life.

“P” chatted away about this and that.  We strained to listen but could just about catch it all, against the music blaring loudly in the background, we almost missed her words, “My friend told me I can get a job working in a massage parlour in Korea and make 80,000 baht a month (£1,700).”   We were about to do the rhythmic nod of the head (you know the one, where you don’t really know what someone is saying but are trying to look like you do!), when her words set off an alarm.  A job offer?  In Korea?  80,000 baht?  Our passive nods turned into an alarmed reaction.  We quickly warned her that these offers are usually just traps leading to slavery or forced prostitution.  She was shocked, and of course disappointed. It sounded like such a great opportunity.  “P’s” husband left her with over 300,000 baht in debt (£7,000) and because she has been unable to pay, the amount has now grown to 400,000 baht debt. “P” works at an office in the day before coming to work in the bar at night.  She sleeps 4 hours a night.   At 42, “P” knows she is too old to get many customers and yet the hope of money from a few clients and even from drink tips is enough to reel her in to the scene of sexual exploitation.  One job at a massage parlour in Korea, making 4-5 times what she makes through two jobs here sounds like an answer to desperation.

Women in vulnerable situations like “P” are perfect prey.  She has enough ambition to work two jobs and to make real attempts at improving her life.  She is not sitting around waiting for something to drop from the sky. She has initiative, she is intelligent, and she is desperate – the perfect combination for a trafficking victim.  She believes there is an answer out there for her situation and if it is presented just right she will take the bait.

One conversation in a bar may have prevented “P” from being sold into slavery.  If the offer is legit, it will prove itself, but one conversation opened “P’s” eyes to the risk and realities.  Sometimes, that is all it takes.

Trafficking Prevention Month is almost over, but hopefully trafficking awareness/prevention is not just the “flavour or a gimmick for 1 month” but the beginning of something greater.  By making a choice to become aware, you to have the opportunity to prevent trafficking.  Someday, you may have a conversation on a bus, at the store, or at the beauty salon.  Because you have become aware, an alarm will go off in your head and you will react as we did, informed, and ready to prevent him or her from being trafficked.  YOU can prevent trafficking!  Choose to know.  Listen to the vulnerable.  Speak up.  You just might save a life!

If you want to support the work of BMS, please click on this link  BMS World Mission:  

We continue to thank you for all your support, encouragement and prayers.

It’s Free – Christmas Hope

สุขสันต์วันคริสต์มาสและปีใหม่ (suk-san-wan chris-mas la bii-may) – Happy Christmas and Happy New Year

The fact we have now been in Bangkok for nearly 6 months seems to have crept up on us, in all the busyness of Christmas.

Christmas in Bangkok is in full swing, amazing lights and decorations adorn many of the cities shopping malls and trains stations; however with the thermometer reaching 32 – 36 degrees everyday, it is strange listening to and singing to Christmas songs about the cold and snow!

Being a Buddhist country, Christmas day here is officially NOT a public holiday! Some Thai’s love celebrating the giving of gifts and we have heard that New Year celebrations is the main focus.   We were actually due to finish our language lessons on Christmas Day with a Thai writing test – oh joy!  We discussed this with our language teacher and she brought our written test and finishing day forward to Friday 21 December.  Learning to write Thai has brought a whole new set of challenges including homework every day!  Nevertheless we thank God and actually feel quite proud that in a 20 day period we can now read and write quite a lot of words in Thai; the only glitch is, we don’t always understand the words we are either reading or writing!

Sarah took part in NightLight’s ‘Christmas International Women’s day’ (which you can read about in her blog titled ‘You’re Beautiful…’).  We had another retreat to head to, which this time was  NightLight’s staff retreat in Wang Nam Keaw, 4 hours northeast of Bangkok (known as the Switzerland of northeast Thailand!).  Spending time in worship, prayer, discussing the successes, future plans, goals and dreams of the organisation, with lots of interactive involvement; in such beautiful surroundings it was hard not to be inspired… we were also privileged to witness the annual Geminid meteor shower, which we didn’t expect to see!

NightLight staff retreat, beautiful scenery of Wang Nam Keaw, NightLight Christmas party

NightLight staff retreat, beautiful scenery of Wang Nam Keaw, NightLight Christmas party

In the outreach building, located in the heart of the red light district, myself (Paul), Sarah and the other volunteers prepared for NightLight’s Christmas outreach party.  The outreach building – which will eventually be a coffee shop, reaching out to the men, inviting them to chill out and provide an alternative from the lure of the red light district, a safe space for children and ladies upstairs and a prayer room.  At present it is just an empty shell, but with a few Christmas lights, decorations and some activities – jewellery making, manicure’s, facial’s, children’s play area, some food and of course a listening ear at the ready, it was amazing to see the space transformed.  With the door opened wide, us singing Christmas carols and free food, that the ladies from NightLight had made, we were ready to welcome in everyone & anyone with open arms into an atmosphere of love and acceptance.  At first people were a bit sceptical… “FREE, everything is free?”  God answered our prayers and before we knew it, the room was buzzing with local Thai’s, people from Sweden, Australia, Africa and America, most of those that came were men!  Who openly told us if they had not seen or walked passed our party they would have gone to a bar instead!

Sarah & I ended up speaking to a man from Sweden called Charlie, who was travelling alone and doing a short stop off in Bangkok before heading to Bali.  We spent about 3-4 hours with him, just letting him talk and listening.  He was clearly in need of a listening ear as he honestly shared with us his life, losses and brokenness.  He keep saying “This is great, I am so glad I walked passed here, as I don’t know what I would have done or got up to tonight.  Thanks for letting me talk, I am not leaving this party until it finishes; this is such a wonderful atmosphere… not sure what it is, but something is different…”  True to his word, Charlie stayed until the very end, happily participating in our carol singing.  When the party finally came to an end, we exchanged details; he invited us to his home in Sweden and we promised to pray for himExtending love and a listening ear – It’s free.

NightLight Outreach Christmas Party - Sarah & Paul speaking with Charlie, manicure area, jewellery area, lots of food - all free!

NightLight Outreach Christmas Party – Sarah & Paul speaking with Charlie, manicure area, jewellery area, lots of food – all free!

We are both so used to celebrating Christmas with our family & friends from the UK and we miss everyone dearly.  We are really grateful for all the Christmas cards and gifts that we have been receiving over the last few weeks, which has reminded us of you all – Thank you.  God has blessed us with new a family & friends here – Song Sawng Church, staff at NightLight and our Life Group, so we know we are not alone.

NightLight staff - Some of our new Thai family/ friends

NightLight staff – Some of our new Thai family/ friends

We will be heading off to Pranburi in Hua Hin, which is 3 hours south of Bangkok, for Christmas (Sunday 23 – 28 December).  We are sure we will meet new people, continue gaining new experiences and just in case you were wondering, the resort we will be staying in, will be serving turkey on Christmas Day!

If you want to join us from a far, with Christmas Thai style, we have included ‘Silent Night’ written in both Thai script and English phonetics.

We hope you all have a blessed and peaceful Christmas as you celebrate our saviours birth, who brought free hope, light & love to the world.

Silent Night


“raa-trii sa-ngat”

*ราตรีสงัด ราตรีสวัสดิ์ แสนสงบ และเจิดจ้า

raa-trii sa-ngat | raa-trii sa-wat | saen sa-ngop | lae jerd-jaa

Silent night | holy night | all is calm | all is bright

*รอบมารดรและกุมารา ทารกบริสุทธิ์ละไม

rob maan-don | lae gu-maa-raa | thaa-rok bo-ri | sut la-mai

Round yon virgin | mother and child | holy infant so | tender and mild

*บรรทมเป็นสุขสบาย บรรทมเป็นสุขสบาย

ban-thom pen suk-sa-baai | ban-thom pen suk-sa-baai

Sleep in heavenly peace | Sleep in heavenly peace

You are Beautiful!

“It doesn’t take much to make someone feel good about themselves!”

11 December 2012

It is another night in the week for most people; It is Tuesday night in Bangkok, the night air is hot & humid, people are rushing to get home from daytime jobs and the roads are blocked with traffic.  The streets of Sukhumvit are transforming from the bustle of the daytime to nightclubs & bars switching on their array of neon coloured lights, women, children and men position themselves on the streets to beg for the night; the scent of Thai food permeates the air, foreign, Thai & Asian men mingle together exploring which bars take their fancy.

For NightLight this is not just another night; Tuesday night is one of the nights (including Friday’s), we take to the bars in the red light district to be bring light, love and hope to the women who work in the bars and on the streets in the sex industry.

We gather in the prayer room before heading out, calling upon the Lord for His protection, guidance, praying for the women who work in the bars, the men who come to the bars, for God’s light & love to push through the darkness, for God to fill us with great love & compassion, thanking God for the opportunity to go into the bars, for friendships already built – for friendships to come, for God to set divine appointments and most of all remembering God’s grace and love for each person in this world no matter who they are or where they come from.   This night is even more special as it is ‘Christmas – International Women’s Day – well for NightLight it is!  We split into 4 teams of 4 people, hoping to reach as many bars and ladies as possible.

In the walk to the bars all of us are mindful of our surroundings, stilling praying as we walk.  A hunched elderly lady sat on an old flattened cardboard box on the floor, with sunglasses, say’s “Sawadee kh (hello)”.  We take the time to stop and speak with her, she then explains she is having eye problems; she agrees to allow us to pray for her, she firmly clasps her hands as we touch each eye as we pray for her.

Our team approaches the first bar with, lady’s dressed in small bikinis, lounged either side of the doorway, luring people to enter.  A heavy thick black curtain covers the doorway, the Mamasan (the person who manages the female workers in the bar), opens the curtain for us and greets us warmly.  It is strange what you can end up thanking God for; NightLight are ‘Thanking God’ for the good friendship that has grown with this Mamasan, which has opened the opportunity to come to this bar and spend time speaking with the women.

We enter into the darkly lit bar, the heavy beat of loud western music fills the air, a podium to the left and a central podium with dancing poles fills most of the room.  We are armed with bags filled with red pouches containing earrings made by the ladies at NightLight, Christian tracks and Christmas cards written in Thai.  As we began to hand out the gifts the atmosphere changes – giggling, laughing, joy, disbelief – “Is this for me…?” “How do I look?”  I hear some ladies ask. “Khun suay (you are beautiful)”, I state clearly.

We visit about 3-5 bars and received the same response in all, including giving the these gifts out to the club owners as well – God’s love is for everyone.

In a red light district in Bangkok on Tuesday 11 December women and men alike were sat in bars quietly reading Christian tracks and discovering God’s truth.  I must admit it brought tears to my eyes to watch them!

We headed onto the streets to spend some time with the street walkers, again giving gifts to each one we met.  We spoke to and handed gifts out to ladies from Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Africa and also providing them with Christmas cards written in their own language.

Seeing their smiles, thankfulness and eagerness to wear their new earrings, looking in mirrors is etched in my mind.  Some of the best quotes from the ladies:

 “For me…but why?”, “This card is written in my own language” (staring at the card and then speechlessness),”I don’t have to give anything?…”

We judged no-one, but accepted everyone; I remembered 3 bible verses Romans 15:7, Genesis 1:27 and I Corinthians 8:13

  •     Accept one another, then just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.” – Romans 15:7
  •    “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” – Gensis 1:27
  •    An accepting Christian values the other person so highly that he would rather sacrifice a personal preference, even a right, than risk losing a relationship or being a stumbling block to that person. – 1 Corinthians 8:13

We cannot forget that Jesus died for us even when we were still sinners, he accepted us with all our faults.  It is therefore important for us to have acceptance towards others, making them feel valued, respected and loved.  Learning to accept others just as Jesus did, it brings glory to God and display’s the unity and power of God’s love.  Every person bears Christ image, since we bear God’s image no-one is insignificant, no-one is worthless, seeing others as God sees them and treating them as He would.  It is just not possible to honour God, and at the same time treat another person in a dehumanising, disrespectful way.

Each lady I met, I stared into their faces and said “Lord if you are using me to make her feel valued, respected and loved, then let your will be done, I have faith in you that you will do the rest”.  I accepted each one as God’s children and saw His face in them all.  See it doesn’t take much to make someone feel good about themselves!

“It is not my ability, but my response to God’s ability, that counts.” ― Corrie Ten Boom

If you want to support the work of NightLight, please click on the link to take you to:

You can support by purchasing either the jewellery made by the ladies we help at NightLight or by giving a donation.  Your prayers are also greatly appreciated.

We continue to thank you for your support, encouragement and prayers.

Fellowship & Friends…

With all that we had done the week before it was time for us to head off to another retreat.  We took a ‘rot tua’ (bus), from Bangkok to

TMBF Conferene 2012 – Group photo

Chiang Mai, which was about  a 9 hour drive, but actually quite a comfortable experience (compared to the 14-16 hour sleeper train we took to Laos a few weeks before).  It was wonderful to have 2 days to spend with Pete & Lizz Maycock and their lovely children – BMS workers, in Chiang Mai, working with the Kar’ren Christian hill tribe before heading another 3 hours further up north by mini bus to Mai Sai, Chiang Rai.

Theme for this years TBMF conference

TBMF – Thailand Baptist Missionary Fellowship.It was really wonderful to meet with all the mission workers in Thailand linked to TBMF.  An opportunity to listen to the work they have been doing in Thailand and also gain words of encouragement from those who have served in Thailand for many years.  There was a very international mix: England, Sweden, America, Australia, Philippines, India and Thai, which made up about a total number of about 70 people  including the youth and children.

Paul & I sharing at the conference, Pete Maycock praying for us, BMS team singing together during the ‘talent night’.

We received a reminding message that, “That as we work with others, we must remember the unity in the body of Christ, building each other and growing in spiritual maturity. We all have different roles to play but we are one in Christ”.In the beautiful surroundings of Mae Sai, Chiang Rai the retreat had a slightly slower  pace which we were grateful for.  Providing us with time to spend in devotion and worship  in the mornings.  We were also given the opportunity to share a bit about ourselves in one of the morning sessions.

Paul singing his heart out during worship, Sarah with Joy – TBMF co-ordinator, fun & games during games night.

With some free time in the afternoon, there were fantastic trips organised to explore Mae Sai that was pulled together by Pete Maycock.  On one day, we visited the ‘Golden Triangle’, giving us the opportunity to look out onto Burma and Laos at the same time, while standing in Thailand.  We then took a 20 minute boat ride to Donesao Island, north Laos.  It was interesting being in Laos again, albeit a different area and for different reasons and only a short time of 1 hour to brows the array of markets stalls.  On another day we visited the monkey caves, where the cheeky monkeys roam free, added with the further adventure of trekking around in 2 caves! The evenings were filled with time to learn more about each other, pray together, a games night and also a talent night – with the BMS crew singing  a medley of Beatles songs… we think we preformed the best!!!  However no favouritism or 1st prizes at this conference, everyone gave it their best shot.

Trips in Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai, Paul & Sarah with Yuelebay who works with the Karen tribe in Chiang Mai.

When we arrived back in Bangkok, we reflected on how great it was to know, that we are supported by and are part of a wider family in Thailand.   We felt refreshed, relaxed and ready to ease back into the continued process of  learning our roles with NightLight & language lessons, which we re-started on Monday 29 October.  We are now on module 3 and continuing to push through the many barriers of learning a new language.

Beautiful sunset over the hills of Mae Sai, Chiang Rai

Please visit our photo page to view more photo’s of our time in Thailand so far.  You can click here to take you to the photo page.

Sending the Light…

Song Sawng Church – Group Photo. There are a few including Sarah that are not in the picture due to being behind cameras.  Saraburi, Thailand – Saipan Resort

Sarah on sleeper train to Nong Khai boarder of Thailand and Vientiane, Laos

We have had an action packed week!  The evening of Sunday 7 October we headed off from Hua Lamphong, Bangkok by train to Vientiane, Laos, to extend our visas.  It was a long 14 hour journey over night on a sleeper train with an even longer journey back of 16 hours!  We didn’t have much time to do any sight seeing since most of the time was taken up with actually getting to Laos, leaving us with only one full day in the country, to hand in our paperwork at the Thai consulate on Tuesday 9 October.  Then returning back to the consulate to collect our completed visas and begin the journey back to Bangkok on Wednesday, arriving back in Bangkok on Thursday.  Thank God we have our extended visas and can now can begin the process of getting 1 year work permits with NightLight.

With not much time to spare Sarah had to bake and decorate her first mini wedding cake in Thailand, to be ready by mid-day on Friday, to take to the annual Song Sawng retreat!  Trying to make and decorate a cake in a hot country where the ants have no mercy is a mean feat; at the first whiff of sugar, the troops come marching in! Then the next step was battling with the heat and getting the sugarpaste icing to stay on the cake, which was challenging.
Song Sawng (Thai for Send the Light), a church plant of  NightLight International.  Pastor: Jeff Dieselberg, his wife Annie, is the CEO and founder of NightLight.  They are American expats and have been living in Thailand for 18 years. This is the Thai church we attend on Sunday afternoons.
There was a last minute change to the original venue we were due to go to, which was Kanchanaburi – 3 hours west of Bangkok, due to unfortunate flooding in the area.  Finding a change of location and resort for 90 people seemed almost impossible, but God gave inspiration and Saipan resort in Saraburi – 3 hours east of Bangkok was found the day before we were due to leave!!!

Flag waving during the worship services, fun & games, Paui with Mee the groom, Lan and her daughter and making Som Tam (Papaya Salad).

This years retreat theme: Abide In Me (tong dit shaneet phooa grit poon) – John 15:5
“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”
Friday 12 October: First night opened with a welcoming worship service and with visiting Pastor Turk San from Jai Samarn (Full Gospel Church), Bangkok.  If any of you were wondering what Thai churches are like or how they worship…  Song Sawng is a lively church however this is not typical of the culture.  There is so much gratefulness and witness to what and where God has brought them from.  Many have come from very difficult backgrounds and we have been told that many of them are first generation christian’s.  They have been delivered into the hands of Christ, freed, healed, restored and loved, they have much to Thank God for.  We always feel so blessed when we see and hear them in worship.
Opening night was made even better as we witnessed the wedding, that Sarah did the cake for.  The wife-to-be Lan was saved and baptised recently and her unsaved husband-to-be Mee began attending the church with her.  It is wonderful to witness weddings as they bring many emotions of joy and happiness, but this wedding was made even more special, since they were choosing not only to make their vows to each other in the sight of God, but the next day this blessed new wife witnessed her new husband and daughter get baptised!
Saturday 13 October: Was the only full day at the resort, so it was a full schedule with lots packed in.  An early start of 7 am which started with devotion, worship, games, rest, sermon, prayer ministry and a barbecue!

Jeff & Annie with the bride, bride (Lan) & groom (Mee), the cake (cake and freehand sugar bears that Sarah made), little girl eating one of the sugar bears, the wonderful baptism with all the candidates.

Sunday 14 October: Another 7 am start, to see 9 people make a full declaration of faith by being baptised.  The youngest candidate was 9 the eldest was 72!  In beautiful surroundings in the resorts outside pool, 9 candidates made their vows to God.  This was the first baptismal service for Song Sawng where none of the candidates worked at NightLight, they were all friends and family members of those working at NightLight.  The ladies who work at NightLight are sharing God’s goodness, grace, mercy, love and ‘sending the light’ to their families and friends and bringing them to Christ.  The retreat ended with a closing, celebration service for those who got baptised and sharing of testimonies.  We heard an emotional testimony from Lan, Thanking God for her marriage, friends who helped with the wedding and most of all seeing her new husband Mee and daughter get baptised.  The unsaved partner of Girt another baptism candidate, testified how God had been ministering to her during the retreat.  Oh spoke of the wonderful opportunities God opened up as some of them were able to witness to staff working at the resort, including the gardener that told them he has been seeking the Lord for a while, this created a great moment for Jeff to be able to spend time speaking with him. We all returned home tired, but greatly encouraged with a further understanding of Gods word and bubbling from God’s goodness.  Song Sawng Church, Bangkok is definitely ‘Sending the Light – the light of the world – Jesus’, drawing people to Him.
Please remember from our previous blog post:  We will travelling to Chiang Mai – north Thailand, hopefully on Thursday 18 October, to spend a few days with some fellow mission workers from BMS.  Then onto the TBMF (Thailand Baptist Missionary Fellowship) conference in Chiang Rai – north Thailand, from Saturday 20 – Wednesday 24 October.   Please continue to keep us in prayer as we travel across Thailand.
* Please note: Apart from the names Jeff & Annie.  All other names in this blog have been changed accordingly to protect identity.


Over 4 weeks has passed since our last post!  We have just recently completed level 2 in our language learning… Are we any better!!!  Well some of  the frowns and perplexed looks on the locals faces are becoming less, so maybe there must be a break through happening, this is good news and we thank God.

Thunder clouds forming over Bangkok, before the heavy down pour.

Rainy season in Thailand is in full swing and over the last few weeks it has rained everyday, with the average temperature of about 28 – 34 degrees been broken with; wind, heavy down pours and mighty thunder storms (something Sarah doesn’t like much!).  There is flooding in parts of Thailand and were the drainage is not good some of the side roads in Bangkok have been prone to flooding, however they do drain through within a few hours.  The flooding this year have not been as bad as the flooding Thailand experienced last year.  We have been looking at the news in the UK and see that parts of England, Wales and Scotland have experienced some of the worst flooding that it has seen in decades.

We have been taking the time to learn more about Thailand’s customs, beliefs and rituals.  Every day we see people taking new offerings of fruits, sweet fizzy drinks with straws! (red drinks in particular) and flowers adoring the many shrines in and around the Bangkok area.

Nearly every home and business property has small, ornately-decorated ‘spirit houses’ which are raised on plinths, which houses either a statue of Buddha or other revered gods  in front of the buildings.  The spirit houses are set up in order to place offerings, generally to appease the spirit(s), to keep them happy, or so they will be protected by the spirit(s), or that the spirit(s) will provide them with good health, business and prosperity etc.  We have even seen trees adorned with offerings!

Some of the many ‘spirit houses’ around Bangkok, where offerings of food, flowers and sweet drinks are brought daily.

The spirit(s) (Phi – pronounced Phee) are common beliefs especially in ‘Anamistic Buddhism’ and are also included in Buddhist prayers.  Thai people, are very superstitious, wearing armlets acquired from revered temples, miniture Buddha’s, or their respectable monk charms around their necks.  We have asked some of the local Thai’s on many occasions which spirit they are offering to and still not received a straight answer.  The best reply we’ve received “phi aray ko daay! – whatever spirit!”, which implies they are not sure which spirit(s) they are either, however they do know that most of the spirits like sweet foods and drinks!  We have heard stories of grown men and women frightened to stay at home by themselves gripped by fear of these spirit(s).

Please click on the video to watch

We would love to tell them, that there is no need to live in this fear… ‘fear of the unknown’.  That God did not send His Son to die for us, so we would live a life bound by fear of ‘spirits’.  It has reminded us of 2 Timothy 1:7 –  For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.  As we continue to take the time to build relationships and friendship, we are praying that God will use us and provide us with the words and of cause the language, to teach His truth.  About 95% -97% of the Thai population is Buddhist.  There is a small Muslim presence and a Christian community of just about 1% of the population.  Around 75% of the country’s Christians are from the north of Thailand.  There are a lot of Thai people here who have not yet heard!

We have had some break through with the staff that work within the grounds where we live (none of them speak English or are Christian).  With perseverance and weeks of everyday in Thai, asking the security guard ‘How are you today?”, with his replies of “I am fine!!!” and nothing else.  To eventually a few weeks ago we went through the same motions of asking how he was and receiving a reply “Actually I am not so well and haven’t been for a while!!!”.  We told him we would pray for him, his reply “When you go to Church on Sunday”, our reply “We will be praying for you everyday, we have been praying for you already!”.  Sarah hopes to do a little workshop with the housekeeper teaching her how to make jewellery.  We don’t know what it will lead to, but we know that the Lord is capable of moving things in ways we can’t imagine.

We will be taking some time from language during the month of October.  We have quite a busy schedule lined up and would miss to much of language lessons for the month.  We have to do a visa run again (we did one back in July to Malaysia), but hopefully this should be our last one out of the country, since NightLight are planning to get us permanent work permits.  We will be heading to Laos this time to arrange our visas.  Then the following week we will be going on a retreat with NightLight/Song Sawng Church to Kanchanaburi, west Thailand, this will be a great opportunity to continuing building relationships and friendships with the staff, ladies and the men that also attend the church.  Then the 3rd week in October we will heading up to Chiang Mai first then Chiang Rai, north Thailand for  The TBMF (Thailand Baptist Missionary Fellowship) conference.  This will be a wonderful time to meet all the mission workers linked to TBMF from across Thailand including BMS workers Pete & Lizz Maycock (who work in Chiang Mai)  and the lovely Bob & Charmaine Trendell (who work in Mae Sot).

* Please keep us in your prayers as we travel out of Thailand and around Thailand for the month of October.

* The relationships and friendships that we are forming.

* Continued work with NightLight including the nights we go out on outreach.

We thank you greatly for your continued prayers, support and encouragement.

NightLight in the darkness…

It amazing to think that it has been 2 months since we arrived in Thailand (29 June – 29 August).  A lot has happened during this time.  The learning curve we are experiencing is challenging but also fun at the same time.

At present our main area of focus is language study and we have been encouraged by many to make this our first priority.  We both see the needs here and have the urge to get stuck in with work; however it is very easy at this stage to take on board to much and then language lessons fall by the wayside.  Our language lessons are going well and on Friday 31 August we begin the 2nd module.  I am sure we will have lots to say about the 2nd module as each stage in the language learning process gets harder and harder!

We are being introduced to the work of NightLight.  The need is so great in the areas they are reaching out to.  During the day Bangkok is a wonderful vibrant city, full of markets, street vendors, city workers and traffic all add to the ambience.  At night there are areas of the city that morph into the sex industry and red light districts.  On Tuesday’s and Friday’s NightLight go into these areas to do much needed outreach, with the aim to reach out to women and men with the same love, compassion, mercy and grace that Jesus gave.  We had our first experience of being with the Friday outreach team on August 17, witnessing first-hand of how Jesus’ love can break through into such dark areas.  Before going out we met together for prayer.

Night life in Nana Plaza, Bangkok

We headed for the areas that NightLight  have been working in since 2005.  Walking through the crowded streets, bars and go-go bars with bright neon lights and girls luring anyone  to enter.  The enticement of sex in these areas is ‘made to appear as normal entertainment’ added to this was the high number of clubs dedicated to ‘kathoeys’ – lady boys’. The areas felt oppressive and we could sense the spiritual warfare. We began speaking to the ladies, there was no forcing the ladies to speak with us, but a gentle conversation, smile and a hug make a huge difference to the ladies who want to get out of the industry and for us to be made aware of those ladies who have been trafficked and forced to work in the industry.  During our first night of outreach, we spoke to many ladies; we carried a counter clicker, and in just a 3 hour 15 minute period counted 678 prostitutes which included ladies trafficked into the country; many of those trafficked are Thai (from rural areas), but also come from Uganda, Uzbekistan and Eastern Europe   It is unfortunate to add that this number relates only to those we could see.

The other thing we saw that was hard to comprehend and was heartbreaking was the number of children we saw out at that time of night; we were informed that many would be out on the streets until the early hours of the morning (up to 4am).  Some of the children are Thai, but many are from the neighbouring countries of Cambodia, Laos and Burma.  With the economic prospects lower in these countries Bangkok looks more attractive.  Some escape to Bangkok, while others are trafficked to work the streets begging, or selling

Child begging and Children selling flowers on the streets of Bangkok.

flowers, they earn about 200 -500 baht (£4 – £10) per day.  Some have their money confiscated by their manager (those that oversee them) in exchange for a possible place to stay or food.  The team at NightLight have formed great friendships with most of the children they come across.  We asked one little girl if she wanted something to eat and before we knew it, there were boys and girls coming from no-where who hadn’t eaten; we watched a table full of about  6 children munch there way through bowls of kuaytiaw naam (noodles with soup).  These were children overseen by adults from afar, but  who seemed to have not been fed by these adults for the day.  Being so close to the red light district these children are at high risk of  sexual exploitation.

When doing this particular type of outreach its hard to think that providing hope to the ladies and children is possible.  However we are seeing God moving in miraculous ways, with hope pushing through the boundaries.

In July, we met a young lady (Nicola– her name has been changed) who began the brave journey of contacting NightLight, after speaking to one of the team on an outreach night.  It was an immense first step for her as she was in possible danger from her traffickers.  She was unfortunately trafficked from Uganda, deceived with the hope of a legitimate job in Bangkok.  She has 3 children, and just wanted to earn enough money to support them.  It was not the life she had envisaged and regrettably she was subjected to harrowing situations.  NightLight was able to move Nicola to a safe location and with a link to IOM (International Office of Migration), provide a ticket to repatriate her back to Uganda.  Nicola wanted to go home especially to see and be with her children; however she was unsure of what she would be going back to with no job and family support.  Before leaving for Uganda she attended church services and for the first time, she began to realise how special she was in God’s eyes.  We were able to give her a beautifully illustrated Bible for her children, which when presented to her brought her to tears.  We received wonderful news; within 1 week of Nicola arriving home a partner organisation in Uganda was able to provide her with a job and counselling which she greatly needs.  This outcome was such an answer to prayer and an encouraging reminder that with God ALL things are possible.

We will God’s willing be heading out with the NightLight team again on Friday 31 August.

For those who pray:

* Please prayer for the continued work of NightLight.  God’s covering and protection when we do the outreach.

* The ladies that are helped by NightLight.

* The men who use the sex industry.  80%-90% of Thai men along with tourists use the sex industry.  Remembering that many of the men maybe lost, empty, broken, hurting and seeking to fill voids with comfort or intimacy.  Outreach to the men, is an area that Paul will be working on.

Strange Foods, Prawns & Lizards – FULL REPORT

It has been a good few weeks since our last blog; we must apologise as we published this blog without finishing it…We didn’t realise!

We have been super busy with: Prawns causing problems, a lizard called Liam, continued language study, eating strange foods, looking for our permanent home, a short visit to Malaysia, food causing problems again and moving into our new home!… all in that order.

We are establishing a routine and beginning to form our own network of friends and have also become part of church life group.  On Sunday mornings we go to Evangelical Church of Bangkok (ECB), which is an international English speaking church.  The congregation is made up of American, UK, African and Asian’s; it is such a blessing to see so many people from so many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  We have also joined one of ECB Life Groups (you may know these as: Cell groups or Small groups).  We meet together on a Wednesday evening for fellowship, food, bible study and prayer.  On Sunday afternoons in the same building that ECB worship in, we attend Song Sawng (translated means ‘Send the Light’), which is the Thai church linked to NightLight International.  Many of the women who work at NightLight attend this church and it is amazing to see and hear how God is transforming the lives of these ladies.

Unfortunately on Monday 16 July, Sarah ate some prawns that caused her some uncomfortable problems.  The problems didn’t start until the next morning… lots of toilet visits!  As a result of this she had to miss language lessons.  Thinking that a day’s rest at home with plenty of water would to the trick this is what she did.  In the evening she began to feel a bit better, and we hoped that a good nights sleep would do the trick.  The next morning (Wednesday) we head off to language school via the Sky Train, however 2 stops in, Sarah unfortunately began to feel dizzy and feel like she was going to be sick!  So off back home, missing another day of language lesson.  She took re-hydration solution and more bed rest.  Worried, I (Paul) decided to take her to the hospital to see the doctor on Thursday.  She was given antibiotics, told to continue the hydration solution and rest.  Thank God feeling better.  Time passes very quickly with language study, so over the 3 days we missed about 12 hours (since it is 4 hours every day).   You miss so much in this space of time.

We then had a lizard who decided he wanted to become residence in the home we were staying in.  Good for him… bad for Sarah who is not a great lover of anything that doesn’t look cute or moves funny.

The following week on Wednesday 25 July we had to head off to Penang, Malaysia, to renew our visas.  To extend our visa’s we had to leave Thailand and re-enter again.  It was a lovely opportunity to see Penang, which was the first time for both of us.  We spent 4 days in total returning back on Saturday 28 July.  During this time we also had contracts going through for an apartment that we had found and was hoping to move into on Sunday 29 July (we had to be out of the home we were staying in by Monday 30 July, so we were working to a very tight deadline)

Thank God while the contracts were being sorted our new Landlord allow us to move in on Sunday 29 July, we packed up our 9 suitcases + Paul’s guitar into a pick up truck that God provided (we had no idea how we were going to move all our things from one side of town to the other, God provided 3 guys & the pick up truck to help us move – we’re still not sure how that happened!).   The 3 men carted all our suitcases up 3 flights of stairs and were more than happy to help.

Unfortunately very shortly after moving in… Sarah became ill again (again unfortunately food related)!  However this time, we think it might have been due to Sarah’s stomach still not completely well from the 1st incident; this time with the food being too spicy being the trigger.  Back off to the hospital more antibiotics, plus the doctor thought it best to run tests etc.  I (Paul) am happy to report that Sarah is well, taking pro-biotics and on the mend with no further food incidents to report!  She has lost weight, but would definitely not recommend this as the way to do it!!!

It is so lovely to be in our own home… INCLUDING THE FACT THAT WE CAN NOW COOK OUR OWN FOOD!!!  It was good to finally be able to unpacked and choose clothes from a wardrobe.  We worked out that since leaving IMC (International Mission Center), Birmingham we had been living out of suitcases for over 2 months!  Our new home is a little haven, form the busy streets of Bangkok, off from a main road, it could be mistaken for being in the country.  There is a communal garden and swimming pool, Thai boxing gym, a University situated at the back with a sports field (in Bangkok there are not many fields/parks), thank God this university field is also open to the public, there are 2 tennis courts, where we can hear and see tennis being played. We can also see and hear an array of wild animals including a pack of dogs that seem to serenade us about the same time every night (21.30 – 22.30).

Daily life takes longer; when we need business things done, we have to rely on people to arrange things on our behalf, as most offices/businesses only converse in Thai.  This applied to us getting the internet set up, we hadn’t expected it to take so long.  However they have a phrase here ” Mai pen ri”, which means “no problem’, but it can also mean “in their own time”.  We were only checking emails briefly at an internet cafe. We are happy to say that on Monday 20 August we were finally connected at home with the internet.  We now feel like we have fully moved in.

With all of the food fiasco’s with Sarah, I (Paul – who has a cast iron stomach), have been more adventurous with the food here.  After the Sunday Thai service, we have fellowship time with food.  What normally tends to happen is before you know it you have a plate or bowl of food placed into your hands, before you even have a chance to say “No”.  With no excuses like Sarah – “dichan booay, puat thoon kh – I am not well, my stomach is aching”.  I found myself one Sunday eating something rather different.  I initially thought it was ‘burgundy coloured tofu with burgundy coloured soup’, at this point I actually thought it tasted quite nice.  Until I was informed it was ‘kuai-tiao mu nam tok – cubes of raw coagulated pigs blood, enriched with pigs blood soup with noodles’… Mmmmmm!  I am still living to tell the tail and have had no stomach problems!

We will end this update here,  to give you a chance to read catch up and send further updates over the next couple of days; with the aim to bring you up to date with all that we have done so far.

Please continue to pray for Sarah’s health and for Sarah’s Mum who has not been well.

A Very Warm Welcome!

We can’t believe 1 week has passed already, it has been full of feeling greatly welcomed, newness, adjustment, defrosting/melting (due to the heat and this is not even the hottest period!) and subjecting the local Thai’s, especially where we are staying to our awful Thai pronunciations!

Wat Arun – The Temple of Dawn

The day before jumping in at the deep end with language study (Tuesday 3 July), we had one last day of visiting one of the key sights in Bangkok, the ‘Wat Arun – The Temple of Dawn’ (this is the same place/picture we have as our strap banner on our blog).  It is one of the most elegant pagoda’s and landmarks in Thailand.  With our paltry  Thai! We managed to take 2 local river boats to the west bank of the Chao Phraya River.  An unbelievable sight to behold; it is hard to put into words, the amazing detailed workmanship or scale of this particular temple.  In another blog entry we will explain more about the spiritual aspects of Thailand.

In the afternoon we had a tour of what will be our work place in the coming weeks, months and years  with NightLight International.  The offices are not big, but the work, outreach,

Work being produced at NightLight and Jai Samarn Church – where staff of NightLight (including the ladies) attend weekdays morning devotion from 9am-10am.

restoration and prayer that is happening is far greater.  Stunning handcrafted jewellery, paper flowers (and believe us they look so real) and hand printed t-shirts are some of the work being produced here and sold to help these ladies gain an economic alternative out of the sex industry.  We have begun to meet some of the ladies who work at NightLight and as the relationships are built, we will hear more from them.  They have already traded with us; we will help them with their English and they will help us with our Thai!

We started our language lessons on Wednesday 4 July, morning sessions from 8am – 12pm.  Four hours everyday of what we can only describe as a ‘baptism of fire’.

Thai Vowels

Thai is a very tonal language with 5 tones, which means that 1 word could have five meanings!  So it’s important to try and pronounce the word or tone correctly, just in case you say something completely out of context or inappropriate!!!  It is also a totally scripted language, so the Roman letters are purely to help us learn to pronounce it.  3 days later (12 hours total so far), we have face ache from learning all the Thai tones, vowels and consonants!  The whole lesson is practically in Thai, which mean the majority of us in the class sit there with blank faces.  However there is an upside, we are starting to make friends with others who are in the same boat as us; who come from a range of different countries: India, Japan, Korea & Israel.  Also fortunately our ‘Khruu’ (Thai for teacher), has a brilliant sense of humour, so this is helping to make the lessons fun.  We have a long way to go, but we’re in for the long haul.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers for the language learning and also as we have started the process of looking for a permanent home.  Please pray that we will find a home at a good price and good location as this will further help us to settle and build friendships with the locals.